Greying of hair at an early age is known as premature greying of hair. While grey hair (White hair) is a part of the natural ageing process, excess of grey hair in people over the age of 30 is a cause of concern too.

hair graying treatment

Premature Greying of Hair (white hair) is a condition in which the hair starts turning grey before the age of 30 yrs. It definitely requires a treatment as this condition is considered pathological in its nature.

This below steps will show you the exact path which you need to follow in Hair Greying Treatment for premature greying of hair (white hair). Make sure to understand Graying Hair treatment well and follow it religiously to get the best results.

Step 1 – The very first step is to seek the guidance of the trichologist as soon as you come across grey strands.

Grey strands if observed before the age of 30 years is termed as premature greying (white hair) and the moment you see it the first thing that you should follow is to meet your trichologist and get started with the right treatment as earlier you get started with the treatment better are the results.

Step 2 – The trichologist may ask you to go through certain tests based on which the treatment will be started.

Based on the detailed history taken by the trichologist and also on your scalp examination done with the help of the capilloscope machine the trichologist will ask you to carry out certain tests as required to carry out the treatment in an effective way.

Step 3 – You may also need to follow certain modifications in your lifestyle as per the trichologist.

Greying is a condition which is not only related to the hair care regime you follow but it is also very much related to the lifestyle you follow therefore it is really important to follow a good lifestyle as per the advice of the trichologist to get the desired results.

Step 4 – Finally following a good diet is a compulsion and has to be followed religiously.

A diet which should be rich in iron, iodine and Vit B12 as well as Vit C is really important and one should follow a diet which is rich in these nutrients to get the desired results.

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Greying of hair (white hair) seen in younger age. Hair start showing discoloration and grey star appearing which may start spreading fast.


  • Heredity- It is seen in some families that greying starts in very early age.
  • Lack of nutrition- Diet deficient of essential minerals like Iron, copper & zinc may trigger greying early in life. Some vitamin deficiencies may also contribute.
  • Major illnesses can also trigger greying proving stressful to body.
  • Mental stress can also aggravate greying.


Since premature greying is a controllable and not curable problem, the focus is about arresting the spread of greying till the physiological age of greying i.e. 30 and above.


  • Dealing with complain of PMG, needs a clear understanding between doctor and patient, so on examination a rough evaluation is done about what is the percentage of greying in different anatomical areas of the scalp. Whether body hair are involved or not?
  • Depending upon genetic susceptibility, age of the patient, nutritional status of the patient a clear objective is set.
  • A specific amino acid needed in hair pigment synthesis is given as internal supplement for 1 year along with Vit. B complex. If needed iron supplements are also prescribed.
  • Regular examination confirms the successful arrest.
  • In young adolescents at times even colour changes are seen. The benefit of the treatment is observed even after the treatment.
  • Deterrent factors are explained to the patient so that caution can be maintained to prevent relapse.


Premature Greying hair (white hair) treatment is done with an objective to control, sustain and reverse the greying process; however the patient’s body response is a key factor in the process. This treatment is a long term process that shows results gradually and to varying degrees.

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