The normal hair cycle results in replacement of every hair on scalp every 3 to 5 yrs, with the consequence that between 50 to 150 telogen hairs are shed each day. While there is some seasonal variation in the amount of hair lost every day, this number remains fairly uniform throughout life. Most this hair loss passes unnoticed, particularly when the hair is short.


  • Nutritional
  • Hormonal
  • Metabolic
  • Iatrogenic
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Acute or chronic disease related
  • Stress


Malnutrition is a common cause of hair loss. Anemias of any type are many times can be diagnosed as an incidental finding while investigating hair loss. Likewise, many deficiencies such as Vit.B 12, Vit.D, Vit.A, and Vit.E are known to cause hair loss. Hypervitaminosis particularly of Vit.A is also known to cause DHL.


Various hormonal disturbances cause hair loss.
Thyroid- Epidermal thickness is reduced in Hypothyroidism and rate of cell division is increased in Thyrotoxicosis.
Adrenal Hormones-
Changes in cortisol and aldosterone levels whether due to underlying pathology or iatrogenic leads to hair loss.
Gonadal Hormones-
Sex hormones both androgens and estrogens have a great influence on hair. Fluctuations in the balance of both can cause DHL which further can lead to patterned hair loss.
Hair loss due to hormonal changes is commonly faced by females more than males as they are bound to undergo hormonal changes during pregnancy and menopause.


Metabolic disorders can be inborn errors of metabolism such as phenylketonuira and G6PD, or can be transient phases of imbalance of various electrolytes. Changes in internal milieu can lead to hair loss.


Many therapeutic agents when administered are known to cause hair loss, such as-:

  • Cytostatic Drugs
  • Anticoagulants
  • Antithyroid drugs
  • Allopurinol
  • Hypolipedemic agents- used for increased level of cholesterol
  • Retinoids- used in skin treatments
  • Anticonvulsants
  • NSAIDS- Painkillers when abused
  • Antihypertensives
  • Oral contraceptives


Several autoimmune disorders like SLE, RA, and Psoriasis cause hair loss due to lesions involving scalp or therapy with cytotoxic drugs. Long term management of hair loss is essential.


Any illness causes hair loss as an immediate effect or even after 3 months of illness. A phase of telogen effluvium is seen after 3 months of illness which are known as magical 3 months.


Stress can cause unexplained bout of hair loss due to hormonal and metabolic changes associated with stress. It can set in a vicious cycle where the stress is caused due to hair loss and it further worsens the hair loss.

Causes of hair fall at different stages of life happen for different reasons -

Reason for hairloss in teenagers: Kids these days are facing hair problems too which is not a good sign. Compromised nutrition is the main reason for hairloss in them. These kids follow a poor diet and have foods that lack nutrition. They hog on to junk food which does not do any good, in fact causes severe health problems and hair problems like dull and dry hair, weak follicles and so on. Then comes the age when the teenagers attain puberty and post puberty there are hormonal changes in the body which is also one of the causes of hair fall. A proper diet which is rich of vitamins and minerals like iron, zinc and calcium is very important in the growing years.

Causes of hairfall in young men: Most men face hairfall problem very early in life which is mainly due to stress at work front. Stress also gets acquired in the day to day life due to lots of traveling which in turn exposes one lot of dust, pollution and exposure to UV rays. This also causes lots of damage to hair and further adding to hair problems. Eating habit is also causing hairloss as men tend to eat junk food in the office which deprives him of all the nutrients that are needed for the growth of hair. Hairfall in young women is also caused due to same reasons as man other than that there are several hormonal changes in the women that makes the hair problems worst.

Causes of hair fall in elderly men: Prolonged health problem and long durations of medicines intake causes hair loss problems in them. Also age related baldness and receding hairline in elderly male is very commonly seen. Due to old age several health problems are seen in men due to which the hairfall problems exists. Hairfall issues with elderly women are also due to health ailments and mostly due to menopause which a woman gets between the age of 45 – 50 years.

There are several home remedies to control hairloss which is shared in the common people but to get the results you need to get into its cause with the help of an expert and then follow a treatment which is then effective. In fact even the severe cases of hair problem can be treated in the best way if you follow this strategy. Haircare is very important by all means. A proper care of your hair should be taken during washing, conditioning, combing and drying.

