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A for Anagrow
B for Baldness
C for Conditioner
D for Dandruff
E for Expert
F for Frizz
G for Greying
H for Highlights
I for Icecube 2.0
J for Jojoba
K for Keratin
L for Lice
M for Minerals
N for Nutrition
O for Oestrogen
P for Patient
Q for Queries
R for Remedies
S for Shampoo
T for Trichologist
U for UV rays
V for Voluminous
W for Waxing
X for XXXVIII years
Y for Youthful
Z for Zulf

Can you see the alphabet in bold font? T for Trichologist? Right!

Make a note of this, and you are bound to get rest of the alphabet right. A-Z of Hair is what it is. Also there’s much more to Hair and Scalp care than merely these 26 words. Now, that’s where the role and importance of a specialist come into the picture. The hair specialist. The hair expert. The hair doctor. Your Trichologist. MVP – Most Valuable Player, so to speak, when it comes to your hair’s health!

Specialisation is the need of the hour. Why?

We have some quick questions for you. Answer them honestly to yourself.

  1. You have a dry eye or a sore eye problem. Who will you go to for a solution and a clear vision?
  2. You feel some heaviness in your heart. Who do you think can give your heart some relief?
  3. You seem to have twisted your ankle miserably in the Mumbai locals. Who will help you catch the local again without pain in your ankle?
  4. Your periods are not following timelines every month. Whom will you complain to, for bringing them back on track?

There was a time when your general doctor was your only resort for anything and everything in your family. Gone are those days. Today, we look for specialisation in everything, don’t we? Moreover, this is precisely why, for any of the above health problems, we immediately find ourselves at the doorsteps of an Ophthalmologist, Cardiologist, Orthopedic Surgeon, or a Gynaecologist respectively.

We are also given to understand that, diseases too have grown in number just like our population. We are exposed to more stress, more pollution, and more bacteria in comparison to our forefathers. The situation has become so bad that our viruses seem to have grown smarter than our medicines. Never mind, for our doctors, and our technologies are growing and developing at a faster pace to catch up with the viruses.

Now let us come to the subject of our hair and scalp. Trust those questions above have been answered by now. Having answered them, don’t you think your crowning glory – your hair needs the expertise of specialist as well? Yes? Are you aware that there is a special stream of science dedicated to hair & scalp? And that there is a specialist to address the concerns of this specific organ? Let’s enlighten you….

What is Trichology?

Trichology, in simple and popular terms, is the science of hair and scalp in health and disease. It is derived from the Greek word, ‘Trikhos’ meaning ‘Hair’ and ‘Logy’ meaning ‘Science’. Under a vast subject like Trichology, we can plug in everything, right from studying about hair loss and hair fall to finding the reasons for hair thinning and scalp infections in individuals. It encompasses an examination of common conditions like dandruff and lice, as also study of complex ones like Alopecia and Trichotillomania.

Hair is body’s barometer. Hair is such a vital organ in your body that it indicates good health or the lack of it way before your other symptoms may start showing up. So the change in your hair’s texture or your hair fall actually tells a lot about your body. Any imbalance within your structure starts reflecting through your hair. And all of these, require a dedicated curriculum, study cycle and years of experience and training for an individual to get moulded into a Trichologist.

Trichology – An individual branch of medicine today

There was a time when this word wouldn’t have found a place anywhere, right from dictionaries to Google. Agreed that, a bit of exaggeration here. However, how many of you land up genuinely to a hair doctor for your queries and concerns? There’s no exaggeration if we say, we are a community that has evolved from a time when hair was the least important organ in our body to a day and time now, where hair means everything to us. Everything from an element of beauty to the weapon to conquer youth to a parameter of good health to what not…

Come to think of it. A Trichologist has answers to ‘All things – Hair’; things which are not subject to the naked lay eye of yours, things that won’t end with your home remedies, things which are way more serious than what they appear to be. There are many more complex hair terms apart from those which you are acquainted with. Hair fall, hair loss, hair breakage, split ends, dandruff, lice and ticks, hair transplant. The list doesn’t end there.

We wouldn’t wish to send a shudder down your spine by mentioning Psoriasis, Seborrheic Dermatitis, Eczema, Alopecia Areata, Pityriasis Amiantacea from the big hair and scalp diseases list. It is only wiser to leave the headache of solving these issues to an expert, hair expert to be very precise, who has dedicated years of his life studying them, then learning them and gradually practising them as a professional. You can keep trying different ways to pronounce these conditions right while your hair doctor has already diagnosed your condition, and is ready with treatments, prescriptions, medications and a healthier, happier way ahead for you.

Why ‘NOT’ leave your hair to your stylist and parlour didi?

