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Come April and summer begins to set in. You might need to take extra care of your hair and scalp so that your hair looks its very best this summer.

Humidity affects the hydrogen bonds in the hair and to a lesser extent, the salt bonds. During the summer season, look out for these hair dangers:

HUMIDITY: The higher the humidity, the more these bonds are broken. Hence, the more moisture in the hair, the more the hair will stretch.

THE SUN: The sun cannot really burn hair, but sun exposure will damage your hair’s natural protective film. According to a recent study, after just three days of sun exposure, the scale-like cells that cover each individual hair shaft begin to pull off. This makes your hair, dry, dull, fragile and brittle.

THE WIND: While traveling, avoid letting the wind rush through your hair. This can cause tangling and matting and dry out your hair. Cover your hair with a scarf while traveling by trains, auto- rickshaws or bus.

CHEMICAL TREATMENT: Hair that has been dyed or highlighted (stripped of its natural color) is especially prone to UV damage. Color-treated hair is already damaged and the sun will make the cuticle even rougher. This makes the hair more fragile and dried out. Stay away from hair lightening products. Most contain some form of peroxide or metal and can cause severe damage to your hair.

WATER SPORTS: Both chlorine and salt water dry and discolor the hair. Chemicals in pool water bind to the hair and give it a greyish or greenish cast. Mineral deposits in salt water, in combination with sunlight, severely dehydrate hair and turn it brittle. If you plan to go for a swim, thoroughly wet your hair before you dip in the pool and add a bit of conditioner too. Wash your hair immediately upon exiting the pool.

Hair tips to beat the summer heat:

Invest in a hair conditioner that contains a sunscreen. The sun’s heat will activate the conditioner, softening your hair, while the sunscreen will prevent UV rays from causing damage to the strands. If you can’t find one, simply massage some of your sunscreen into your hair, it should wash out. If your hair is color- treated, be especially sure to use a leave-in conditioner with sunscreen to prevent the color from fading out.

Use a scalp cleanser that is designed to remove toxins from your hair like chlorine as well as auto emissions and other environmental pollutants.Oil your scalp every alternate day to stimulate blood flow and relieve stress. Sluggish blood flow and stress can both cause hair loss. Use Jaborandi hair oil to massage your hair ones a week, leave overnight and wash off the next day.

Eat a balanced and sensible diet to ensure you are getting essential nutrients.Avoid excessive dry heat, such as that from blow dryers and curling irons.Finally, schedule trims before and after summer to keep dry hair and split ends in check. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water, though of course, due to the heat, this is something that comes naturally.

While outdoors, keep your head covered from the summer heat.Be careful in the sun. Try to use hats, scarves or products with sunscreens to help protect you against the drying effects of the sun. However, make sure that these are not too tight as they may cause hair to rub off (friction alopecia). Similarly, keep braids and ponytails loose.

How To Protect Your Hair From the Harmful Rays Of Sun? Summer is one of the most uninvited seasons of India and it proves bad not only for your skin but also for your hair in multiple ways.It leads to hair problems like dry hair, limpy hair, oily dandruff etc.How you can positively protect your hair from these problems is what will be sharing with you through this article? Now that we have learned some really great tips about how to save the hair shaft from the UV rays of the sun let’s get into the details of each of these right away.

Step 1 –
Make sure to cover them properly whenever you are going out in the sun.The UV rays are really harsh during the summer season and that’s where it takes away the moisture content of the hair shaft making it dry and prone to breakages.

Step 2 –
You must use a conditioner which has got in built sun screen in it.You can use a conditioner which has got inbuilt sunscreen property into it as it helps as a protective layer between the UV rays and your hair shaft.

Step 3 –
After every hair wash make sure to use a hair repair serum on semi-wet hair.Hair repair serum needs to be used after every hair wash. The hair repair serum is applied on half wet and half dry hair from the mid of the hair shaft till the end.

Step 4 –
Have enough amount of water so that your hair stays hydrated from within.One should have at least 3 litres of water daily during the summer season. If that is not possible then at least supplement your hair with a glass of coconut water daily.

Step 5 –
Also make sure to shampoo your scalp regularly.Shampooing your scalp daily helps it to get rid of the dirt and the oil present on the scalp. It also helps in preventing oily dandruff on the scalp as it removes the excess of sebum on a regular basis.Surely this article might have given you some valueable tips as a part of Hair Care in Summer with various home remedies so make sure to follow them for your benefit.

Summer might be the perfect time to flaunt your beach wave tresses, but you also need to protect them from the scorching sun. The summer sun can make your hair dry and brittle, causing a lot of damage. Here are five tips to keep your hair healthy and beautiful all summer long.

Hydration: In summer you tend to lose too minerals through sweat and this causes dehydration, which in general affects your whole body, making your skin and hair dry and lifeless. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking at least 7-8 glasses of water. Also include lemon water, buttermilk and coconut water in your diet to regain the lost minerals. Eat fruits with high water content such as muskmelon, watermelon, cucumbers and tomatoes to include nutrients in your system.

Protection: Wear a scarf or a stylish hat to match your outfit as well as protect your mane from the sun rays. Preferably use a cotton one and tie it loosely so that it does not hinder circulation.

Use a mild Shampoo: In summers, excess sweat can clog your hair follicles, capturing dirt and bacteria. It is important to use a gentle shampoo that gets the job done without stripping your hair of moisture.

Condition: Use a conditioner to provide texture and strength to your hair. They also lend a coating on the hair that makes it shiny and creates a thin barrier from the sun rays.Limit styling tools: It is better to avoid heating tools as much as possible because additional heat can dry out your hair shafts. Also, use fewer hair products such as hairsprays and gels because they contain tons of chemicals that can cause damage by clogging the follicles mixed with sweat.

To know more about Haircare products and hair care natural Treatment make sure to first visit a trichologist and then follow the instructions based on your hair and scalp condition.Our hair goes through natural cycles of growth and fall. If you notice your hair is falling excessively, it could be due to other factors than the hot season. Contact a trichologist immediately.


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