Laser Facial Hair Removal – Benefits, Treatment, Side Effects, Cost

Laser facial hair removal is a choice that most modern day people are making to get rid of unwanted body hair. It is one of the most convenient techniques to get rid of excess body hair for a long time and thus is appealing to working professional who have busy lifestyle. Usually Women reach out for laser facial hair removal to get rid of hair on upper lip, chin or sidelock, and to have smooth facial skin. However due to increased demand of grooming in corporate industry even men have started trying permanent hair removal techniques to get rid of excess facial hair, and have well defined moustache or bearded look. Laser facial hair removal can show long lasting results and reduce the hassle to frequently shave off unwanted hair. In this article you will learn how laser facial hair removal technique works, its benefits and also side effects associated with it so that you can make an informed decision.

What to Expect During Laser Facial Hair Removal

Laser facial hair removal technique is a hassle-free and convenient method of hair removal. It reduces hair growth and shows effective hair reduction if done correctly. Laser facial hair removal is performed using a pulsating beam of light that passes through the skin layers and targets the hair follicle. The heat of the light beam then destroys the hair follicles and makes the hair weak which then falls out. The damaged hair follicle loses its ability to produce any further hair for a long time and sometimes it results in permanent hair reduction.

Here is what you can expect at your session for laser facial hair removal,

  • The technician will examine the facial hair to be removed and trim it if necessary to maintain a length of few millimetres.
  • You will be asked to cover your eyes with a protective eye gear throughout the procedure
  • The technician will apply a special gel on the skin surface that helps to penetrate the laser beam into the deeper skin layers to target the hair follicle.
  • The technician will adjust the laser instrument as per the location of hair, thickness, and also the colour of hair & skin.
  • Before starting the actual laser facial hair removal treatment the technician will try one pulsating beam to check if any untoward side effect occurs. If it is works fine, facial hair removal with laser beam will be continued.
  • Some local anaesthetic may be applied to reduce the discomfort during process. However, this may not be needed with the new technology RF ICE CUBE 2.0 offered by Richfeel as it has a unique in-built cooling system in place which is based on water cold sapphire.

Benefits of Laser Facial Hair Removal

For years women have relied on hair removal methods such as waxing, threading, plucking or shaving. However, all of these methods are time consuming, need a visit to the salon and also give short-lived results. Taking into consideration today’s fast paced lifestyle especially for working people the conventional hair removal technique do not seem feasible. Laser facial hair removal thus presents an effective, time saving and convenient method to remove unwanted hair present on chin, upper lip, and side lock.

The benefits of laser facial hair removal include,

  • Reduction in facial hair growth with long lasting effect on areas such as chin, upper lip, side lock, and forehead in women
  • In men laser removal of facial hair helps to get defined moustache and beard
  • Laser technique can target the specific location for hair without causing severe damage to surrounding skin
  • This treatment saves a lot of time for women as laser treatment done in couple of session reduces need for regular hair removal or visit to salons for waxing or plucking
  • In men laser treatment saves a lot of time daily otherwise spent in shaving and trimming facing hair

To add to the benefits of laser treatment, Richfeel now offers laser facial hair removal using RF ICE CUBE 2.0! Cool Brush Hair reduction Technology. It is an innovative technique brought to India for the first time and offers the most effective, quick and pain less laser facial hair removal with maximum comfort. Here are some benefits of this new laser facial hair removal technique.

  1. Reduces time take for laser facial hair removal
    The new RF ICE CUBE 2.0 has a large spot size & better gliding motion that shows deep penetration into the facial hair. This shows best results in the least amount of time as compared to other machines.
  2. Does not cause discomfort during hair removal
    Laser facial hair removal procedures can cause side effects such as redness, swelling and pain in some cases. This is more common in laser treatment for upper lip, chin or sidelock portion on face. However, the latest RF ICE CUBE 2.0 provides exceptional ease during the span of the treatment. The new technology has a unique cool system in place which is based on water cold sapphire that prevents injuries to other tissues.
  3. Quick Recovery
    After undergoing laser facial hair removal with RF ICE CUBE 2.0 you can resume to daily chores almost immediately. The procedure does not need a lot of time for recovering after the treatment.
  4. Works well for all facial skin types
    RF ICE CUBE 2.0 effectively works on all skin types and is also suitable for facial hair treatment of darker skin. It shows a minimal risk of causing burns on the darker skin.
  5. Effective results
    The new technology uses high energy (2000 watts) beam to efficiently remove the most stubborn hair using extra-long pulse width. This is most beneficial in removal of thick hair on the chin, upper lip and on the side locks. A large spot size helps in deep penetration resulting in shorter treatment time / sitting with effective facial hair removal.

