19 . April . 2019 BY Dr. Sharmishtha Deshpande

Digital India – a dream turning into reality. With the modernity of life, it is bringing us the best in the world to our doorstep. Anything & everything can be bought with a click of a mouse or a simple touch to the magical screen on your smartphone. People shop for anything and everything online. All your needs reach your doorstep saving a lot of your time and effort. You can practically shop for everything, I mean, almost everything…from daily needs to luxury items, from a house to furniture, kitchen appliances to groceries and from grooming accessories to grooms…..

But the million dollar question is can you shop for a hair system online?

As an expert in this field, my answer will be NO…

Buying Hair system online may sound convenient but it’s not at all practical and will only end with you feeling disappointed. Let me elaborate on this for a better understanding.

What exactly is a Hair System?

Hair System – the most convenient, non-invasive, non-surgical, hassle-free solution to premature hair loss that’s irreversible. It allows you to achieve a head full of hair that looks natural, stylish and does not restrict your lifestyle. It can bring about a positive change in you, your look and be a big boost to your confidence.
The term ‘Hair System’ is often used to refer to wigs. Let me clarify that traditional wigs are unsophisticated, require much maintenance, cause scalp damage and look extremely unnatural. Hair Systems are very evolved and are way superior to your rudimentary wigs. They are made with superior derma bases which are super light & porous, and with 100% human hair that delivers an absolutely undetectable natural look & feel. Do read our blogs on everything you need to know about Hair Systems and how they are superior to wigs and toupees; get answers to all your questions on the topic.

Hair System is a personal accessory. Very personal.

The hair system, the style that you choose is the persona you are choosing for yourself. It is something that is going to be an absolute part of the essential ‘you’. It needs to suit you, your style, your lifestyle, even your mundane daily routines. For this, time and effort has to be invested in figuring out your hair & scalp condition, what would work best for you and your needs, and get advice on it all by someone who is qualified to do so.

Why should it be always customised?

Hair Systems – something that is so personal, cannot be bought off the rack or online, like a home-wear t-shirt. (I believe even with a home-wear t-shirt, these days, everyone looks for the perfect fit!). One size/style WILL NOT fit/suit all. It’s just simply not the way this works!

Hair system is an extremely personal and can’t be a mass-produced item that you buy. By just sending cap-size measurement or selecting a style or colour ring or curl and wave ring, you cannot get the perfect hair system that would actually work for you.

Issues with buying Systems online

Whenever one decides to buy a hair system online, you are asked to send a specific measurement either from frontal hairline to the nape of the neck or from one ear to another or from front hairline around the entire circumference of the head. All this exercise is not worth it, since it does not capture the unevenness of one’s head and the contours of the head!

Let’s discuss some more of these issues. How would you describe your existing hair style online to the vendor? To start with, do you know your exact hair & scalp condition yourself? If you are suffering from hair loss and are looking at Hair Systems, shouldn’t your first step to the process be to understand your present condition?

The Hair system that you buy, is going to be a part of you, as I mentioned earlier on. It has to withstand all that you do in a day and more. How will you decide on a hair system you see online, when your lifestyle/ routine is not being taken into account during the purchase process? You have no idea if the system will bear these routines of yours or how long it will last, hence.

Apart from this difficulty which is significant, one also cannot have an exact hair quality match. When you try to match hair online, you only select by looking at the given pictures and do not get the actual look & feel of that hair. For a commoner, it is not possible to decide which colour ring is a perfect match and what % of curls or waves is a perfect match for you; also, how it would fit in with your existing hair. Once you pick and choose, you are stuck with that product whether it suits you or not!

Multiple factors go into the process of getting a Hair System. You need to choose once, choose right – the kind of system, the choice of base, hair used in the system, where you get it from, how you have it fit, how you maintain it & most importantly, whose advice you follow through this journey! Do read our blogs to get a clear understanding on these aspects.

Go for advanced Hair Systems – Have them tailor-fit just for you!

What makes the advanced revolutionary Hair Systems available today truly personal, is that they are completely customised to tailor-fit your needs, your style and lifestyle; Like RichFeel’s Hair Forever Hair Systems. Everything from the choice of derma base to type of accessory is picked & chosen to suit you, just you.

Firstly, a Trichologist studies your hair & scalp condition, understands your routine, your activities and guides you on which type of system would suit you best. The systems are made with a feather- light derma base & use 100% human hair that is the safest, most practical to use. These come in a variety for choice.

Once the choice of system is made, the fitting is done by very experienced and trained Hair stylists, under the guidance of the Hair doctor. The system is styled to ensure that it gels naturally with your existing hairline & hair style. Hair stylists further assist you with maintaining the system and your look. This is not something that is on offer when you buy a system online!

To conclude, I will say this. Don’t fall prey to what you see on the numerous sites selling Systems online. It is afterall a job of an expert to make it all look so appealing and make you fall for it, is it not? The models you see have certainly not bought their hair systems online!

The wisest decision you could take, is to take professional help when it comes to your hair and scalp. Experimenting will only waste your time, money and effort, while risking your hair’s well-being in the process!


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