11 . February . 2019 BY Dr. Sharmishtha Deshpande

Hair loss is frustrating and a common occurrence which makes any person lose self-confidence and self-esteem. Hence, many people are searching for ways to restore their crowning glory and to get a natural look, with minimum pain. One of the popular options is your Non-Surgical Hair Replacement System. Don’t confuse hair systems with traditional wigs, which were easy to catch and never quite looked right! Today, hair systems have evolved and changed dramatically.

Materials are much more delicate and sophisticated and the hair used is human hair, which looks natural and incredible. Loss of hair and looks due to hair problems like MPT, FPT, due to chemotherapy and other medical issues, can be dealt with by the use of hair systems. Moreover, you can style the systems the way you want, choose any colour or length and customise it completely to give you a natural look.

Our blog “The ultimate guide to choose a perfect hair system” can help you decide on a Hair System that is suitable for you.

Once you have got yourself a hair system, you will need tips to use, wear and maintain it. Let us discuss them in detail.

1) Avoid Oxidation

Oxidation occurs when harmful UV rays turn the colour of the hair in the hair system to orange or red. This process is gradual, which can affect your natural look for the time spent outdoors. You can use products which contain UV protectors to block these rays. If you are going to spend a long time outdoors, then you can consider wearing a hat.

2) Shampooing and Conditioning Tips

If you shampoo your hair replacement system, it can do more harm than good. But, on the other hand, nobody wants to touch a dirty head, so shampooing is essential. So, how to solve the problem? Along with shampooing, we recommend daily conditioning of your hair system, which will help hydrate and strengthen the hair. Due to this, your hair in the hair system will be healthy and soft for an extended period.

Quick tips for conditioning
  • Do it daily and work on your hair (not scalp or base of hair system)
  • While showering, use a rinse out conditioner.
  • After showering, use a leave-in conditioner with sunscreen.
3) Clean your hair system effectively

Use your fingernail to flick the edge of hairpiece tape gently.
Wash your head, hair and scalp at least two times. Soak hair system with a liquid solvent. Soaking times will depend on the adhesive and type of hair system. Some might require to soak only for 20 minutes while others would need 24 hours.
After soaking your hair system, you remove and lay it where the hair will be in the bottom. Clean the lace by using a gentle brush and clean the skin areas by using a teaspoon. After washing, place the hair system back in the solvent for 2-3 minutes.
Next, rinse your hair system with lukewarm water down the base.
Finally, rewash the hair system by using a mild shampoo.

4) Maintain soft hair

Sebum is a semi-fluid secreted by the sebaceous gland that coats your naturally growing hair. Because of this, your hair feels oily if you do not wash for several days. A hair system with human hair consists of a small amount of sebum on the hair strands. But constant use will remove all the traces, and your hair system will become dry and brittle. To keep the hair soft you need to do more conditioning, use hair products that have sunscreen and air dry your hair.

5) Prevent hair loss

Friction and bacteria create a problem for your hair system. If you can avoid this trauma, then it can prevent hair loss from the system and keep it intact for a long time. Hair replacement systems lack sebum hence they are vulnerable to friction. If you use a satin pillowcase, not wear hats for a long time and avoid excess brushing, then it can reduce friction. Bacteria can lead to breakage, hence use a spray on, leave-in conditioner and shampoo that contain hydrolysed proteins to avoid build-up of bacteria.

Why you require regular maintenance visits

A beautiful hair system needs to be taken care of and styled correctly. It needs to be customised and fit as per your needs. That is why a professional hairdresser is needed, to help style it and make a difference. A regular salon technician who is not experienced with hair systems cannot give you a natural look. A well trained professional hairdresser will ensure that the hair system in sync with the natural hairs, style it the way it’s needed, to deliver an undetectable natural look & feel.

At RichFeel there is a team of Trichologists and Hairstylists to solve the irreversible balding problem through unique customised non-surgical Hair Replacement Systems.

The Hair doctor helps to analyse the condition of the scalp and once decided on a hair system, takes the measurement to fit the system accurately and correctly. The Hair Forever Hair System allows you to achieve a head full of Hair that looks natural & stylish and doesn’t restrict your lifestyle.

The Trichologist advice on the right choice of system for you, on the basis of hair & scalp condition and lifestyle, to deliver the result that would suit your expectations regarding age and style. Further, an appropriate treatment plan is formulated to ensure that the overall desired result is achieved. Hence, you can achieve the look you wish for and get an uncompromised result with the Non-surgical Hair replacement procedure. Moreover, the highly trained professional hairdressers know how hair systems work and how they need to style around it to make it look absolutely undetectable. They will take time and style the hair system perfect for you. Not just that, they also work with you privately to teach you how to take care of your systems and maintain the beauty for years to come. To know more about the Hair Forever Hair System, click here.

Happy Hair! Happy You! Visit RichFeel!


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