Hair falling treatment should be done with the help of an expert before the problem gets worst. To know more about causes of hair fall and hair related issues visit a trichologist at RichFeel Clinic. RichFeel Clinic has got branches in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata and other parts of India so visit the nearest branch right away to get your hair and scalp concerns solved in the best way.

Solution for Hair Fall – Treating with the Help of an Expert

It’s really irritating when you see hair all over your bed sheets, cushion covers and comb while combing. You just somehow are desperate to need a Solution for hair fall. You tend to keep trying all the natural treatments that your granny had suggested you, knowing very little what the exact cause of your hairfall is and what actual hairsolutions are required to solve the problem.

Generally speaking hair fall problems are different for different individuals and so are its solutions. In men there are different reasons for the hairfall like bad vices such as smoking, alcohol, drug addictions which causes overall health problems including hairfall at a very early age.

Stress at work front is also one of the main reasons of hairfall in both men and women. A general solution for hair fall is living a sound and calm tension free life. Some men get bald due to the genes in them which are hereditarily attained through their forefathers. Male pattern baldness is common due to genes and male sex hormones. It’s a pattern where the hairline starts receding and hair at the crown starts getting thinner.

The same way women experience hairfall post delivery, post puberty and post menopause due to hormonal and internal changes in the body. No doubt this is for short duration but at times pathological reasons like the diabetes, thyroid problems, stress take over in which if there is no proper medical help taken the problem may get worst.

Nutritional deficiencies in women are another concern which calls for a treatment as it is also one of the very common causes of hairfall in women. Iron deficiency anemia is very common in Indian women in which due to lack of iron the hair fails to get its required nourishment and leads to hair fall and diffuse thinning issues. Whether it should be rectified only with iron rich diet or supplements or iron injections totally depends on the hemoglobin levels of the body.

It’s always better to take an opinion of a trichologist at a reputed clinic to know more about your problem and the exact cause of it so that proper treatment is done. Hair Fall Solution and treatments are different for men and women so it needs to be treated accordingly after knowing the exact reason for hairloss. There are many natural solution for hair fall available these days but the right one for you can only be suggested by the trichologist after thoroughly examining your hair and scalp. Hairfall remedies should be continued even after the problem of hairfall is solved. Maintaining the hair once the treatment is over is equally important.

If you are really tired of your thinning hair and are still looking out for best possible solution for hair fall and Hairfall control tips then you need to check out with a trichologist at RichFeel clinic which has got branches all over India in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and other parts of India. Visit your nearest branch today to treat your hair and scalp problems in best possible and natural way…

Reason for Hair Fall – At All Ages

Your reason for hair fall is the most important information that one should comprehend before jumping out to any kind of solution. These days’ men are getting more prone towards baldness so we will discuss a little on reason for hair fall in them.

Reasons for hairloss in men are mainly due to 4 factors:

1) Stress – Due to stress on the work front men have started losing hair at an early age. Hair follicles need proper nourishment to grow which is not possible when a person’s life is stressed out.

2) Addictions – Now day’s men at a very early age are getting addicted to alcohol, drugs and smoking etc. These hamper the growth of hair in men and leads to loss of hair.

3) Diet – Men these days have literally started living on the junk food more due to long working hours in the office. They are deprived of the nutrients present in the homemade food. A poor diet is reason for hair fall.

4) Genetic Reasons – It’s mostly the male genes that leads him to baldness. Men are often seen getting bald in a pattern like front and the top of the head which is also known as androgenetic alopecia (Male Pattern Thinning).

5) Pollution – It’s a known fact that with advanced technology and science comes the side effects of it. Pollution plays a dirty role in the health of hair. Men as they live out of house for most of the hours are more exposed to pollution.

Hair fall in kids is also getting common these days. Let’s see some common causes of hairfall in kids:

Hairfall causes in kids – Its unfortunate to know that today’s kids hate eating green leafy vegetables which are full of nutrients due to this they suffer from various deficiencies in the body. Kids are more addicted to chips and biscuits which have no benefits to their health and thereby hair. In fact they also do not have a very good immune system. Alopecia Areata is also getting very common in kids today. It’s a situation where child’s immune system attacks the hair follicles leading to very small patches of baldness on the scalp. This is an autoimmune reaction which gets triggered after a bout of viral infections.

