11 . January . 2019 BY Dr. Sharmishtha Deshpande

We are bang in the middle of the winters and, one can tell that the cold is here to stay for a while because everything seems to get all dried up! – your skin, your lips and of course, your hair! It is no breaking news – hair & scalp problems are at its peak during the winter season.

But do you know why? There is a science behind this and your approach to solving it needs to be scientific as well!

The science behind hair & scalp problems in this season, in very simple words, is that during winter the outside air becomes dry, which sucks all the moisture from your scalp, leading to dandruff.

What causes dry hair? The Hydrogen bonds on the hair strands become weak and this results in dry hair, breakage and split ends. Dryness of hair and scalp causes excessive hair loss, among other concerns.

Let us look at some common hair & scalp problems during winter

1) Hair strands become straw-like

As the moisture in the air drops, your hair grows dry & brittle. It even starts to look & feel like straw strands. Straw-like strands are more common in people with curly hair.

2) Hair becomes static

Due to low temperature, hair picks up an electrical charge from the dry air. This makes the hair stand up, which will need you to work hard to combat!

3) Increase in split ends

Winter also causes an increase in split ends. The only way to take care of it is to get a haircut or use split end binding conditioner at home. It is important to understand what is causing the split ends in order to tackle it right.

4) Leads to matted hair

In winter, we need to wear thick collar jackets and scarves to cover our body. Due to this, the hair at the nape of your neck gets matted and looks like a rat’s nest!

5) Itchy and dry scalp

As your skin gets dry during winter, your scalp does too. Dry scalp causes an increase in dandruff which makes your head itchy and unhealthy. A lot of dandruff also leads to a significant amount of hair loss in winter.

6) Hat hair

Caps are essential in winter to protect your ears and keep you from freezing. But, caps make your hair and scalp dry by absorbing all the moisture.

You may have already read our earlier blog on winter hair care.

Now, let us talk about some home remedies that can fix some of these common winter hair problems such as dandruff and hair loss.

  1. Curd and lemon can act as natural conditioner during winter and reduce hair fall. It gives moisture to your scalp and reduces dandruff. Mix some drops of lemon with curd and apply to your hair as a mask. Once it dries, rinse it with water.
  2. If you massage your hair with warm oil, you can regain the strength and shine of your hair. Warm oil massage can nourish your scalp and protect your hair from winter winds.
  3. Take some oil and mix some amount of camphor and apply to your scalp. Camphor works as an antiseptic. This will reduce the dryness of your scalp and prevent itchiness.
  4. Mix neem & coconut oil and use. It can act as antifungal against the fungus on the scalp that causes itchy skin and dandruff.
  5. Create a neem leaf paste and mix it with curd. Apply the mixture on your scalp to reduce hair fall, prevent grey roots and boost hair growth.

As you do with your face & body, treat your hair also periodically to treatments that help disinfect, detoxify, revive and rejuvenate your hair and scalp.

So, do not get upset with your winter hair problems! There are solutions to handle every single one of them!

Off-the-shelf remedies, salon & spa treatments and home remedies may not always solve all your hair concerns. If you are facing persistent issues, be sure to get personalised advice from a medical expert – a hair doctor/ trichologist – for your hair concerns. Trichologists not only analyse your hair and scalp condition, but also taken into consideration your overall health, medical history and suggest the right solutions for YOU.

Take control of your hair and health! Beat the winter woes!
Healthy Hair. Happy You!


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