10 . June . 2019 BY Dr. Sharmishtha Deshpande

It seemed like just another day when the team sat down to brainstorm on the next topic for the blog. We browsed through our content bank and one by one, our group members started to shoot topics that had the potential to serve our readers with what they were looking for in hair and scalp segment.

One of our colleagues didn’t contribute to any of the ideas getting discussed. Instead, he was just sketching something in his diary. Another colleague who got a little upset with this disinterested behaviour of his, pulled out the diary, only to realise that the sketch could be our next topic for the blog.

What did the sketch have then? Three heads. And we call them,
“Bald, Don’t Care and ‘Baal’ed.”

So let’s take you through this conversation between three people, who are kind of representatives of our mass audience; each with a different amount of hair on their head, as different as their personalities!

Bald: Hey guys, this is the shirt that I purchased last week. I love it. Why wouldn’t I? I have the perfect body to flaunt this slim-fit shirt, just that….

Don’t Care: What? Why did you stop? Say…

Bald: Yeah, just that, this shirt while on the mannequin, gave a younger look. But on me…it makes me feel 5 to 10 years older than my actual age.

Don’t Care: You are ridiculous. That’s bizarre. How on earth is your shirt deciding your age!?

Bald: Take it or trash it. The fact that I don’t have a head full of hair does affect me somewhere daily. I could look younger. I could feel good from within. I can try different hairstyles. I could avoid some taunts. I could do away with kids calling me ‘Uncle.’ I need not run away from the comb, shampoo, hair accessories sections in the departmental stores.

I could colour my life and hair for every festival. I could also click great selfies without worrying about the comments below. I could avoid questions about my age. I could maybe feel a bit more confident. I sometimes wonder, ‘Does the absence of hair on my head indicate the presence of some health issue within me?’ I feel there’s something amiss. I am missing something for sure.

Don’t Care: OMG! You spoke for so long, man! Take a deep breath. I never thought so much. Thanks to your lengthy talk on ‘I could do this,’ ‘I could do that,’ I am now having serious thoughts.

From ‘What if I am bald?’ to ‘What if I try some change?’, from ‘Hair doesn’t matter’ to ‘Hair does make a difference!’, from ‘I don’t care’ to ‘I can care’, from ‘Bald is Don’t Care’ to ‘Bald needn’t always be Don’t Care’, from ‘Being bald is fine’ to ‘Being bald needn’t be the only option!’, your despair has brought me to think like you…

Wait, I am going on and on just like you! ROFL! Arey hero, Mr. ‘Baal’ed, kuch bolo!

‘Baal’ed: What should I say? To me, hair means a lot. It is everything. Say, for instance, without a proper matching hairdo, even the best outfit seems incomplete. It makes a whole world of difference to my otherwise dull, routine day. My hair makes everything seem perfect. When I look at my fluffy, bouncy hair, happily waving like in films, when I stand in front of the mirror, even a bad day at work, or my bad mood turns less stressful.

Bald: Kisko sunna hai, what hair means to you? Pehle se, I am sad enough, and you are making me all the more jealous by describing how happy, youthful, healthy, confident and filmy it feels in front of the mirror! How mean!

Don’t Care: Acha theek hai, don’t start again! Arey ‘Baal’ed, zara bata usko, how do you manage and take care of your hair?

Bald: Very smart. As if, you don’t want to know the secret. You are as tempted as I am, to get hair like ‘Baal’ed, aren’t you Mr. Don’t Care?

‘Baal’ed: Hey guys, stop fighting yar! Mr. Bald, rest assured, we can definitely put an end to your hair and scalp issues. Mr. Don’t Care, you must definitely go for a change. Trust me, you will feel new. You are going to fall in love for sure, with the ‘New’ you.

Bald: How? I want to get the solution to supposedly the biggest problem of my life. Grrh! My hair problem!!!

‘Baal’ed: Let me call it the ‘Top 5 effective tips to great hair.’ These are for you, Mr. Bald.

  1. Regular tricho-visits – Don’t become your own doctors. Your hair too, like your heart, your bones, your skin, needs a specialist. Needs an expert. Needs a Trichologist – A hair doctor, to remain in the peak of its health and shape. There are two things to be noted here. One, you sense a hair problem, contact your hair doctor. Two, make regular visits to him/her like you do your blood tests and other health check-ups.
  2. Healthy body, happy hairYour hair is your body’s barometer. Any internal imbalance gets reflected through your hair quality. Likewise, your hair fall can be much more than just losing a few strands here and there. Hair and body are interconnected. Don’t take either of them lightly.
  3. Your hair is what you eat – Once you come to know what the exact reason for your progressing baldness is, make sure you follow the hair care tips given by your hair care partner from time to time. From diet to lifestyle to exercise to hair care programme, your life has to change for your hair to change the way you want it to.
  4. Natural is the new styling – Keep it simple. Nothing is as great as the natural way to grow hair or the real natural look. Because it’s the real you. All ornamentations, accessories, chemicals and heat styling that you love will yield your dream look for a short while. They can render your hair lifeless and leave room for nothing but nightmares, full of hair problems, in the long run.
  5. Hair care programme and products – We all live in a time when accepting ‘Natural as the new style’ could be a time-consuming process and not an overnight decision. So what’s your back-up plan then? Simple. Invest time, energy and money in the right products and work out the right hair care regimen for your hair type.

Bald: Awesome! Where can I find a trichologist who can help and guide me with all that you had mentioned now?

‘Baal’ed: RichFeel. I trust them for everything hair. Check out their website.

Don’t Care: Mere liye kuch hai kya….

‘Baal’ed: Of course. Only a trichologist can help you after a detailed diagnosis, and discussion on your medical history, lifestyle, occupation, as also after a detailed round of examination on your hair and scalp.

All that I can say, there are two things that you must check out for sure. One – A surgical option, which is ‘Hair Transplant’ to get your hair back. Two, a non-surgical option called the ‘Hair System.’ Try it to feel it. You are amazing now. But maybe you can become awesome donning some hair on your head. In terms that you understand – 2.0 version of yours. The better and brighter look is what I mean.

Don’t Care: Do you really think this can make any difference?

‘Baal’ed: If it doesn’t, then there wouldn’t be stories of celebrities who have opted for it. Forget about celebs, think about RichFeel, an exclusive hair care network, serving for over three decades through some 85+ branches pan-India, found by the Shahs or rightly the BaadShahs of Trichology, the pioneers in the field. They are what they are, after touching so many lives along this magnificent journey.
Take your time. I have sent you some interesting links.

RichFeel Instagram
RichFeel Facebook
RichFeel Blogs
RichFeel Youtube

Alright, I’ll make a move. I have my appointment scheduled at RichFeel today.

Bald: I am ready as well. Let’s go, bro! (Scrolling the mobile screen). RichFeel Hair Transplants at just Rs. 38000/-……. Booking window is still open…. Shall we leave ‘Baal’ed? C’mon!

Don’t Care: Hey guys, wait! Hey ‘Baal’ed, you didn’t give me the link of their Clinics, dude?

‘Baal’ed: Haha… here you go, RichFeel Clinics near you, buddy!

Don’t Care: Hey hold on, I am just getting ready. Take me along. Can you book a trio-appointment for all three of us, ‘Baal’ed? Hello guys, I am almost there. Hold on. Wait…

Let us know how did you find the tale of these three? Funny? Interesting? Informative? We will be right back with more on hair care, hair trivia, hair treatments, hair problems, hair loss, and hair facts etc. Till then, have a great hair day!


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