Hair Analysis

“Trichoanalysis of the hair i.e. “Trichogram” is a great tool to study hair loss. It helps with absolute quantification of abnormal or normal hair loss.”
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A Measure Of Your Health. HTMA test provides great insights to problems relating to hair.
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Capilloscopy is the physical check-up of the hair and scalp, done with the help a capilloscope, to determine the physical state of the hair and scalp and assess the conditions.
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The Hair Clinic in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Bangalore etc would help in solving all your hair and scalp worries.
Based on treatments they provide they are further divided into Hair Clinics for hair treatment for hair fall, hair thinning, dandruff, greying etc and HAIR restoration clinics for Hair Loss problems which basically deals with hair transplantation and hair systems to treat advanced cases of baldness.

Hair Clinics generally consists of an expert Trichologists who is a specialist in dealing with all the hair and scalp problems.There is a specific way of treating patients who have got hair and scalp problems.First of all a detailed history of the patient is taken to understand his concern and also to understand the causative factors of his hair problem so that he can be treated in the best possible manner.

There are two types of examinations which a trichologists performs to get first hand information about the hair problem of the patient which includes physical examination and capilloscopic examination.

Physical examination is done, in which the trichologist examines the hair and the scalp physically. The trichologist understands the hair and scalp condition with the naked eyes and also performs the hair pull tests to know the strength of the existing hair. Through this examination the trichologists also gets to know if the patient is experiencing hairfall or hair breakages so that the correct line of treatment can be started.Capilloscopic examination helps in giving a magnified view of the hair and the scalp so that the hair and scalp problem can be known in the best possible manner. This examination further helps in making the right diagnosis and also helps in starting the correct line of treatment in most of the cases.

Also certain tests are performed on the hair and its roots to further decide the line of treatment. These tests include the Trichoanalysis test, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) and the Hair Dx Test.Trichoanalysis test is performed to check your hair for any root and shaft damage. Nowadays we see a lot hair concerns due to pollution, toxicity etc around us, all of which affects our hair. This test helps rule out damages due to external factors. It also helps analyse the growth to fall ratio, the weakness at the root & the shaft level, and also the keratin content of the hair. HTMA is a test which helps in knowing the nutritional content of the body’s tissue, toxic heavy metals, the ratio of nutrients to heavy metal toxins and also helps in knowing the metabolic type of the body.

Hair Dx test is a wonderful test which helps in finding out about the genetic hair loss much before it arises in males and it also guides in starting the correct line of treatment in those women who have started with genetic hair loss problem.So based on the above reports which are relevant for your hair problems a line of treatment is designed for you which you need to follow sincerely to get the best results.

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