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Sometimes no matter how hard you try, you are bound to suffer from hair problems like they look out of the place or they are falling terribly and distributed all around the place. This can even happen when you have an important event or party to attend and so it becomes really difficult to deal with them then.

So coping up with your bad hair days will no more stand as a big challenge in front of you as all you need to do is understand the points elaborated here properly and also follow it religiously. Finally, you will be able to deal with your bad hair days in a more lucrative manner.

Tips for hair growth 1 – Take the right care of your hair as per its need.

It is really important to take the right care which can be best told to you by your trichologist after examining your hair and scalp and also going through your hair and scalp analysis report.

The hair care regime that you have to follow will be based on the need for your hair and scalp. For instance, if you have done a chemical treatment on your hair like coloring or straightening then you have to go for a deep conditioning treatment at least twice a week to maintain it.

Tips for hair growth 2 – It is really important to use the right products on your hair as well as scalp based on its needs and its type.

This can be best suggested by the trichologist but the products that you use on the hair and scalp should be natural and should not have any form of harmful chemicals which can affect the hair in the long run.

Tips for hair growth 3 – Get a good haircut that can keep you on during the bad hair days

Sometimes just a good haircut can help you to manage your hair in a better way. One should do a hair cut based on the hair type, face shape, and lifestyle.

Tips for hair growth 4 – You also need to follow certain brushing tips.

Make sure that you never comb your hair when they are wet and also don’t use a brush for your hair. One should always use a wide-toothed comb made up of rosemary wood.

Want to know more about Hair loss Tips and remedies for fast Growth of healthy HAIR, Hair-loss and regrowth treatment, techniques to grow hair then make sure to take a good treatment after visiting a trichologist who will prescribe you based on your hair problems.

Let’s start reading every tip for hair loss remedies one by one by going through this article carefully.

  1. Hair oil massage is the most traditional way to grow hair naturally according to most of our ancestors but this is far from the truth. Massage stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp and helps in relieving stress and it also acts as a conditioner for the hair helping the hair to become more manageable. A gentle massage in circular movements will give you a very calming and soothing effect. You can also use almond, castor, olive, amla oil or other oil-based on your hair and scalp type.
  2. Drinking aloe vera juice is one of the very good tips for hair growth. Consume it every day on an empty stomach in the morning for better hair growth. It is best to have aloe vera juice with lukewarm water along with improving hair health it is also observed to give many health benefits one of it is relieving constipation.
  3. The deficiency of Vitamin C can cause hair loss as well. Amla is a good source of vitamin C which helps in gaining hair and recovering from hair loss which is due to deficiency of Vit C. Also it helps in building your immunity and helps in fighting back autoimmune hair problems. Its anti-bacterial and exfoliating properties can help maintain a healthy scalp and promotes hair growth. Drinking orange juice is also very good as it is a rich source of vitamin C. An essential tip for hair growth is drinking juices of fresh fruits like sweet lime, pineapple, pomegranate, and watermelon is very good for the shine of hair.

These homemade remedies will surely help you to grow hair naturally.

Other than these a healthy diet for your Hair is very important. A diet that consists of nutritional food helps you to get beautiful long hair along with its glowing skin comes complementary with it. Increase intake of more fruits, green leafy veggies, and dairy products in your diet. Use Brahmi packs for your hair rather than using expensive hair masks and packs. Avoid products that have chemicals in it and rather go natural for the hair.

Tips for hair growth can be found in abundance online also in all languages and you also find many people around you sharing with you hair tips for free but what is better for your hair and suitable for your hair type can be best decided by the hair doctor after the doctor thoroughly examines your hair and scalp.

If you are tired of your hair problems and are still looking out for the best possible tips for hair growth then you need to check out with a trichologist at RichFeel clinic which has branches all over India in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and other parts of India. Visit your nearest branch today to treat your hair and scalp problems in the best possible way. Hair fall is one of the serious concerns which can not be taken lightly so get started right away…

Myths revealed…

One of the very common myths that most of us share with regards to how to increase the growth of the hair is that when the hair is tied too tight it increases the growth of the hair. It is for sure that tying hair too tight will not increase hair growth, it can lead to traction alopecia in the long run so one should not follow it.

Also, many people feel that if they apply oil continuously then their hair growth would increase subsequently which is once again a myth.

Oiling the scalp will nourish the scalp and also condition it but it will by no means increase the growth of the hair if it is applied continuously in fact if it is kept for a very long time it may lead to dandruff. If you are interested in knowing about how to increase the growth of the hair then it is better that you meet the trichologist who will first examine your case and then give you the right guidance.


A good diet and right hair supplements increase hair growth – As we feel that hair is an external organ it may not be related to the diet and supplements that we have regularly. What one needs to understand is that hair growth can be compared to the growth of a plant which simply means that if it is watered and fertilized well it will grow in the best way. The same logic can also be applied to hair growth.

External treatments increase hair growth – Many of the patients visit the trichologist with a query as to how to increase the growth of the hair and for them, Anagrow treatment stands to be the best answer. You can experience faster and longer Hair Growth every month with Anagrow treatment after six months of treatment. Also for the patients who have undergone surgical procedures in the past can get fast hair growth post-transplant after anagrow treatment.

The treatment is termed as surgical anagrow for them and the sittings are stretched over a year to get desired results. The details of the treatment can be best revealed with the help of the trichologist so make sure to meet the trichologist to get the best results.

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