How To Prepare For Laser Facial Hair Removal

Once you decide to go for laser facial hair removal, you need to go through a check-list of things to do and understand about laser treatment

  • Understand how laser facial hair removal techniques work: It is always better to understand how the technique works and what should you expect at the laser treatment session so that you are prepared and can co-operate well during the procedure.
  • Look for a professional trichology clinic: Since the laser beam passes through the layers of skin it is possible that it may cause some damage to the skin. This why it is always recommended to get laser facial hair removal at a reliable and professional clinic.
  • Analyse your skin tone and hair colour: The laser facial hair removal usually works best with lighter skin that has darker hair because the laser beam is likely to be absorbed by the melanin pigment. More amount of melanin in darker hair absorbs more light energy and destroys the hair follicle. You should keep this mind so that you are ready to accept the outcome of laser therapy based on your facial skin tone and colour of hair.
  • Protection of eyes: The laser lights used during laser facial hair removal can be extremely hazardous to eyes and hence you need to wear an appropriate eye protection.
  • Discuss your medical history and disclose if you are taking any medication that may interfere with the process
  • Take out time for your session: Hair removal on upper lip, chin or other part of the face may take few minutes whereas hair removal of parts with excess hair may take several hours. Plan your visit for the session accordingly.
  • Have some time for recovery: You facial skin needs to be protected for sun exposure for a few days or even weeks. Make necessary arrangement beforehand with respect to your outdoor travel, sunscreen use, and other sun protective measures.
  • Take some picture of yourself before starting your therapy so that you can compare you looks to review the results after the therapy is complete
  • Plan your finances: Laser facial hair removal is relatively an expensive procedure. But, since it is one time investment in your grooming routine, you can plan your finances beforehand.

Recovery and Risks

Laser hair removal can leave your skin looking red for about two days after the treatment. You may be advised to wear moisturisers and protect your skin from sun exposure for a few days. The swelling and redness can be managed by using cold compresses and ice packs. During your recovery time and till your next session which could be after a month, it is best to wear sunscreen most of the time. The most common risk or side effects of laser facial hair removal include,

  • Skin irritation
  • Redness and swelling
  • Pain at the site of hair removal
  • Uneven colour distribution on face due to darkening or lightening of skin
  • Blistering, crusting or scarring of skin may occur in rare cases
  • Risk of eye injury if proper eye protection is not used

However, with latest RF ICE CUBE 2.0 offered by Richfeel most of these risks are reduced to make facial hair removal very comfortable.

Cost of Laser Facial Hair Removal

Cost of laser facial hair removal depends on the amount of hair to be removed and location of body part. The cost may also be different based on the laser instrument used. To know the cost of laser facial hair removal in your case book an appointment and meet our experts.

Side Effects of Laser Facial Hair Removal

Although laser hair removal is an efficient method to get rid of excess facial or body hair, it can be associated with some unwanted side effects.

  1. Burning of skin
    The laser beam is of high energy and is absorbed by the pigment in the hair. This may cause the surrounding skin to be affected and get burned. The burning of skin is more common in people with dark skin as high levels of pigment tend to absorb more heat.
  2. Skin lightening or darkening
    Facial laser treatment may stimulate the production of pigment melanin and result in darkening of skin. On the other hand, in some people the laser beam may reduce the production of melanin and result in lightening in of skin in surrounding area. Either way, the laser facial treatment may end up giving uneven colour patches on skin.
  3. Itching of skin
    Itching is common after laser treatment. It may also result in redness and rashes.
  4. Pain at the site
    Tingling pain at the site of treatment especially during laser hair removal of upper lip and other delicate areas is common. With latest technology like RF ICE CUBE 2.0 offered by Richfeel the pain or tingling is much lesser.
  5. Risk of skin infection
    Although very rare, skin infection is a serious side effect of laser treatment as it may require further treatment with antibiotics.

Facts About Laser Facial Hair Removal Treatment

Laser facial hair removal is undoubtedly an effective and convenient method to reduce frequency of hair removal. However, it is best to do a fact check about this facial hair removal treatment before taking decision to consider it.

