Hair system is a non surgical hair restoration technique.

If you’re in the latent stage of hair loss, where there is a very large balding area to be covered, then our customized non-surgical hair replacement procedure could be the best option for you.

Our non-surgical hair replacement procedure allows you to achieve a head full of hair that looks natural, stylish and does not restrict your lifestyle. We have a special system for analyzing your hair and scalp and formulating a treatment plan for the end result that would suit your expectations in terms of age and style. Hence, you are able to achieve the desired look and get an uncompromising result with the non-surgical hair replacement procedure. But, before we begin any treatment it is important to understand- what is hair replacement.


The best feature of a hair system is the freedom it provides. There are no limitations or restrictions on lifestyle & routines, unlike when one uses wigs. One can play a sport, swim, ride bikes and do anything else one wants while wearing these. It is as close to natural hair as one can get!

Standard wigs use very visible black nets as base, that do not breathe. They are woven with hair that is made of nylon or synthetic fiber threads. It is a known fact that wigs remain fixed in style and look extremely unnatural.


There is no particular age at which irreversible hair loss strikes, and it is gender neutral as well. There are various reasons as well – hormonal imbalance, surrounding conditions, hair treatments you may have had and hereditary trends.

The key is to watch out for some signs that can sound like an ‘alert’ for you. Some common ones are – change in your hairline, noticeable thinning of hair, increase in shower/pillow hair & perhaps an itchy scalp. The earlier you detect, the better you can handle it.

Hair Systems – the most convenient, non-invasive, non-surgical, hassle-free solution to premature hair loss that’s irreversible. It can bring about a positive change in you, your look and be a big boost to your confidence.

Non-surgical hair replacement procedure is done to restore your hair to normal levels to match your lifestyle so that you enjoy natural-looking results and do not have to effect a change in your routine.

This non-surgical hair replacement or restoration procedure will give you a head full of hair, and allow you to carry on your routine hair activities like haircut, colouring and styling for the desired look.

Our replacement systems come with bases that are extremely light weight, thin and permeable, hence scalp remains well ventilated. The base is so fine that even when hair flips open with wind, your skin can be seen through it. Many celebrities use our hair systems as even the close camera shots cannot detect it!

The hair used in these systems are chemically treated human hair which do not tangle and can be styled like your own hair. It is the closest alternative to natural hair!


So why RichFeel Non-Surgical Hair Replacement System?

So how do you get the best non-surgical hair replacement therapy or a natural product that is both scientific and specific to your requirement? Overall, which product should you use which provides the non-surgical hair replacement therapy based on the analysis of your scalp and meets your specific requirements, so that you don’t have to suffer from non-surgical hair replacement side-effects anyhow?

Our team of experts would perform the analysis, take hair samples, and understand the specifications and scalp condition. This forms the basis for determining the right customized non-surgical hair replacement system for you. This data is then sent to our International Design Centre. The International Design Centre then puts together this data to prepare a prototype. Best materials for the base and the hair are sourced from around the world after which your-Richfeel non-surgical system is designed.

Quality checks ensure that you get the best in class product, which would define your final look. Once dispatched back to us, our specialists would perform the final fitting, blending the system and hair length with yours, giving you the ultimate look you desire.


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Non-surgical hair camouflage systems are made from a special derma base which acts and feels just like a second skin. It is infused with best quality human hair sourced from around the world.

The base is light and permeable thus allowing your scalp to breathe. It’s just like a second skin and seamlessly appears like one too. The hair infused into the system gives the effect of it growing right out of your scalp, just like your own natural hair would. The combined effect results in a product that not only looks natural but is comfortable and mostly undetectable to the world. Our Derma Hold technique of affixing the systems does not restrict your lifestyle.

Our team of experts and stylists would also give you maintenance tips to minimise any possible risk of non-surgical hair replacement side-effects and provide aftercare guidance. Thus, the complete procedure of non-surgical hair replacement enables you to make the most of this new look when it comes to styling. We would also you specially formulated for hair systems that would enhance your experience, in terms of comfort and styling. Thus, you have great looking hair that you would love to flaunt and live your life with no limits.



Hair transplant was a big decision for me. The rapid pace of hair loss was even more worrying. After several months of evaluation, I found the right solution with RichFeel. Dr. Shah’s immense experience in the field of trichology and the results of previous treatments have won my trust and today, when I look back, I feel that I’ve made the right decision. Trichologists at RichFeel are skilled and personally mentored by Dr. Shah. This, along with the art of hair transplant, is their secret. Expected results achieved, value for money.



Hair loss is a difficult phase to counter in life and I had my share of it too, but I’m happy that I got over it. This was possible because of the latest FUE technology. The process was painless and left no scars. Better still, I got to see what I was expecting. The results were fairly good and left no confusion in my mind about my looks. I thank the staff at RichFeel ™, who gave me a complete understanding of the process and the results that I was expecting



Baldness was a sinking feeling with each day passing by, till the time I discovered RichFeel ™. Happy to have fought hair loss. I owe a Big Thank You to RichFeel ™, for getting me the right fit of a system- that looks so real. The staff was very skillful with the measurements. With proper guidance, they helped me to manage my new found hair. The derma hold base is perfect and stays put for weeks together. Imagine people asking you what oil have you used to regrow your hair.





You can do all the daily routine work while wearing the hair system. When you consult our Trichologist, they will understand your lifestyle and daily routine, and prescribe a hair system that will suit you best.

A hair system should be replaced before it wears out. Good maintenance of the systems helps with longevity, but wear & tear comes into play in time. When the base frays, it may become visible to others – which you don’t want. Regular maintenance visits with a professional hair stylist, specifically trained to handle hair systems, would help the process.

With Richfeel we take into consideration your expectations for achieving the desired results through the non-surgical hair replacement. You can consult our team of specialists who can help you with the procedure.

We believe a non-surgical hair replacement solution requires skill and artistry. For it to look close to natural and stylish, it has to be perfect in order to blend in with your existing hair and to ensure that there are no non-surgical hair replacement side-effects.


What are Non-Surgicial Hair Replacement Systems?

All you need to know about the most advanced, hassle-free, convenient, non-invasive, non-surgical solution to premature hair loss, that’s irreversible.

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