25 . December . 2017 BY Dr. Sharmishtha Deshpande

Everyone desires long and shiny hair. We often do hot oil massage at home to have thick and healthy locks. Still, it may not be enough to help your hair grow faster and longer.

Your hair needs a keratin treatment instead. Keratin is the key structural material which forms a single strand of hair. It is the most abundant protein present in the cells of an individual hair strand.
You need vitamins and foods to improve keratin production in your hair. So, you also need a proper diet to grow your hair faster and stronger.

Here are some superfoods which you can include to boost your hair growth and its health.

1. Spinach, green vegetables and citrus foods

Spinach is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C which helps, in promoting growth. The antioxidants in Spinach help in avoiding hair damage. Iron is a very important and essential mineral that our hair cell requires. If Iron is less in our body, it can hinder the transport of oxygen and nutrients to hair follicles. This can inhibit the growth and make the hair strands weak. Eventually, it can lead to hair loss and dry, brittle hair.
Citrus foods should be consumed to feed hair with Vitamin C, which help build collagen. Vitamin C also aids in iron absorption in the body.

Directions For Use

• You can consume Blueberries, Broccoli, Guava, Orange, Kiwi, and dark green leafy vegetables including spinach, kale and lettuce. Include them as a part of your regular diet.
• Prefer to have these fruits and vegetables raw for maximum nutrition.

2. Nuts

They contain omega-3 fatty acids which help nourish your hair and make it grow thicker and stronger. Your body cannot produce these healthy fats on its own, so you need to supplement with the diet. You can have almonds and walnuts. You can also depend on ground flax seeds for omega-3.

Directions For Use

• Almond oil has a considerable amount of vitamin A and vitamin E; both needed to nourish the scalp.
• There are omega-3 and ground flax seeds available in the market.
• Almonds, walnuts and flax seeds can be added to breakfast cereals, smoothies, or can be had raw.
• Have about ten almonds in a day and 2-3 walnuts per day.

3. Whole Grains

They are naturally rich in biotin and also have iron, zinc and vitamin B to support complete nourishment of hair. Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that promotes good scalp health as well. A deficiency of biotin may lead to brittle hair.

Directions For Use

• Include whole-grain salads, whole-grain bread, whole-grain pasta, brown rice, barley, etc., in your daily diet.
• Have these whole-grain ingredients on a rotational basis, like one day have whole-grain bread (two slices) during breakfast and the next day have whole-grain pasta for breakfast.
• The thumb-rule is – never have more of any one thing as it can cause problems such as stomach disorders or weight gain. For example, do not have too much bread or too much pasta in a day, even if it means a healthy source like whole-grains.

4. Carrots

They are a rich source of vitamin A and help in improvement of sebum (skin oils) production, needed to protect your hair, naturally moisturise it and keep it supple. Also, lack of vitamin A can lead to hair loss.

Directions For Use

• Grate about 1-2 carrots and mix it with yoghurt to relish the taste.
• You have an option to eat raw carrots or consume it as you like it in salads and other dishes.

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a very dependable amino acid (building blocks of protein) source and contains proteolytic enzymes, which work to improve your scalp health and increase hair growth.Use Aloe Vera to heal your scalp, curb hair fall or prevent hair shredding, and maintain thick hair locks. It also has vitamins, minerals and protein in high content to nourish your hair follicles and hair.

Directions For Use

• Opt for an Aloe Vera Hair Shampoo which is a natural conditioner for your hair and helps moisturise them for a healthy shine and natural growth. The Aloe Vera is full of nutrients and helps in keeping the hair hydrated.
Thus our diet plays a vital role in promoting hair growth. For more details on how to take better care of your hair, you can visit the RichFeel Clinic. Our team of experts would be happy to guide you!


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