  1. Laser treatment on face can show unwanted side effects
    Although you may expect a hairless smooth facial skin post laser therapy, you will also have to be ready to see some redness and swelling. Skin irritation, rashes, and itching are common side effects of facial laser treatment.
  2. The facial hair removal with laser may not be permanent
    Most laser treatment providers claim that laser facial treatment results in permanent hair removal. However, the fact is laser treatment reduces the growth of hair and may not permanently remove it.
  3. Success of treatment may vary based on your skin type
    The success of hair removal with laser depends on skin colour, hair colour, texture, thickness and location of hair. Most laser treatments show best results on lighter skin. However latest laser technology like RF ICE CUBE 2.0 works well with all skin types.
  4. Laser hair removal is an expensive affair
    Laser treatment is relatively expensive than other conventional hair removal methods.
  5. You need to protect your skin for few days or weeks
    Laser treated facial skin needs to be protected from sun exposure for several week or until your next session.
  6. You may need multiple treatment sessions
    Depending upon the amount of hair, thickness and texture of hair, you may need more than one session to complete your laser treatment.
  7. The result is not immediate
    It is important to note that it takes two to three weeks for the laser treated hair follicles to shed off and so the result can be seen at that time.

Disadvantages of Laser Facial Hair Removal

Laser facial hair removal comes with some risks and side effects. The disadvantages associated with laser treatment include,

  • Possibility of side effects such as injuries, infection, skin rashes
  • Risk of skin lightening or darkening on face
  • Possibility of hair regrowth and need for re treatment
  • Expensive procedure
  • Risk of eye injury during the procedure

The Types of Laser Used in This Treatment
Different types of laser used for facial hair removal treatment include,

Ruby lasers: Ruby lasers are the oldest type of lasers that were used previously for retinal surgeries. These lasers emit heat before and after each blast and so the procedure causes minimal pain. The light emitted by ruby lasers can be absorbed by pigment melanin in hair and thus it can be effectively for hair removal. Facial hair can be precisely targeted and it does not cause much harm to surrounding skin. The ruby laser treatment is often recommended for people with a lighter skin.

Alaxandrite lasers: Alexandrite lasers show deeper penetration and are used for hair removal treatments for a wide range of skin and hair colours. The light emitted by these lasers results in minimal re-growth of facial hair as the heat produced damages the hair follicles.

Diode laser: This is the most popular type of laser used in hair removal treatment. It causes effective hair removal without causing any damage to the surrounding skin.

Nd:YAG. Neodymium’ the Nd:YAG laser is also known as a long pulse laser. This laser can be used effectively for hair removal on all kinds of skin. It is very effective and can also treat large areas without any discomfort.

The modern laser hair removal systems use different lasers and wavelength setting to cause effective hair removal from all skin types. RF ICE CUBE 2.0 uses has high energy (2000 watts) to efficiently remove the most stubborn hair using extra-long pulse width giving excellent results as compared to other machines.

Pre-Laser Treatment Precautions

  • Before going for laser hair removal, you need to limit plucking, waxing, and electrolysis for at least six weeks before treatment
  • You are also advised to avoid sun exposure for six weeks before and after treatment. Sun exposure can make the laser hair removal less effective and increase the chances of complications
  • Make sure to check the setting and try one pulsating beam to check if any unwanted side effect occurs

Post Laser Treatment Precautions

  • You will be advised to use the cold ice packs or some cooling gels on the skin area that has been under the laser to reduce redness or discomfort if any
  • After the laser treatment it is also advised to protect your skin for a few weeks with a sunscreen
  • Be ready for possible hair shedding few weeks after treatment. The actual result may be seen then

Laser Facial Hair Removal For Men

Laser Hair removal in men is not as common as in women because most men do not want to get rid of all the facial hair. However, hair removal in specific facial area gives more defined look on moustache and beard. Considering the busy lifestyle of working men and to save time invested in shaving daily, laser facial hair removal for men seems like a feasible option. Laser facial hair removal also reduces the risk of irritation and folliculitis that occurs due to repetitive shaving.

Laser Facial Hair Removal For Women

Laser facial hair removal for women is the most feasible and time saving option. It reduces the hassle of frequent threading, waxing or plucking unwanted hair on upper lip or chin. The conventional methods such as plucking stimulate the hair root to go into growing phase and results in thicker hair growth. On the other hand, laser facial hair removal in women can prevent hair growth after about 4 to 6 treatment sessions.

Looking for best permanent facial hair removal? Try the latest technology offered by RichFeel. Book Appointment now!


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