Overview Of Procedure

At RichFeel clinics consultation is elaborate procedure to understand the patient as a whole. Only focusing on hair problem may lead to missing of the root cause. One time registration is done which is valid for one entire year during which one can see the trichologist as and when needed. After registration a patient meets the Trichologist who takes a detailed history regards personal details, health status, hair regimen, heredity etc. After a history taking physical check is conducted and scalp sonography is done using capilloscope and patient is explained the findings. Hair samples are taken from all over scalp for lab analysis. Trichologist may advise any external care which is indicated. An audio visual presentation may be shown regarding the problem or any therapy advised.

Unique Features Of Consultation

Consultation is the most important part of the entire treatment protocol, which guides the trichologist to the root cause of the problem.
Personal details like Name, Age, Sex & Occupation gives idea of Life style of the patient which guide about his/her diet pattern, work schedule & work stress, age and sex related hair disorders, occupational hazards leading to hair damages. History of any systemic illness, which can at times have hair loss as an associated symptom or may lead to hair loss, is asked in details. Depending on correlation of onset of hair loss & health ailment one can understand a triggering factor. Dietary history and water intake details are needed to understand nutritional deficiencies as hair reflects state of nutrition. Hair habits help in understanding about scalp status and if a correction needed can prove beneficial in hair loss. History of chemical treatments/ drying /h/o swimming and sunlight exposure is relevant to shaft damages seen leading to hair breakages which at time can be a factor affecting hair loss.
This kind of detailed and extensively elaborate history taking is backed by analytical findings at lab and thorough physical examination to reach a diagnosis.
Considering all scientific facts a treatment program is suggested with internal supplements, dietary suggestions and conjunctive therapies. Life style modifications are also a part of treatment plan.

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