25 . February . 2019 BY Dr. Sharmishtha Deshpande

As we know, hair loss is widespread, bordering on ‘common occurrence’, but having said that, it is a very personal experience for everyone, causing a lot of anxiety. It is sometimes termed the ‘cosmetic death’ for both men and women and impacts their self-confidence and pride. Every person feels differently, and the experience is unique – starting with hair thinning, to diffuse hair loss, female or male pattern baldness or even alopecia. The key is to watch out for the signs.

Earlier, people didn’t have many options to cover their receding hairlines, thin hair volume or baldness. But now, due to technological advancements, there are many hair restoration techniques and camouflaging options available.

One of the most popular choices is the non- surgical hair replacement system. It is incredibly useful and can transform the way you look and feel. It is important to choose the perfect hair system that suits your needs, suits your lifestyle and the look that you want. Our earlier blog on this topic, The ultimate guide to choosing the perfect non-surgical hair system will help you make an ideal choice for yourself.

While you are considering hair systems as an option, lets quickly run through some questions which we may be clouding your mind. These are the most frequently asked questions on hair systems!

1) I don’t want anyone to stare at me or know that I am wearing a hair system. Is it possible?

Nowadays, hair systems have advanced so much technologically and artistically, that they are impossible to detect. Moreover, nowadays the base material being used is so light and breathable, that it looks and feels like skin, with hair coming right out of the scalp. The latest derma base hair systems are feather light, skin friendly, cause no discomfort and are extremely easy to maintain. Skilled hair specialists can match the hair systems to your existing style, say as per your look from a photo even, and accordingly give you a maintenance plan. So yes! It is possible to have absolutely undetectable hair systems.

2) How many hair systems will I need?

The number ideally depends on the type of hair system that you use and your lifestyle. If you have a very physically active daily routine, you would require to maintain it more frequently. Some hair clinics recommend starting with two, rotating them; wear a fresh one when other is in maintenance. Maintaining a hair system is very important to ensure longevity. So, yes, two hair systems at a time would thus be most ideal.

3) How often do I need to change my hair system?

A hair system should be replaced before it wears out. Good maintenance of the systems helps with longevity, but wear & tear comes into play in time. When the base frays, it may become visible to others – which you don’t want. Regular maintenance visits with a professional hair stylist, specifically trained to handle hair systems, would help the process.

4) Why is it necessary to use custom-made hair systems?

A custom-made hair system measures your head and creates a mould accordingly. It can be created strand by strand to match your density and hairline. Moreover, a custom-made system can be cut, coloured and styled as per your skin tone, the shape of your face and to suit your lifestyle. You can even choose a system with grey hair!

5) Will I be able to style or blow dry my hair system?

Absolutely. You can style your hair system the way you want it. A professional hair stylist, trained to handle hair systems, will help you style it right. They will also ensure that your own hair is also cut and styled to appear uniform, along with the hair system.

6) How much maintenance is really required?

Maintenance of hair systems depends upon how you care for it on day to day basis. Moreover, it also depends on the products you use and the condition of your scalp and hair, for instance, oily scalp. They are extremely easy to look after. You need to simply shampoo, condition, comb, style, use gel to perfect your new look. As mentioned above, your hair systems will last longer if you maintain it well. To get more maintenance tips, click here.

7) How are hair systems made of human hair different from that made with synthetic hair?

The difference is exactly that. Hair systems made with 100% human hair is ‘like your own’, easy to maintain, style and completely natural. Synthetic hair systems are mass produced, have limitations in terms of customisation and personalisation and are very much detectable! The material can also irritate your hair & scalp. It’s hence surely not something you should go for if you are wanting a natural look & feel.

8) Will using hair system & attachments damage my existing hair & scalp, and lead to further hair loss?!

A hair system that is customised to your hair & scalp condition, your lifestyle and needs, under due consultation with a Hair Doctor, will ensure that no such issue ever occurs! The quality of the attachments/ accessories used for the hair system is also very important. It needs to be very good quality that will not damage your hair and scalp. Buying systems off-the-shelf would not be advisable at all, in this background. Go to a reputed Hair Clinic, consult a specialised and go by their advice; for not just which system to choose for yourself, but also their advice on maintaining the system. A system that is kept clean and maintained well will last long and will not cause any concern to your hair & scalp health.

9) Can I purchase a hair system that I don’t need to remove every night? Can I sleep with my system on?

This is something which you can decide, in consultation with a hair doctor. You will need to decide whether you plan to take the system off every night or keep it on for weeks together. The base, type of hair system and accessories for attachment will accordingly be advised and also your maintenance schedule fixed accordingly.

And yes, you can sleep with your system on. You can take a shower, go for a swim and gym as well! The more advanced the hair system, the more you are at ease with your lifestyle. And for a hassle-free sleep in your system, our tip would be to use silk pillowcases instead of cotton ones!

10) How easy would it be for my hair system to fall off?!

A hair system that is properly attached using quality accessories, that is most suitable for your needs, will withstand your daily activities. The key factors here are what kind of system you have opted for, where you have chosen to get it from and what attachment accessories have been used. Go with a reputed clinic for your hair system and you have nothing to worry about. You can swim, take a shower, exercise at a gym and walk through a thunderstorm without worrying about your hair system!

Choosing the right hair system is the key here. It will help you not just maintain but enhance your lifestyle. It needs a careful study of your hair & scalp condition, a good understanding of your lifestyle, by a professional – a hair doctor. One of the biggest differences between wigs & toupees and evolved hair systems, is that hair systems are absolutely undetectable and as natural as can be while letting you lead the lifestyle you aspire. Customised and personalised hair systems, styled just for you, is what you should go for.

Watch this space for more guidance on what to look for, which hair system to buy and most importantly, from where.


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