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Clearly, you relate to the question in the title! If you are struggling with dull, limp and dry hair, you are on the right page. We assure you that at the end of reading this, you will feel much better, with a clear understanding of not just the problem at hand, but also how best to address it. And no, we are not speaking of quick-fix home remedies and experiments which may work on a trial-and-error basis. The solution we offer is deep-rooted in the science behind the problem and as is most efficient, solves it scientifically for you.

We all know that feeling, of staring at an Insta pic or billboard or a TV commercial, of a model with bouncy, wavy, shiny hair – don’t we? The most natural question in mind then is ‘When will my hair ever look like that?!’. Most of us, in this age and time, is in the know of the photoshop tricks, and we clearly say to ourselves – ‘That’s not how he/she looks when waking up’, ‘It’s all made up at the salon’, ‘I bet the hairdresser spent an hour on it’ etc. But deep down, in spite of all this ‘logical reasoning’ in our minds, we wish for hair that is full of life, just as it looks on the screens. Let us tell you, that it is not an impossible feat. It needs awareness, time, effort and above all, the willingness to invest in it all.

Let’s first understand the problem better.

What causes your hair to get dry, frizzy and brittle? What makes it dull and lifeless?

The following are some of the most common causes of dry & dull hair.

  1. Frequent use of styling equipment like straighteners and rollers.
    These apply a tremendous amount of heat on the hair, to change the natural shape & texture, with the intent to ‘style’ it. A solution containing acid, which can reduce the strong disulfide cysteine bond to make the hair permeable, is used to break the bonds in hair’s keratin structure. There is considerable damage to hair in the process – hair loses its elasticity, the cuticle is damaged and hair becomes brittle.
  2. Frequent hair colouring
    While we do not advocate that you stop colouring your hair, it is important for you to understand how it’s affecting your hair. This will help you in doing it in a balanced manner, with the right products, and most importantly, taking efforts to maintain the health of your hair in spite of it all.
    Frequent colouring of hair can damage the cuticle which is the outermost layer of the hair shaft. It can also damage the internal structure such as cortex and medulla. This results in dry, brittle and frizzy hair prone to breakage.
    There are advanced treatments available that can help you proceed with hair colouring, to keep up with trends while ensuring that the hair’s health is not affected.
  3. Frequent use of hair styling gels and products
    Chemicals used in products to dye, bleach, straighten or perm the hair tends to break the hair shaft. Simple hair products like oils, shampoos and conditioners may be causing harm too when inappropriately used – the product in itself & how you use it. One size doesn’t fit all! Different types of hair need different types of hair care, including your basic hair wash routine.
    Inappropriate usage of products, whatever the original intent, can result in hair thinning and in very rare cases, permanent hair loss. Hair loss in such cases is typically reversible if dealt with in time. Seeking professional help at early signs can help prevent the situation from deteriorating.
  4. Exposure of hair to extreme hot/cold weather
    Either of these situations can lead to loss of moisture and nutrients in the hair. Hair ends up feeling dry, rough, and even make a crackling sound when you touch it! We always advise that the hair is covered and protected when you step out. But yes, there are times when it is unavoidable and hair does bear the brunt of harsh climatic conditions. Summer, monsoon or winter, the seasonal changes come with challenges and concerns. Invariably this results in hair that is dry and unmanageable, losing its natural moisture, texture. The good news is that these are reversible conditions if attended to in a timely manner.

Hair strands, you must understand, are made up of proteins and bonds. All of the above affects these bonds, breaking the protein structure and thereby causing it to become dry, dull and lifeless. More stress you apply on your hair with equipment, styling, colouring, the more you are stripping away its health.

The protective shield of your hair, the cuticle, is lifted when hair is subjected to the above mentioned, which causes hair to become dry. With dryness comes frizziness and dullness.

If your hair has enough moisture and the nutrient-flow is maintained well, the cuticles will stay down and stay healthy. Keeping your hair adequately hydrated and nourished with the proteins it needs, is your key to having healthy hair.

Now you ask, but what of hair that is already damaged and lifeless, in spite of your efforts?
The answer – A visit to your Trichologist & Hair Hydrotherapy

What is Hair Hydrotherapy (HHT)?

Hair Hydrotherapy is RichFeel’s unique offering that combats the various causes we have discussed above and breathes life into lifeless dull hair. It restores your hair with natural proteins and nourishes your scalp. It is the true Hair Spa that your hair needs!

How does HHT work?

Using a 5-step process, it restores your hair back to its dynamic vibrancy – efficiently addressing the extensive and long term damage your hair may have suffered due to incomplete care, stress or pollution. It works effectively on all hair types, from normal to chemically-treated hair. The therapy involves clinic sitting as well as advise on hair foods for internally addressing the concerns, and prescribed home care products for external application.

HHT uses natural proteins such as flax seeds and wheat proteins to nourish the hair & scalp.

Natural flax proteins put the bounce back in your hair and give it a healthy glow. This works best on hair that is otherwise normal but is dull, limp or lifeless.

For dry, brittle, frizzy hair and also hair that has undergone chemical treatments, HHT uses the healing power & restorative capacity of wheat proteins. This treatment will give your hair a new lease of life.

The key elements of the treatment are:

  1. Effleurage by intensely trained technicians
  2. Aromatherapy scalp treatment
  3. Steam-shampoo-masque-rinse-hair nectar!
  4. Prescribed weekly hair care regime at home, with Jaborandi Hair Treatment (oil) and Brahmi Amla hair wrap (conditioner), along with Sepia Shaft Repair.
  5. Hair Food – before & after therapy – Roasted Soya, roasted flax seeds & RichFeel’s unique Anatea – World’s first hair drink!

Each clinic sitting lasts for approx. 60 minutes and an average of 12 sittings is recommended to appreciate full results. Sittings are usually spaced at monthly intervals.

HHT’s immediate and tangible benefits:
  • Nourishing, Moisturizing, Cleansing & Conditioning Effect
  • Healthy Glow
  • Bounce, Shine & Glow
  • Care for Damaged Hair

When you visit the clinic and meet the Trichologist, a thorough hair & scalp analysis is conducted, a clear diagnosis drawn and the therapy is then prescribed as needed.

So friends, while you struggle to revive your lifeless hair, do keep in mind that all experimental home remedies and off-the-shelf products that promise you overnight ‘life’ may not quite be your best bet. They are but just superficial fixes.

We trust that we have helped you understand that Hair is not just an external quotient but an integral part of your body and health. It needs caution and care as does your body. Hair problems are deep-rooted in science and the solutions to combat them have to be scientific as well! Else, you are only temporarily fixing the issue while ignoring the root cause of it, quite literally!

Do follow our blogs on hair care, hair trivia, hair loss, hair treatments and more. And never hesitate to seek professional help when you spot a concern. The earlier you intervene, the easier it is to reverse the damage done!

And to remind you, the advanced Hair hydrotherapy can be availed at any of the RichFeel clinics across the country! Book your appointment today and take that first step towards effective hair care!

Over and out for now! Keep updated on all things Hair, by following us on social media!


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