28 . February . 2020 BY Dr. Sharmishtha Deshpande

When it comes to a receding hairline or a visible scalp patch and how it makes you feel… let’s just say it’s not quite what you would want for yourself. And it is perhaps one of the most overbearing things on your mind when you step out… every single day.

Question is, should you resign to feeling so?… Or should you do something about it?
What are your options?

With the advancements in the field of Trichology, and with Trichologists being so accessible, offering you a range of solutions like never before, you don’t have to endure the hairline or the feeling.

One of the surefire options available to help deal with irreversible hair loss is hair replacement systems. They are hassle-free and quick to turn around! Hair systems today are so advanced, both in terms of artistry & technology, that they are virtually undetectable.

However, there are many myths around the safety of using hair systems, the danger it may pose to your existing hair, the accessories to use or not use, and the supposed disadvantages of using such systems.

The topic we have picked to discuss this week on our Ask the Hair Experts series is hence this. Given the number of queries we get on this front, we felt we should clarify many of these myths, and bring about awareness on what is safe or unsafe in this whole process!

You asked, ‘Are Hair Replacement Systems safe? Will they affect my scalp skin and exiting hair?

Here’s the answer from the Hair Experts.
Hair Systems are absolutely safe!
However! It should be customised for your hair and scalp condition, your lifestyle needs and under the guidance of a medical professional. Trichologist is the right person to guide you on this!

Let’s deep-dive here ‘cos it is important to understand what hair systems aim to achieve, what kind of systems & accessories are safe/unsafe for use and how to go about it all.

When you go about it the right way, non- surgical hair replacement systems can be incredibly useful, transforming the way you look and feel. It is, however, important to choose the perfect hair system that suits your needs, suits your lifestyle and the look that you want to achieve. When the process is undertaken without taking into consideration some of these important factors, things go wrong, and misconceptions are formed.

We will first have a quick recap on what a hair system is, to start with.

What are Hair Replacement Systems? What is the purpose served?

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems are a great solution to anyone who is suffering from advanced stages of MPT or FPT, is balding and wants a quick head full of hair that looks and feels natural. It is also often used by those suffering from alopecia. It is the most convenient, non-invasive,non-surgical, hassle-free solution to premature hair loss, that’s irreversible.

People have been using different types of wigs or hair extensions to either hide or cover their baldness and also to establish their designation in society, for a long time. However, non-surgical hair restoration technique is a very evolved, advanced solution to solve the same problem! They are very unlike wigs, that is awfully rudimentary and unsophisticated.

Hair Systems are mostly made of human or synthetic hair, hand-woven onto a base that could be of lace, synthetic ‘skin’ membrane or a material called a monofilament. It is then affixed on the head using skin-friendly adhesive, tape or clips. The hair is then trimmed to blend in with existing hair if any. This is basically to make it undetectable! At least, that’s the idea! But as with any hand-crafted accessory, unless you go about choosing it right for yourself, you may end up with a not-so-great quality system, that doesn’t look or feel right!

The best of Hair Systems are constructed on special ‘lace’ derma bases like the Swiss Lace derma base, using treated natural human hair and affixed using high-quality accessories. Be it a hair patch or a full hair system, it is customised to tailor-fit you, camouflaging with the existing hair on your head. It is particularly designed to perfectly fit you, complimenting your face structure, matching your hair colour, density & texture, thus rendering it absolutely natural and completely undetectable.

The desired result is achieved when the choice of system is made under the guidance of a medical professional (to ensure all of it is done in your hair & health’s best interest!) and styled on you by a trained hairstylist.

Both men and women can opt for this treatment. Since it is non-surgical in nature, many concerns in terms of surgery-readiness need not be looked into. Young or old, ailing or healthy – anyone can opt for this solution. There is no ‘recovery’ involved in this process and it does not restrict lifestyle in any manner. In fact, hair systems are recommended for cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy too. It helps boost their confidence and help them stay positive as they fight out the disease.

Misconceptions and myths about Hair Systems

There are certainly many misconceptions and myths around hair systems. There is also the question of safety often raised.

Unfortunately, given the rising popularity of systems, and the multitude of ‘hair experts’ at every salon, people end up going for hair systems without taking into consideration some very key factors. When this happens, the desired results are not achieved. And worse, the existing hair and scalp are affected. A conclusion is then drawn that hair systems at large are unsafe.

Today we will address the top 5 myths around hair systems, which will largely clarify the matter.

  1. Myth – They are the same as wigs.
    Fact – They are most definitely not!

    They serve the same purpose, yes. But that is where the similarity stops. Your hair system can end up looking like an ill-fitting wig though if you buy it online on your own without looking into all those delicate factors you are supposed to keep in mind!!

    Let us state very clearly that Hair Replacement Systems are NOT the same as wigs.

    Systems are customised, use seamless derma base that breathes and is like a second skin. They are fully breathable, feather-light, barely even visible to the naked eye and are constructed to fit your actual head. The base is so much like your own scalp, even when your hair flips in the wind exposing it, no one’s gonna know!