Hair fall in females are mostly due to all the reasons as that of men and kids but other than these females have hormonal imbalance due to which they lose hair. Menopause in females causes hormonal imbalance that affects the growth of hair. Falling of hair post delivery is a serious matter with all the females. How to stop falling of hair after delivery is the most common question asked by most women. Here are some tips that may help you stop hairloss…

1) Increase intake of vitamins, iron, zinc and calcium in your diet. You can also take supplements of the same if required.

2) Include in your diet seasonal fruits and vegetables as they help the hair follicles to grow better and get strengthened by providing them with the right kind of proteins and minerals. You need to have an adequate amount of water proportionate to your body weight.

3) Trim your hair regularly to avoid split ends in your hair.

4) Avoid pulling your hair with bands and tight ponytails.

5) Follow some form of yoga to de-stress your self.

There are different types of reason for hair fall with different solutions varying from individual to individual.

If you are really tired of your hair problem and are looking out for best possible remedies to control hairloss after knowing the correct reasons of hair fall then you need to check out with a trichologist at RichFeel clinic which has got branches all over India in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and other parts of India. Visit your nearest branch today to treat your hair and scalp problems in best possible way.

Remember one thing that Hair fall is not a matter which can be taken lightly so take the right steps soon…

Hair Fall Reasons – Reasons for Men and Women

All the women face hairfall at some point or the other. Hairfall reasons are different for every woman at a given point of time.Hair fall is very common these days in both men and women but in this article let us put light on the hairfall reasons of women.

Hair fall reasons in a life of a woman:

There are physiological reasons of hairfall in women which happens due to physical changes inside the body like:
Post puberty hairfall problems: After a girl attains puberty there are lots of changes in the physical appearance of the body and there are changes in hormones as well which causes falling of hair and is considered physiological. However even after few months if the hair fall problem persists along with symptoms of delayed and irregular period being a reason for hairloss then it is considered pathological and requires a medical attention.

Post delivery hairfall problems: After a woman gives birth to a child there are innumerous changes that happen in the body during labour pain and there is a sudden change in the hormones post delivery. The hairfall after delivery remains for a period of 3 months mostly between 3rd month to 6th month at the most however if it is really excessive during this period or if it persists longer then it calls for medical treatment.

Post menopause hairfall problems: After the age of 40-45 years a woman reaches menopause in where her period stops due to the changes in her hormones which causes various changes in the body and also leads to hairfall.

There are other pathological reasons due to which hairfall occurs like thyroid problems, diabetes, PCOD etc. Hormonal change in women can also happen due to stress at home and work front. Though it is commonly seen that Loss in men also occurs mostly due to stress but it is seen with women as well. It is very essential to fight stress by following some simple steps like exercising, meditating and yoga. These will help you keep calm and fit. Massaging your scalp with oil is one of the easiest ways of relieving stress and even nourishing the hair follicles. Massage increases blood circulation in the head which helps in the growth of hair. Prolonged illness and overdose of some medicines may also result in hairfall. Nutritional deficiencies in the body are the main hair fall reasons and can be cured with a healthy diet and supplements if required.

Hairfall control and home remedies for falling hair are many but, taking an expert’s advice before taking any step is very important and this can be best done by meeting a trichologist and getting your hair tested to know the exact cause of hairfall and to know the perfect long term solution for the same. You need to check out with a trichologist at Richfeel clinic which has got branches all over India in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and other parts of India. Visit your nearest branch today to know more about hair fall reasons and to treat your hair and scalp problems in best possible way. Remember one thing that Hair fall is not a matter which can be taken lightly so take the right steps soon…

Hair Fall Remedies For Self Induced Hair Loss

It may sound really awkward but it is a reality that one can be responsible for their hair fall problems. This article will throw a light on how this phenomenon of self-induced hair fall occurs.This pattern of hair fall is more commonly seen these days as the exposure to the chemicals, pollutants and stress is increasing day by day. After reading this content make sure to keep yourself away from all these factors which causes hair fall for the health of your hair and get started with the right kind of hair fall remedies.

