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Hair system is a perfect solution that brings a positive change and helps you stay confident if you are experiencing the disappointment of premature hair loss. Earlier, wigs were the only option for people who did not want to opt for a surgical hair transplant. Wigs are rather rudimentary and unsophisticated. The black net used with synthetic fibres attached for hair looks tacky, unnatural and uncool. Hair systems are a much more evolved solution for men and women facing baldness.
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Now, here’s our ultimate guide to choosing a perfect non-surgical Hair System

The right hair system can make or break one’s personality. An ideal hair system can give many benefits and is very simple to choose. Following factors can guide you in choosing a perfect non-surgical Hair System.

1) Measure Size

To know the exact size is important since an oversized hair system looks very odd and a smaller hair system fails to meet the purpose of covering the scalp. Apart from size, one should also check the contours of the scalp. Everyone does not have a similar head contour and to meet the individual differences in head contours the best option is to make moulds which can give a perfect idea of size and shape of the system. This can be done properly only by trained hairdressers and technicians.

2) Choose the type of Hair

The best hair used is chemically treated human hair. Typically, the human hair is sourced from China, India and Europe (not readily available). Generally, Chinese hair is thick and difficult to style as against Indian hair which is comparatively thinner and can be treated and styled easily. European hair is delicate and soft and can be designed efficiently without addressing heavy chemicals. But, it is not readily available, hence quite expensive!

3) Check the durability

The source is not the only criteria, but the strength, colour, quality and texture also depend on how the hair has been processed. Virgin hair which is treated to least chemicals is most expensive. The systems that are priced the lowest, are made using synthetic hair. Synthetic hair looks unnatural and further, not resistant to heat. Also, they don’t last as long as the ones made of human hair.

4) Choose as per your lifestyle and employment

Are you at the gym for the most part of the day or are you an at a desk job? Do you wear a hat or a headset frequently? Do you go for a swim every day? Are you in front of the camera a lot? Such questions are crucial because it will help determine what type of base and attachment method will be best suitable to hold the system right. System for a person at desk job would vary from that meant for someone who is into sports, having frequent showering and perspiration. If you work outside the office, then you have more issues to address like material, hair density and hair choice. Hence lifestyle is a key factor.

5) Choose the right colour, texture and hairstyle

One has to be most careful while choosing colour, texture & style as a little adventure can create a problem. So, in this case, professional opinion matters a lot. Only a senior stylist who knows aesthetic parameters can guide you on this. This is also another reason why buying a system online would not work! It would be most advisable to meet a hair expert, have the correct system prescribed, and the fit customized to you by a professionally trained hairstylist.

6) Choose based on your face shape

Every face requires a unique hair system, so it is necessary to know the right one that suits your face and you don’t end up having a bad experience. Different styles work on different face shapes. Here are some quick tips,

  • For a heart-shaped face, the system should fall to the chin and below. Curls too is a good choice. The basic idea is to add volume at and below the jawline for women. In men too, long hairstyles would work well.
  • For oval shaped face cuts, curls will frame the face beautifully while still allowing for texture and movement. For men, clean, slicked-back look, single-length cuts would look best.
  • With a square-shaped face, hair systems with medium to short length with some texture is a good idea.
  • With diamond shaped face, styles that don’t add excess volume but add texture is preferable.

As evident from above, hair system is an extremely personalized need and can’t be produced in masses or bought off the shelf. By just sending cap-size measurement or selecting a style or colour ring or curl or wave-ring, one cannot give you the perfect hair system you need. So, you really can’t shop online. Even when one decides to buy a hair system online in India, you don’t get to try the look & feel of the product, and you land up buying something does not suit you or your lifestyle.

It is always best to consult a hair expert who can guide you in choosing the system that works best for you. Further, go to a place where the system can be customized for you and styled specifically for you, keeping in mind your individual style and needs. You can also take some tips from this blog to choose a hair system that is most suitable for you.

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