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And here you go! We are back with the sequel to our Monday blog.
Different Types of Hair. Different Ways to Care. 2.0.
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Different types of hair. Different ways to care. 1.0

So, we spoke about how to care for Oily hair, Dry hair and Normal hair, the last time. We did mention that three is too small a number to talk about. As your hair experts and hair doctors to the nation, we come across many more.
A thorough analysis of your hair and scalp, helps the hair doctor identify the exact hair type. Many a time, it is clearly identifiable as one particular hair type. Sometimes, your hair type can be a combination of two. At times, it may be something unique owing to your styling habits. That brings us to this segment where we shall discuss the ‘Customised Care’ for some more hair types that we notice during diagnosis and consultation in our clinics.

CC for Long Hair

Given the mayhem during the summers, long hair doesn’t seem easy or for that matter, even a favourable choice of hair length. There are many problems associated with the maintenance of long hair like split ends, loose anagen syndrome, haystack hair, etc. However for those who are in love with and are proud of their long hair, here are some simple hair care practices that may help you maintain your length.

  1. Hair time – Your hair time is directly proportional to your hair length. Regimented hair care habits, deep conditioning and much more, must form a part of your daily morning routine.
  2. Cover in commute – When you are traveling, you don’t want the wind to mess with your hair and leave it uncontrollably frizzy. Covering your head with a cap, hat or scarf while commuting can protect your long hair from weather, wind, and dust.
  3. Right hair care routine – ‘Doing it right daily’ in acts as simple as brushing, combing, washing, trimming, and drying can go a long way in maintaining long hair.
    • A. After getting up, use the back of your hand to finger-rake and remove tangles.
    • B. Brush only when hair’s dry because hair is most vulnerable when wet.
    • C. Use only wide-toothed wooden comb to avoid friction. Do not pull hair while combing.
    • D. Shampooing too many times a week can run your hair out of its natural oils and sebum.
    • E. Always prefer air-drying or fan-drying to blow-drying. Style when hair is damp.
    • F. Get a deep-conditioning treatment done to protect your hair from the sun, chlorine, salt water, etc.
    • G. Trimming your long hair regularly, say every two months, helps for growing out layers.
    • H. Oil works as a great lubricant for your long lustrous locks.
    • I. Beware of your choice of hair products as many of them, though labelled as ‘For long hair’ contain harsh and harmful chemicals.
  4. Dietary choices – Vitamin and mineral deficiency, toxic accumulation due to low water intake, protein deficiency are some reasons as to why you suddenly feel your hair has become shorter. Correct these, grow back tresses!
  5. Sleep-time care – If you feel leaving your hair open while sleeping gives you a free ‘Diva’ feeling, then trust us, the morning after, you are bound to find a nest on your head. Wonder what has happened to your long locks? So, next time, tie them up in high bun or ponytail. Try a satin pillowcase for silky locks.
CC for Styled Hair

Each one of us dreams of a style which is trending in the movies or on the internet or amongst celebrities or in advertisements. Thereby we end up exposing our hair to limitless amount of chemicals and heat treatments. Styled hair is all the more vulnerable and demands way more care and nourishment in comparison to normal, healthy and natural hair. Some tips that style lovers who aim to make a hair statement can follow are:

  1. Hand cream – A dab of hand cream does magic to your styled hair and ensures smoothness and shine.
  2. Pin it up – Some extra pins come handy and provide support when your high hairstyle begins to loosen up and fall.
  3. Scarf secret – Your scarf can become a hair accessory in itself when you don’t have access to any other. Pick your scarf, roll it and turn it into a sassy headband.
  4. Hair serum – Dry hair feels special with an occasional touch of hair serum. One, it gets its lost shine; two, a stubborn strand standing straight up like an antenna settles and bows down to a serum.
  5. Massage – Who doesn’t wish for some volume or bounce? Massage does exactly that – lifts up your flat hair.
  6. Shine – You love the lustrous locks, don’t you? A parting on the side brings a tinge of sophistication and extra shine when no other tactic seems to help you on a bad hair day.
CC for Thin & Limp Hair

Thin and limp hair meaning, your hair falls flat, dead and lifeless on your scalp and that’s probably the only style that you can carry because your thin, limp hair doesn’t allow you any other privilege. Want to get out of this thin hair problem? Then read below.