Now, this question is almost a lost cause for us. Because our Trichologist is nowhere in close comparison to any of these gentlemen or women in question. Yet, for all those who believe that you can ask your queries to these professionals, you are banging the wrong doors for sure.

It is as simple as going by their names. A hair stylist helps you style your hair the way you want while your parlour didi helps you maintain your looks every month and in every salon visit. However, none of them is qualified or is capable of serving you, your hair’s dose of health. Ask Wiki, and it says, ‘Trichology deals with the scientific study of the health of hair and scalp.’

Factors to consider while you search ‘Trichologist near me.

‘What’s in a name?’, asked Shakespeare. Taking it literally, there’s a lot in a name. A sought-after name in hair and scalp care segment would make a lot of sense when it comes to your hair problems.

A name that has stood the test of time and age, grown to become synonymous with the term Trichology; a name that has mastered the nuances of the field, pioneered revolutionary Tricho-concepts, that reminds you of expertise and experience…

The wisest way forward would be to approach a clinic, with a good network & established set of practices that embodies all those elements we have spoken about. Competency and advancement should be evident in the specialist you consult, the technician who works with you and all those at your service at the clinic. Do remember, Trichology shouldn’t be ‘One amongst many’ that the clinic offers, but it should be exclusively dedicated to hair and scalp care.

We have given ample examples of what all you should look for while searching, ‘Trichologist near me’. Rest, we know, our readers always take informed and best decisions. Still, if you are in doubt, you are just a click away from the ‘Hair Doctors to the Nation’.

Steps that a certified and experienced Trichologist will make you go through during consultation

Assume you are in the hair doctor’s chambers for a hair and scalp consultation. In an ideal situation, a hair specialist will always give your hair, its own sweet time.

And we will call it the #HighFiveToHair here.

  1. Case history – The hair doctor is keen to know your medical history and invests a good chunk of his consultation time in understanding your medical background, family history and other associated checks.
  2. Hair analysis by collecting samples – Next step is to do the actual testing by collecting your hair samples and checking for any issues. Any specific concerns with your hair will be revealed at this stage and will form a part of the doctor’s diagnosis. This is typically discussed after the reports are drawn up, during a follow-up consultation with the Trichologist.
  3. Capilloscopy (Scalp analysis) – After your hair check-up, your hair doctor would like to get into the details of scalp health. This is done using a capilloscope, a handheld device, that helps the Trichologist diagnose the scalp condition. The technique is called capilloscopy. A Trichologist is trained to assess the insights from this process and correlate it with any existing clinical problem.
  4. Correlation and Diagnosis – Once he/she is done with hair and scalp analysis, the next process is to compare the two and derive conclusions out of the whole hair and scalp examination. Deeper the insights drawn at this stage, clearer are the treatments and prescriptions thereafter.
  5. Holistic treatment – Based on the diagnosis, your Trichologist should be able to advise you on three fronts.
    • A. Prescription based on preventive care – ‘Prevention is better than cure.’ Trichologist, here, wants to maintain your hair and scalp in the pink of their health. Hence, even if you are not affected with any major conditions, the focus is to prescribe you with a lifestyle, diet, and healthy habits like exercise, yoga and music therapy. This helps you sustain your well-being and preps your hair’s immunity for the worse of the scenarios.
    • B. Prescription based on therapeutic care – The consultation may reveal some minor and major complications requiring immediate attention and action. It can be anything from prescribing you with the right medicines to the right products to the right services to the right treatments like surgical and non-surgical hair solutions.
    • C. Prescription based on restorative care – Post any trauma, your body always needs time for recuperating from the shock. Similarly, after an incidence of hair complication, your hair and scalp too require care, time and effort to get back to its normal self. Your Trichologist understands this period, as to what your hair is going through and advises you accordingly, of what has to be done, whether by means of medication, treatments or simple changes to lifestyle.

A Trichologist, unlike other people whom you generally resort to for your hair concerns, keeps himself/herself abreast of the various diseases, medicines, treatments related to hair & scalp. The Trichologist also bears in mind, the ever-changing environment and the patient’s social, cultural, economic, emotional, physical and professional background. These have a great impact on a person’s health; they also reveal a clear picture of the cleanliness around that person, stress levels that he/she is subjected to, his/her lifestyle, health hazards that one is prone to and needless to say, the overall holistic effect of all these events on his/her hair. It is hence that a trichologist can offer a 360* solution to your hair concerns, than anyone else.

We are pretty sure you had a great read on Trichology. Our founders, the pioneers in Trichology and our hair doctors are very much at your disposal for more on hair care, hair loss and hair trivia. You are just a step away from the whole world of hair & scalp and Trichology. Subscribe to our different to our hair knowledge bank on different platforms – Here are your quick links.
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