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Those school bags, uniforms, mud-filled socks and shoes, assignment sheets, calendar days are back, dear Mummies and Daddies! You are going back to the days of nightmares after a short haul called summer vacation. Settled? It’s been invariably a week that schools have reopened across the nation and as the ‘Hair doctors to the Nation,’ we feel, it’s essential to talk about your ward’s hair care programme as he/she is back in his uniform and back in action.
Pardon us for the next few scary words. Alopecia Areata, Tinea Capitis, Traction Alopecia, Trichotillomania, Telogen Effluvium. These are some of the abnormal hair loss conditions that can twist not just your tongue but also your child’s smile, the inverted way, from 🙂 to 🙁
You wouldn’t want that, and we understand your concerns. Hence we would want you to know a bit more about each of these hair conditions so that you can protect and save your child every time by reaching out to us, your hair doctors on time.

While we can go on and on, explaining each one of the above to you in detail, we don’t wish to scare you. When it comes to your child’s health and hair care, your peace and the little one’s happiness is our priority. So if you spot any irregularity in their behaviour, on their scalp or concerning their hair, just bring the little bosses to us.
Our hair doctors would make all their hair concerns vanish like some magic trick or superpowers in the fairy tales and superhero movies. All that remains is a smile. A million dollar smile on the child’s face, that’s worth eternity and heaven for both you and us.

‘You know me well’ kinda hair problems in kids.

Don’t panic. The above list was an extreme set of hair concerns in children. However, in day-to-day situations, you must have encountered the following common problems in your child’s hair and are possibly trying to figure a way out. We can help, as always. However, firstly, know the problems before you attack them.

Some of them can be as common as lice while others can have tougher names like atopic dermatitis, which is nothing but eczema.

  • Head lice and Dandruff: Head lice and dandruff need no introduction. Commonest of the lot.Lice and ticks are regular visitors, especially in school children who play in groups and are bound to get it from their peer circles. You ought to be tired of having tried every methodology from Nani ke nuske to Neem ke patte.

    Contagious, itching, inflammation, irritating, distraction, poor concentration, scratching, infection, embarrassment, rashes, are all common terms associated with head lice. To keep these small parasites which live on your child’s blood, at bay, keep their hair, scalp, hair accessories like towel, comb, band etc. clean, hygienic at all times and separate if the child is already affected.

    Dandruff, on the other hand, is nothing but white flakes accompanied by itching. Intake of lemon & lots of fluids, regularly oiling and washing, eating healthy and avoiding junk are some ways in which the kids can be taught to tackle dandruff.

  • Cradle Cap: A condition that’s found in little babies, cradle cap refers to overactive sebaceous glands in the newborn, owing to the remnants of the mother’s hormones in the baby’s blood circulation. Symptoms of cradle cap are closer to that of dandruff, with an oily, crusty, yellowish scalp, greasy substance secretion, dry, flaky skin on the scalp.
  • Canities: In simple terms, premature greying of hair, is an outcome of inadequacy of a pigment that gives the black colour to the hair. The child could have inherited this from anyone in the family and hence, such genetic conditions may be difficult to cure. Nutritional deficiency and stress could be the other reasons associated with canities which can be resolved.
  • Acne Keloidalis Nucleau: Causes of this condition are unknown, though the medical fraternity has attributed it to injuries sustained by the child during a haircut. Children are generally restless at the salon, and subsequently, the scissors can harm them, resulting in infection, ingestion, and a constant irritation around the shirt collar zone. In the long run, these can build into thick scars with hyperpigmented pustule formation.
  • Atopic Dermatitis: Popular nomenclature being eczema, this condition is found on the child’s body parts and leaves red rashes, pus, intense itching, dry skin in severe cases. Hair growth is affected immensely. Impetigo associated with nits, Pruritis infection, are other similar conditions found in children.
  • Acne Millaris: This condition is characterised by crusty cone-shaped follicular eruptions accompanied by intense itching. A hair follicle is found in the centre of inflammation surrounded by pus-filled pimples that fall off taking the hair along, leaving a permanent scar.
  • The problem can be abnormal or general. All that matters is your care and our doctors’ expertise in helping your child cope up with the hair concern and we have no second thoughts on both. While our doors are always open for you and your kids, here are some quick and simple tips that you can follow at home for maintaining your child’s hair in the pink of its health.

    Hair care checklist for kids

    Hair worries don’t distinguish between adults and kids. Do we need to remind you of those limitless licks and ticks on your ward’s head? An alarming stats count reveals that 9 out of 10 children suffer from hair and scalp related issues.
    Every child, needless to mention, has a different hair texture. Hair problems in children are characterised by their unhygienic hair and scalp practices. While some of them like lice and ticks are curable in a shorter period of time, others like atopic dermatitis need time and a completely committed care course to recede.
    When a kid starts to lose out on his/her hair, stress mounts not just on the child but also on his/her parents. However, your hair care regimen versus your child’s is going to be different. Hence, here are some preliminary ways of taking care of your child’s hair.

  • Diet – Inner nourishment goes a long way in maintaining your health and keeping hair and scalp problems away. Make sure to have a perfect blend of protein, vitamins & minerals in your little one’s diet, as these nutrients are the essential ingredients forming their hair. So drag them back to fruits and veggies, from their unhealthy junk choices.
  • Wash – Make it a point to keep your kid’s hair clean always; oil at least thrice a week. You can leave the oil from a minimum of 4 hours to a maximum of 24 hours and wash it then.
  • Style – Do not experiment with the child’s hairstyle frequently. Remember to keep them loose and comfy, and use accessories which don’t pull their hair.
  • Hydration – Hair without moisture content is like the barren land yearning for water. So make your kids have loads of liquids and water.
  • Immunity – ‘Prevention is better than cure’ What’s the use of repenting after a severe hair condition has already struck you? Instead, build the immunity.. Boost your child’s immunity levels to fight against not just hair conditions but also against every body condition.
  • Hair doctor visits – No one knows your child’s hair as well as a trichologist. Not even you. When you suspect something wrong with your child’s hair, its texture, its colour, length and health, contact an expert immediately. Don’t settle for anything less, especially when it’s about your darling little boss at home.
  • Stress-free childhood – Ensure a stress-free childhood to your ward. Too much of stress at a tender age can have an adverse impact on the little one’s psychological and physiological well-being, as also on his/her hair’s health.
  • Regular checks – Keep an eye on your ward, for signs of itching, red patches, as also an alarming number of hair strands, on his/her combs, clips, bands, pillows, caps and other hair accessories. First symptoms in them can be immediately attended to and brought to the notice of an expert.
  • For the young adults, we have tips, as sweet as their 16.
    Tips for teenagers facing hair loss.

    With that, it’s a wrap on this piece ‘Hair loss in children & kids hair care.’ What else would you want to know? Hair growth for kids, Children’s hairstyle, Hair treatment for kids. Name it, and we will get to you with the best of hair facts, hair trivia and hair care.

    By the way, for your little ones below 15 years of age, hair and scalp consultation is absolutely free at RichFeel. After all, their smiles are priceless. Mind you, let us also tell you, we charge just one thing. Some fun time and loads of laughter from your kids.

    As always, yours truly for quick access to hair.

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