    The traditional wig is a one-size-fits-all deal bought off the shelf. It always comes with a heavy, bulky base that ends up irritating your scalp. The hair often ends up looking matted, and knotty! Do read our earlier blog on wigs, hair systems and how they are poles apart from each other!

  2. Myth – They get hot and itchy.
    Fact – Wigs get hot and itchy. Not Systems!

    Wigs, as mentioned above, are made with material that isn’t always skin-friendly. They are heavy, the base doesn’t breathe and this ends up making the person wearing it feel very hot, itchy and uncomfortable beyond a certain time of wear.

    Hair systems, on the other hand, are dermatologically tested, skin-friendly, extremely light and porous. The base is permeable and thus allows your scalp to breathe. You can thus continue to wear it over days at a stretch! You actually forget that there is an attachment on your head! This is especially true for the Swiss Lace systems.

  3. Myth – They are unsafe for the scalp and hair around it. It can cause further hair loss.
    Fact – They are absolutely safe. Go by the guidance of a Trichologist and be rest assured of your hair & scalp health.

    The likeliness of this happening is if you do not take into account certain key factors while getting yourself a hair system. Your hair system is a very personal accessory which while serves a cosmetic purpose, can affect your hair and scalp if you are careless.

    It is hence recommended to consult a trichologist and go by the doctor’s advice for your hair system. He/she will examine your hair and scalp condition, ensure that you do not have any contra-indicative condition and recommend the system that will best fit your needs.

    When you with reputed brands you are assured of medical-grade products and equipment, pH neutral materials, dermatologically tested, conforming to surgical standards, that do not cause allergic reactions. The process will be carried out following due diligence and your safety will not be jeopardised.

    You will be further guided on how to take care of your system and your hair/scalp. Discomfort, irritation and such other concerns arise when you do not follow basic hygiene measures. Your hair system needs to be maintained with care, just as you would take care of your normal hair.

    As regards hair loss while using hair systems – this can happen when the attachments used or the way it is attached is not right. Hair bonding, using the wrong type of attachment, or of poor quality, and if the adhesive is too strong, it can create a concern.

    If you take due care in choosing where and under whose guidance you are getting this process done, you have nothing to worry about. Professionalism and expertise is key. Remember that.

  4. Myth – You have to keep removing and re-wearing Hair Systems when you sleep, shower, work out or go out in sun every time.
    Fact – True for wigs. Not for systems. You can do all of the above and more while wearing hair systems!

    A well-made hair replacement, like RichFeel’s revolutionary customisable Swiss Lace hair systems made with human hair, will not just look natural but feel and behave like your own hair. It does not require any modification to your routine lifestyle. You can go gymming, go for a swim, take a shower, sleep and go on a beach or desert vacation wearing it! You can opt for different types of attachments to help you manoeuvre your days and weeks as you wish. For instance, clip attachment lets you remove and re-wear your systems as you desire; tapes let you run through a few days at a stretch without worry and there are also other solutions that let you remain in the system for a few weeks even.

    If you are someone who is into very heavy physical activity, you will be accordingly advised to keep two hair systems at hand, so that you are able to handle the maintenance as well with ease, without any interruptions. It eases your life and ensures that your system stays secure, hygienic and looks great all year round. With proper care, hair systems can last long and remain fresh-looking. And no, it’s not difficult to maintain. Which brings us to our next point.

  5. Myth – They are high maintenance and difficult to handle.
    Fact – Maintaining a hair system is very easy and it’s perhaps the most hassle-free solution for hair restoration there is!

    Hair systems are easy to maintain, and good quality ones are even more hassle-free. They do need some care which you will be advised on. As long as you follow those tips, you are sorted! Do read our blog with easy tips on maintaining hair systems.

    This apart, when you have the process done through a trichology clinic, you are offered regular maintenance support and periodical review with the trichologist – to check both your system and hair!

The right hair replacement system can be a life-changing experience for you. You can style the systems the way you want, choose any colour or length and customise it completely to give you a natural look of your choice. Our earlier blog on this topic, The ultimate guide to choosing the perfect non-surgical hair system can be of some help too, to run you through the process.

When you go through the replacement process at a reputed clinic, a certified Trichologist will take your measurements and help select the right system with the right base, attachments and style appropriate for you. He/she will ensure that whatever is chosen will not harm you, your hair & scalp in any way. You can have an open discussion, to address all your queries, be it on safety or maintenance, before you go ahead with it.

Clinics also have professional hairstylists specifically trained to tailor-fit hair systems, unlike your salon stylists. Further, when you are involved through a clinic, every month the Trichologist will personally check your scalp, and even recommend localized treatment care to help maintain the hygiene of the scalp.

Trust we have addressed those questions that have been clouding your mind about Hair Systems!

You are all set if you have understood when to go for it (the earlier the better!), how to choose the right one (to suit you & your lifestyle!), have it customised (don’t buy it online or off-the-shelf!) and maintain it right (which is very simple!).

More queries? Check out our answers to some FAQs. And remember, we are just a call away!

With that, we sign off for now! For more on hair systems and for all things ‘Hair’, do follow our blogs on hair loss, hair transplant, hair care, treatments and interesting hair trivia!

Connect with us on social media on the links below. Do leave your questions & comments and we will address them all, just as we have done today!



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