28 . June . 2019 BY Dr. Sharmishtha Deshpande

Say bye to hair loss on account of crash dieting and faulty weight loss programme

Lose 30 kgs in 30 days! Lose belly fat like never before! From XXXL to XXXS!

Trust us, the next line to follow is ‘Lose belly fat by crash dieting, become bald by rash dieting.’

Jokes apart. Come to think of it. You did not grow big overnight. How do you then expect your weight loss to be so? You can’t lose all your kgs overnight. It has to be a gradual, systematic and dedicated process. Bringing down weight involves the right mix and blend of diet, exercise, and guidance of an expert who would walk with you, along this path from ‘Fat to Fit’ stage by stage. Only an expert can help you lose some kgs without impacting your internal and external body parts. Your ‘otherwise mundane untested techniques’ can adversely affect your health, your organs, your mood, your psyche, eventually and importantly, your hair too.

No worries! Why fear when we are here? All that you need to do is follow our simple steps and ensure your weight loss chart doesn’t become your hair loss regimen.

Do you remember your initial lessons? You started your lessons with the English alphabet. Likewise, we would like you to begin your healthcare, hair care and wellness practices from the basics. ABCD is what we call the new alphabet to master the art of losing weight without negatively impacting your hair. And by the end of it, you will agree that your weight loss programme was never this easy and simple for your hair’s growth.

By the way, if you are wondering where are EFGH till Z, then we assure, we’ll get them to you and make you practise them for a lifetime while we meet you in the hair doctors’ chambers during consultation. Ready to unlearn and relearn the alphabet for your hair, health and happiness? Yeah, that’s great.

For your quick preview:

Always seek expert’s advice

Baalon ke liye best – Trichologist

Customised weight loss course exclusively for you

Drink plenty of water

The ‘A’ in ABCD stands for ‘Always seek expert’s advice’

Right from the time of epics like Mahabharat or Ramayan, our culture has had enough and more in its scriptures, showing us how important the role of a mentor is, in our lives. Likewise, your body too requires a mentor, a driver, a guru, a trainer, and in a nutshell, an expert to bring back its shape and health. All that you read and see around or that which is available to you at your fingertips is not always authentic or customised to suit your body and its metabolism. Don’t end up harming yourself and your hair in your DIY adventures!

Next, the ‘B’ in our ABCD stands for ‘Baalon ke liye best – Trichologist’

Not just your body, but your hair too is unique. Yes. You are special, so is your hair. For all the special care and comfort that your hair deserves and demands, the only one whom you can trust is a trichologist, your hair doctor. Along with your fitness expert, reach out to our hair doctors to the nation. We can hear your question. What is trichology? Why a trichologist? What’s there in trichology? Rest assured.
All your answers are here – Read on.
Why is a trichologist important for your hair?

Now comes C in ABCD, meaning ‘Customised weight loss course exclusively for you’
What you must consume, what nutrients and minerals should form your plate and in what quantities or how many hours you must put in – walking, jogging or running or for that matter in the gym or the yoga studio, has to be planned to suit your metabolism. So, a random diet and wellness chart from unauthentic sources won’t always work. If you are not on any medication or course or diet, then some general hair healthy foods are here –
Know the foods that help hair grow faster. When you meet the trichologist, not only do they advise you on foods for your hair, but also for your overall well-being, duly taking into account your medical case history and lifestyle.

And finally, D in ABCD stands for ‘Drink plenty of water’
Oh come on, this is non-negotiable, come what may. Water is life. Water is also your hair’s life. Sufficient amount of water intake, other liquids plus external techniques to keep your hair and scalp hydrated & nourished always, like our Hair Hydrotherapy, are all very crucial to maintaining hair’s health, not just when you are on a weight loss programme but also all round the clock and the year. Without which, your hair, your face, your body and your personality are bound to lose their charm, glow, bouncy and bubbly nature.
So, now that you know, the new alphabet for hair care during your weight loss and diet programme, which is the new ABCD, you don’t have to worry about the following while you check your weight.

Assume that you weighed 100 or 110 and now you weigh 90 kgs. All that reduction is not always good unless done with proper professional care and support systems. Because, as we had mentioned earlier, erratic reduction in weight can also mean just fewer strands left on your head or much of your hair that has become thinner now.
So, stop your ‘Crash diet and immediate results’ craze. Sit back, reach out to your phone and call us on 9004999333. You can also reach us through any of our handles for further queries or hair and scalp consultation. We are very much here to diagnose and help you, anytime and every time for A-Z in hair care, hair loss, hair treatments, and hair problems. For more such on hair trivia, click on:

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