Meaning of Hirtsutism

Hirtsutism can be defined as a condition in which a female suffers from unwanted, male-pattern like hair growth. It is a condition of excessive hair growth in females. In addition, Hirtsutism involves dark, excessive hair growth in unwanted areas of the body like – face, chest and back.

Facial Hirtsutism

Facial Hirtsutism is a big cause of concern for any female as excessive hair are both apparent and visible. Even though some people may attribute Hirtsutism causes to the genetic makeup of an individual, there are still other Hirtsutism causes determining the amount of body hair, the normal course of hair distribution and colour of the hair.

Causes of Hirtsutism

The main hirtsutism cause is excess male hormone production called androgens. Another common hirtsutism cause is hereditary or the family trait factor.

The best treatment for hirtsutism is recommended depending upon the exact nature and pattern of excessive hair growth in females.

Two Different Types Of Hirtsutism

To further understand, what is hirtsutism, it is important to know the two different types of hirtsutism. The two types of hirtsutism are idiopathic hirtsutism and secondary hirtsutism. In both the conditions, a female will have more than normal hair growth, due to enlarged hair follicles and because of darker and thicker hair texture. Like in case of facial hirtsutism, a woman will witness more than normal hair growth. Apart from the excessive hair growth, there will be a visible change of hair texture as well. In case of Idiopathic hirtsutism, the hirtsutism causes have not been fully identified. It is essentially attributed to hereditary factors.

In secondary hirtsutism, the hirtsutism causes can be an irregular menstrual cycle and thus it is more common to find a hirtsutism cure for this condition. In this case, excessive hair growth in females is just one part of the bodily change. There are other masculine traits like reduced breasts, large muscles, and a husky, deeper tone of voice.

One of the prominent secondary hirtsutism causes is polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), which leads to hormonal imbalance and an irregular menstrual cycle. Under both the conditions, individuals would benefit from consulting an official clinical practitioner in the treatment of hirtsutism.

Signs & Symptoms Of Hirtsutism

Many individuals often regard excessive hair growth in females as – hypertrichosis. It is, therefore, crucial to recognise the difference between hirtsutism and hypertrichosis before you plan ahead to find a hirtsutism cure.

The primary difference between the two medical conditions is that in hirtsutism, the excessive hair growth in females is similar to male distribution pattern. On the other hand, in hypertrichosis, any individual (male/female) will acquire more than normal hair growth as per her/his age, sex and race.

Signs of virilisation along with hirtsutism

  • Change in voice, usually deepening of voice
  • Loss of hair- Balding
  • Acne Development
  • Small Breasts
  • More Muscle Mass

Risk Factors Other Than Excessive Hair Growth In Females

Hormonal imbalances as seen in Cushing’s syndrome or with androgen producing ovarian tumours
Females suffering from genetic disorders like mixed gonadal dysgenesis, a rare disorder of sex development. It can also be defined as a rare genetic condition in which individuals are born with degrees of ambiguous genitalia, who develop hirtsutism upon puberty.

Our Approach Towards Hirtsutism Cure

The basic approach at Richfeel is to first determine the exact health condition of any female who is supposedly suffering from hirtsutism.

If a woman shows signs of Hirtsutism, ruling out any underlying endocrinal problem or genetic condition is a must. If no endocrinal or genetic problem is discovered, Hirtsutism treatment is suggested to control the problem.

Best Treatment Of Hirtsutism

The Richfeel case of hirtsutism cure has various parameters and recommendations, to deliver nothing short of a perfect, personalised treatment of hirtsutism.

A- We recommend face hair removal for excessive hair growth in females using laser hair removal treatment therapy. Since Hirtsutism causes cosmetic discomfort, one needs to take face hair removal procedure with either lasers or electrolysis.

B- We recommend the application of Richfeel Oleaum Jacoris cream.

C- As a part of your holistic treatment for hirtsutism, especially associated common ailments like androgenic alopecia needs to be attended with phytoestrogens. These are plant-based estrogen, which help in bringing back the balance in estrogen and androgen helping in better control of Hirtsutism.


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