Hair is one of the most important aesthetic organ due to which many of us take good care of it. Also we expose them to many harmful things to look good for awhile like we expose them to different coloring agents, chemicals which are used in the straightening treatment. Hair also gets exposed to various thermal treatments like the blow drying, ironing etc.

All these treatments make our hair very fragile and they easily break off and due to toxins deposition our hair also starts falling off with its connective tissue. The hair fall which occurs due to these chemical and thermal treatments come under the category of self induced hair loss or fashioned induced hair loss.

It is always better to stay natural as far as possible and keep your hair away from all these treatments for the good of your hair. if in case you get exposed to the above factors make sure to get started with the hair fall remedies which will help you deal with your hair problems in a better way.

Now a days stress is a root cause of all the hair problems and one should not be surprised to know that stress is the cause of many hair problems too. In fact not only hair problems dandruff,pimples,dark circles other skin problems can also occur due to stress. So let it be hair thinning, premature greying of hair or dandruff all of them get aggravated or occur due to stress. Due to excess of stress based on ones emotional condition one may also start pulling their hair which is termed as Trichotillomania. Going one step ahead one may also start eating their own hair after pulling it which is termed as trichophagia. It is really very important for one to get started with the right kind of hair fall remedies.

As it stress induced condition one of the main hair fall remedies is to do a distressing activity and also one should keep themselves busy throughout the day. Pulling of hair is generally done when the patient is idle and when into deep thoughts so during such time they should wear a tight scarf and also wear gloves. More or less counseling plays a great role in improving this condition. This condition is more commonly seen with kids who live with parents who keep quarreling throughout the day therefore in such cases the counseling should extend to their parents as well.To know more on remedies,control and treatment for hair fall and Hair Loss visit one of the trichologist of RichFeel Clinic.

RichFeel Clinic in India specializes in all types of hair fall remedies. It has over 83 branches in major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore etc…

Fashion Induced Hair Fall

This kind of hair fall comes under the sub type of Self induced hair fall.Hair is as tough as the iron wire but hair cannot combat the assault of the chemicals which are used in the hair products.

The colours, blow-dryers, straightening irons, the various chemicals which are used in perming, dyeing and straightening the hair actually makes the hair really weak and thereby brittle very prone to breakages.

Although most of us are aware of the harmful effects of using all these stuffs on the hair still we do it to maintain our style quotient and also look fashionable every time.

This article will highlight on the damage that is caused by using various chemical treatments so let’s understand them one by one.

Perming and straightening treatments – During this process tremendous heat is applied to convert the protein of natural form into some other form so that the hair can be molded in a particular fashion. While doing this process some amount of cystic acid is released which completely destroys the root and the hair shaft. So one’s hair becomes dry, dull and damaged.

While the damage done to the hair due to all these procedures cannot be reversed but still one can make certain modifications in their lifestyle and have a good healthy diet which suits one’s need. Regular oiling and taking tricho-scalp treatments with the help of the trichologists also helps to a great extent.

Hair coloring treatments – Hair coloring is something which is done by many people either to hide greys or to look fashionable. It is followed by many people from teenagers to elderly people and from models to the home makers.

Actually the colors make the hair dry, scraggly and also make it appear quite undernourished. It leads to diffuse hair fall problems and it also causes irreversible damage in some. The damage is also caused due to the affection of the covering of the hair which is termed as cuticles making the hair lose its shine and sheen.

While it is difficult for everyone to get convinced not to color their hair follow these tips which can at least minimize the damage due to coloring…

Tip 1 – Pay a visit to the trichologist who you can trust on.

Tip 2 – Make sure to get done the coloring procedure by a professional so that at least the disasters can be avoided.

Tip 3 – Try to keep a reasonable gap between two coloring episodes.

Tip 4 – Always explore the option of settling for a rinse or a temporary dye.

To know about exact Hair Loss solution as well as Hair Fall remedies and causes and how to control hair fall and tips to prevent Hair fall make sure to consult a trichologist who can guide you best on this.

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