  1. Right Shampoo – ‘For limp hair’ Look it up on the label of the bottle. Get your hands on a perfect shampoo for your hair type. Consult an expert, if you aren’t able to diagnose by yourself.
  2. Conditions apply on Conditioner – Conditioner is definitely not a must-have for this type. Use a conditioner, if and when necessary.
  3. Wet-time hair care – As always, no combing when your hair is wet. Let it dry while you may finger comb it. Avoid hair dryers by all means as they can worsen the situation.

Just as ageing skin manifests itself through wrinkles, ageing hair manifests itself through ‘thinning’. It would be wise to have a consultation with a Trichologist to understand the reason for the condition and take steps to restore healthy hair.

CC for Damaged Hair

Damaged by exposure to the sun or chlorine water? Split ends? Chemical treatments? Heat processes? How much more harm have you done to your hair? Now also do the following to make good for the damage done.

  1. Visit your hairdresser – Visit your stylist. He/She is the one to free you from split ends with a trim cut.
  2. No more heat – Keep all your heat appliances and treatments away. A big no to chemicals and harsh styling too.
  3. Diet and lifestyle changes – Eat healthy. Live healthy. Hair healthy!
CC for Shiny & Silky Hair

Ahh! That shine! The lustre! This gleam! Are they for real?
Do you wonder like this while looking at the pics of your celebrity stars?
Well, some amount is definitely for real. Some of it could be the expertise of the hair stylists and photographers in creating that drama on their heads!

However, let us help you with preserving the natural shine that you are born or blessed with.

  1. Sebum coat – The best of the shine is created when your hair or rather your cuticles reflect a healthy, natural layer of sebum on them. Hair that’s devoid of natural oils feels dull and lifeless.
  2. Moisturize – If your hair lacks moisture, then such dehydration gets reflected by your hair, which starts to absorb light and reflect it outward.
  3. Shampoo when required – Right! Not more, not less. Moisture-enhancing shampoo in frequencies and proportions just enough to maintain natural lustre.
  4. Coconut oil – Nothing more to say here. Yeah, your granny was and is definitely right. Nothing works like coconut oil. Don’t mess with granny. She knows it all.
  5. Cold water bath – End your hair bath with a pour of cold water down the strands to strengthen their shine potential.
CC for Bad Hair Days

Offo! Bad hair days are scary and frustrating. You may try even a handstand, but your hair just won’t agree to listen to your commands. You fix it the right side, and it jumps to the left. You tie it up, and it drops down every now and then. And God forbid, such days almost always clash with the most important days of your life. On those days, all that you need to do is –

  1. Moisturize – It is important to have healthy hair to avoid bad hair days. Dry hair, coloured hair or permed hair requires a daily moisturiser and a weekly deep-conditioning treatment to stay in control and shape.
  2. Soften – If you have coarse hair, it becomes essential to soften it. You can apply a home-made hair mask of curd, olive oil and amla, twice a month.
  3. Use the right products – Right choice of shampoo and conditioner itself can work wonders for your hair. Most of us fail at this stage. It is not easy to find the perfect product for our hair, knowing its texture, form, and type. Your products go a long way in keeping bad hair days at bay.
  4. Wash well – Product residue is one of the reasons for a bad hair day, unmanageable, lifeless, uncontrollable hair. Hence, it’s crucial to wash off all traces of items that you use on your hair and scalp.
  5. Style right – After washing well, pat dry with a towel. Gently. Style your hair when it’s damp and keep it simple.
  6. Brush properly – While you style, it is essential to comb your hair and not leave it to become a nest along your busy day. From bristle brush to round brush, your choice of comb highly impacts your waves and curls and straight strands.
  7. Cut correctly – How does a bad hair day dawn? It could be a result of many improper hair decisions that you had taken in the past. Say, for instance, fancy haircut which may not suit your lifestyle or face shape or hair type. Take into consideration the time that you shall be able to allocate to your hair care every day and get a manageable cut aptly done.

Have you guessed your hair type right?
Yes? That’s great. Meaning our blogs are helping you with the right capsule of information on hair loss, hair trivia, hair care and hair treatments.
Nope? Still confused? No worries! Meaning, you need help. Our hair doctors are very much here to diagnose and help you understand your hair type.
Consult our trichologists to know what kind of care your hair is so much asking for. With the best of technology and treatments, your hair is under the supervision of hair experts who shall provide customised solutions after testing your hair and scalp. From products to treatments to regimented hair care programme to dietary and lifestyle changes, we, as your trusted hair care partners, believe in a holistic approach to your health and happiness. For great hair every day, we welcome you to a world of hair knowledge, here are your quick links.

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