22 . April . 2019 BY Dr. Sharmishtha Deshpande

Oh my goodness! Going out means getting roasted for free. As much as you voice out the unbearable scorch, your hair too is, voicing with symptoms and signs that need immediate attention and care during summer. Too much heat can actually stress your hair. Just like your skin, your hair too faces the pressure of the summers. The harmful rays hit your hair first before penetrating into your skin. This sun exposure can harm your hair’s melanin and keratin content turning them frizzy, dull, dry, lifeless, lighter in colour & brittle. If unattended, all of this leads to hair fall. By the time you say bye to summers, you might also have to bid bye to your bouncy, healthy, fluffy hair!

No worries though, your hair is how you care. Some simple hacks can work wonders for your hair during the summers. Wanna know them? Here they are:

Your hair is what you eat

Time and again, we have always believed and said, your hair is what you eat. Make sure you have a proper and balanced mix of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, fruits and vegetables rich in water content; seasonal ones serve the best for your hair. As is popularly understood, summers are definitely not the time for you to junk your body with oily, spicy, unhealthy foods, as this equally impacts your hair. Instead go for hair healthy foods!

‘The scarf way’ or ‘The cap way’

Keep your sunscreen close and your scarf or cap closer in summers. While you can’t completely choose to stay indoors in this quarter of the year, all that you can do is cover yourself. Summers are that time of the year when your hair is bound to become dry. So if you don’t cover them, you might end up like having a nest up above there!

A good conditioner – A must-have in your summer kitty

You must definitely invest time and money in hunting for a good conditioner, since it acts as a protective shield for your hair. Go for a conditioner with sunscreen in it. This can help your hair withstand the sun’s harmful rays hovering above.

Water, water and tonnes of it

While intake of at least 3 to 4 litres of water is essential for your body and hair to remain hydrated and full of moisture, there are rejuvenation and detoxification therapies like photo biotherapy, TST+ or hair hydrotherapy which might go a long way in retaining the natural moisture in the hair and safeguard their textures in the summers especially.

Regular hair wash

You need to maintain your hair wash calendar dates with due diligence and not give any excuses on the day of wash to postpone the same. Regular hair wash helps in keeping the hair healthy and away from dampness on account of natural oil and sebum secretions. To add on to the mess, over-sweating can block your follicles, causing dirt to accumulate on your scalp and harm your follicles.

Mark your wash dates with a mild or herbal shampoo and an after-wash serum. If you are a hot water bath person, then make sure, during this season, you end your bathing time with cold water flowing down your strands. This is an awesome technique to fixate all the nutritive products that you have invested in, to stick to your strands and not get drained out. After walking out of the bathroom, tie your hair up in a towel wrap for about 20 minutes with the conditioner on, to retain the hair’s texture.

So here’s a quick look at the top tips for the rising temperatures.

Your 10 point summer hair care checklist
  • Do not keep your hair open and wavering as the hot breeze can make your hair really frizzy. Instead, opt for simple buns up there. Avoid sweating and stickiness that are by-products of keeping your hair down.
  • A very big no to blow drying, heat waves and heat styling. Let your hair enjoy air-drying. The natural way is the best way for your hair.
  • You can give a big fat thumbs up to argan oil; it nourishes your hair with fatty acids that are just enough for them. Na kam na jyada. Just perfect.
  • Go for easy and comfortable hairstyles rather than complicated and tight ones which might not allow enough space for your hair to breathe.
  • When you go on a summer shopping spree for your hair, be sure to check out the information & tags on the product packaging – Go for shampoos, conditioners, masks, sprays, serums, oils, scalp scrubs, styling products that are sulfate-free & alcohol-free, and offer UV protection. Ingredients that should top your search list should be keratin, aloe vera & glycerine.
  • Ideally if you are gonna jump into the pool, make sure you cover your heads with swimming caps. And if you end up facing green hair issues on account of pool water exposure, keep baking soda handy for an after-pool hair rinse.
  • Go for a haircut with the onset of summer – the simplest technique to keep split-ends at bay.
  • Coconut oil, honey, lemon are some ingredients that need to come into your DIY masks since they provide natural protection in the blazing heat.
  • Stay away from hair lightening products as colouring, chemicals can make your hair further prone to UV damage and making the cuticle look rougher. The temperature rise leads to further hair loss and cause of concern in many.
  • Last but not the least, pamper yourself with a scalp massage. It will offer the much-needed relaxation for your stressed summer tresses.

With the help of these easy DIY summer hacks, your hair is bound to keep frizz and stickiness out of its way. Humidity affects the hydrogen bonds in your hair more than the salt bonds. The breakage is directly proportional to increase in humidity. Higher humidity calls for higher breaking of bonds.

Hence it becomes extremely crucial for you to have a balance between the moisture levels, hydration levels and sweat levels ensuring just enough water content for the hair and scalp. At any point where you feel the need for professional help, do not hesitate! Consulting a Trichologist and having a thorough diagnosis done can help steer clear all your hot weather hair worries.

Having said all of the above, anytime you feel the heat and your hair is facing the brunt of the season a bit too much, we are right here for your hair problems. Watch this space for more trivia on hair care and health.


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