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21 . March . 2017 BY Dr Shruti Kadam

Hair gives an indication about the physical as well as mental well-being. But frankly it is really difficult to have a head full of healthy hair as there are so many things that come in one’s way to get healthy hair.

The kind of mental stress that one faces in their day to day life, it becomes really difficult to give hair the right nourishment by taking size-zero diets. Also the hormonal variations that happens too often these days and the kind of styling products that one uses on the hair in their day to day life makes it very difficult for one to keep their hair healthy.

To make it worst there are so many myths that we are surrounded with which comes into play especially if someone suffers from hair problems.

The most important thing of all is that the trichologists are generally consulted as a last resort when enough damage to the hair is already done.

Anyone who wants to have ideal hair which is thick and dense, silky to appear, shiny as well as glossy should follow the routine explained below.

Hair care involves cleansing, conditioning and application of right products.

Now let’s get into a little detail of each of this Tips For Healthy Hair right away.

Tips for healthy hair Step 1 – Cleansing of your hair.

Tips for healthy hair Step 2 – Drying of your hair.

Tips for healthy hair Step 3 – Scalp massage in the right manner.

Tips for healthy hair Step 4 – The products which should be used on the hair and scalp.

Now let’s understand all of these basic hair care regime steps in great details.

Step 1 – Cleansing of your hair.

Cleansing of the scalp has to be done regularly as per the needs of the scalp and the shampoos which are used should only remove the excess of oil, grease and dirt of the scalp and should also help in exfoliating the dead skin cells which actually clog and suffocate the hair follicles.

You need to use mild cleansers which are formulated for daily use.

Step 2 – Drying of your hair.

You should gently dry your hair with a towel and make sure not to use a blow dryer on your hair. Also do not brush or comb your hair when they are wet.

Step 3 – Scalp massage in the right manner.

Oiling is important to make your scalp and hair healthy and manageable and it should be done with the oil that suits your scalp needs.

Step 4 – The products which should be used on the hair and scalp.

For this you first need to know your hair and scalp type and then use products which are meant to be used for it. The trichologist will be the best person to guide you on the same.

This is one of the TIP to turn the damaged hairs healthier.

So after knowing these TIPS FOR HEALTHY HAIR make sure to follow them to get maximum advantage.

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