15 . March . 2019 BY Dr. Sharmishtha Deshpande

Hair Systems – the most convenient, non-invasive,non-surgical, hassle-free solution to premature hair loss, that’s irreversible. It can bring about a positive change in you, your look and be a big boost to your confidence.

Every person feels differently about hair loss, and the experience is unique – starting with hair thinning, to diffuse hair loss, female or male pattern baldness or even alopecia. But there is one common thread – everyone looks for a solution that would help them have a head full of hair & lead the life they want, with minimum efforts! And Hair System floats this line naturally.

Gone are the days when wigs were your only option. They are unsophisticated, require much maintenance, cause scalp damage and look extremely unnatural. Hair Systems are very evolved and are way superior to your rudimentary wigs.

Understand how a Hair System can help you, when to go for it (the earlier the better!), choose the right one to suit your lifestyle, have it customised (don’t buy it off-the-shelf!), maintain it right (which is very simple!) and you are set!
Do read our blogs on Hair Systems to understand more about them.

Recent times have seen more awareness on the subject worldwide and the pioneers of Trichology in India, RichFeel, offer the absolute best-in-class Hair Systems in India. Let’s understand more about RichFeel’s Hair Forever Hair Systems here today.

What’s the story behind RichFeel’s Hair Forever?

In some advanced cases, where hair transplant could not be considered, to cover the baldness, RichFeel introduced hair weaving in the early 1990s in India. From there on till now, the science & art of Trichology has been mastered and solutions technologically evolved. The revolutionary hair system on offer today is the result of much research & analysis. It is the World’s most sophisticated non-surgical hair replacement procedure, which allows customisation, and is rightfully named ‘Hair Forever’.

Why should you opt for RichFeel’s Hair Forever Hair Systems?
  • Exceptional Comfort – The bases offer exceptional comfort to the wearer. They are skin-friendly & porous in nature allowing the scalp to breathe easy.
  • Wide choice of bases – RichFeel offers a wide range of bases to choose from. A Hair doctor will assess the hair & scalp condition, understand your lifestyle and needs, and prescribe the right hair system. This is further customised by expert Hairstylists, to fit you perfectly.
  • Natural Look & Feel – Made of 100% Human Hair, these hair systems look & feel absolutely Natural. The hair does not tangle. They are easy to style, tailored for the natural look. It is completely undetectable! The systems are feather light, making one forget that they are even wearing one!
  • Quality of accessories – A variety of high-quality attachments and accessories are provided to ensure easy, secure and comfortable wearability. Usage of sub-standard accessories can damage your hair & scalp!
  • Hair doctors for Hair Systems – With unparalleled expertise in Trichology, RichFeel’s Hair doctors are the right people to understand YOUR needs & lifestyle; and help you make the right choice of systems.
  • Intensely trained Hair Stylists – Hair Stylists ensure that the systems are customised to you – the look of your choice and that it is tailor-fit to your scalp. They assist with regular maintenance & styling too!
  • Customised Systems – RichFeel’s revolutionary hair systems are tailor-made specifically for each our of our patients, expertly styled to suit one’s face and lifestyle. Time to discard your mass-produced, bought-off-the-shelf wigs and toupees!

RichFeel Hair Forever Hair Systems – Begin a New Story with New Hair. Revolutionary Hair Systems. Exceptional Comfort. World Class Expertise.
A head is full of Hair that is natural & stylish, tailored to perfection, just for you.
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