07 . March . 2017 BY Dr. Sharmishtha Deshpande

Our hair is a very sensitive part of the body which gets affected in the same way as other parts when we suffer from an illness. Hair needs proper care and diet just like your body which needs food and water to grow. Beautiful hair is only possible through healthy eating habits. Rather than using all kinds of artificial methods and chemical solutions on your hair and scalp for regrowing hair why not switch on to some natural ways to see miraculous results.

Do you know how to regrow hair naturally. Is that what you were thinking of and this is what we will be explaining you through this article. Trust me its very easy and effective at least better than olive oil and garlic paste procedure. What you really need to do is improve your diet. Consume more of minerals and proteins which are the building block for healthy hair. A diet rich in proteins is a must to help your hair grow faster. Include foods like soyabeans, curd, nuts and green leafy vegetables in your daily diet as they are rich in proteins. Include omega 3 fatty acids in your diet with foods like walnuts, avocados and flaxseeds to give shine to your hair and make your hair stronger. Another important vitamin is biotin which is also termed as vitamin H due to its advantages on hair. Make sure you also take some biotin supplements for regrowinghairnaturally as it is a beautifying vitamin good for hair, skin and nails.

Iron is a very important mineral for hair and Vitamin B12 helps in its absorption. When a body lacks mineral called iron the person suffers from anemia which also causes loss of hair. To regrow hair naturally eat more of dark green leafy vegetables, dates, figs and jaggery to meet your daily iron requirement but if you are deficient on a higher side then you can consider taking iron supplements to meet your requirements along with iron rich diet.

Foods obviously give your hair these proteins, vitamins and minerals which are a necessity for your growing hair but other than that keep yourself well hydrated by drinking plenty of water in a day for healthy growth of hair. it is really very important to keep having water in intervals and it should be proportionate to your body weight half a litre of water for every 10 kgs of body weight should be sufficient.

Natural and best way of how to regrow your hair is by massaging it daily with oil. The best way of massaging is with the traditional and most trusted jabourandi oil. It is said that jabourandi oil massage is very useful in the growth of hair. It revives the hair follicles and rejuvenates the hair and scalp. Hairloss home remedies like one of the above should be combined with the correct diet and supplements to Regrow Hair Naturally.

External treatment which helps in rejuvenating the scalp and detoxifying it is also very helpful which is generally done under the supervision of a trichologist. Taking these treatments regularly will sort out your query about how to regrow hair naturally in the best way.

Other simple steps that can make your hair shiny are:

Avoid shampoos with Sulfates as it strips the hair from its natural oils that can make the hair dry and brittle which could easily breakoff. Try using gentler and mild shampoos which are natural based. Avoid combing wet hair as the damage increases when your hair is moist and stretchy. Use a wide toothed wooden comb to detangle the knots and then you can style it later. Follow a well balanced nutritional diet and have a healthy lifestyle to regrow hair naturally.

We hope that your question how to regrow hair naturally has been answered but to get safe and accurate results meet a trichologist at RichFeel Clinic. RichFeel Clinic has got branches in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata and other parts of India so visit the nearest branch right away to get your hair and scalp concerns solved in the best way.


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