07 . March . 2017 BY Dr. Sharmishtha Deshpande

There are certain reasons why we suffer from hair loss which varies from individual to individual but some of the very common reason which leads to hair fall in one could be due to hormonal imbalance, due to aging, stress, prolonged use of medications, unhealthy habits of diet and so on.

Thankfully you can now get perfect hairs seen in video, pictures and with the celebrities by following the hair fall solution tips mentioned below.

Hair Fall Solution for those beautiful, long and shiny hair is now easy to get. Simple home remedies and solutions like an oil massage with the right oil meant for your hair and scalp type is very relaxing and very effective for the positive growth and beautification of hair. The use of shampoos that are full of chemicals is harmful in the long term for the hair and the scalp so you surely need to avoid it instead of using a natural based shampoo.

Partial or Diffuse hair loss can be treated with the help of mintop containing minoxidil as a prime ingredient that is used to stimulate hair growth and slows down hair loss. However, this can at times have severe side effects like headache, itching, dizziness, irregular heartbeats and so on. So it is important to go for natural herbs. Consult a hair doctor who can diagnose your hair problem accurately and treat it in the best possible manner.

hair fall is a very delicate issue that has to be given proper attention. Indian women are generally anemic and nowadays it is also really common to see Vit D3 deficiency in them. Both iron and vitamin D3 deficiency is responsible for hair fall. Increase the intake of milk, cheese, ghee, and butter as well as getting exposed to the sun before 9 am in the morning improves the synthesis of Vit D3 in the body. You can also consider taking vitamin D3 supplements if it is a severe deficiency. Iron is also available from green leafy vegetables, jaggery, dates, and figs.

There are lots of hair fall and hair loss solutions available in the market and online in the form of videos. Also, there are different hair solution videos online which have illustrations of homemade hair packs with natural products but if you do not follow them under the supervision of a medical practitioner the chances of you getting side-effects or no results with the treatment would just increase.

The best hair fall solutions for hair is treating it the natural way with the help of products found in nature with the help of a trichologist. However other than this the basic hair care like combing, washing, drying and maintaining a perfect hair care regime should be taken care of to have healthy hair free of hair fall and other problems.

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This article will suggest certain hair fall control tips that will help you prevent and control loss of hair in men and women. Here are some useful tips that you should follow to get the desired results for your problems.

1) A healthy and nutritional diet is really very important and not only that you should also get tested for what deficiencies you have so accordingly a diet plan can be made by your trichologist for you. A regular diet consisting of vitamins, iron, and zinc along with calcium is a must.

2) Be careful with your hair routine. Proper hair care methods of washing and drying of hair are very important. If necessary take an expert’s advice on how to manage hair the way it should be done ideally. Don’t wait for your hair problems to get worst. Meet a hair doctor or a trichologist to get the best kind of hair fall treatments done for you.

3) Follow the instructions given by the expert to have the desired and long-lasting results. Don’t take the tips for hair loss given by the expert lightly. This may have adverse effects on your hair in the future.

4) All the natural remedies for hairfall suggested by the trichologist should be done strictly if you want to look confident of your hair. At times our friends suggest us some simple home remedy to cure the problem of hair-fall but remember it’s not necessary that this can work in your case as they are just opinions made without any basis of science and technology.

This can also lead to side-effects so be really very careful. Different people have different problems depending on the cause of the hair fall and so depending on these problems the hair expert suggests a proper course of action meant to solve your hair problem in best and the safest way. So even If the problem is not very severe it’s always better to take expert advice rather than just blindly following these tips. These are surely helpful in most of the cases of the hair fall problem even if it is very severe.

Once you get the desired results it is still advisable to pay a visit to the trichologist for hair fall control tips and this will help you in two ways:

1) It will help to take the best care of your hair and scalp so that you are far away from the hair problems which happens due to lack of right hair care. Hair fall control tips should be best used according to your hair type.

2) Any chronic problem can be diagnosed in its initial stage itself so that it can be treated in the best possible way.

Home remedies without consulting a trichologist can also prove dangerous on a longer run.

The best approach to solve all your hair fall problems and get the best of the hair fall control tips and Hairloss solution is by visiting a trichologist in RichFeel Clinic. RichFeel Clinic has got branches in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and other parts of India so visit the nearest branch right away to get the best hair fall control tips and to have the most desired hair you ever wished for…

What if you come to know that by following certain things in your routine you can really prevent your hair fall problems? Hair fall is one of the most common hair problems faced by males and females and it is increasing day by day. There can be many reasons for hair fall and one should find the cause of their hair fall problem with the help of a trichologist so that it can be treated in the best possible manner.

This article will reveal certain hair fall control tips which will help in preventing hair fall to a great extent. Just go through them one by one as it will help you greatly to prevent hair fall till eternity and it will also help in keeping your hair healthy.

Tip 1 – You should have a diet that is balanced in its nature and should include all the nutrients necessary for your hair. You can follow a good diet with the help of an expert. One thing that you need to make sure here is that the diet should not be generalized but it should be in accordance with your body type so that you can get the desired results.

Tip 2 – Follow the correct hair care routine from shampooing to combing your hair. It is really important to be regular in meeting the doctor in fact you should meet with your trichologist and discuss with the expert your hair care routine subjective to your hair and scalp type.

Tip 3 – Consult your trichologist on a regular basis and do not wait for worst to happen. This is an important step that you should not miss upon as prevention is always better than cure.

Tip 4 – Finally follow the guidelines suggested by the expert religiously if you want desired results.

This is equally important so if you follow everything mentioned above religiously there is no reason why you should not get compliments from your friends for having fabulous anytime and every time. To know more about hair fall, hair loss, dandruff Control, natural remedies and Tips make sure to visit one of the trichologists of the RichFeel Clinic. RichFeel Clinic in India specializes in giving the right kind of HAIR FALL CONTROL TIPS.Remember one thing Hair fall solution if taken seriously will help you in the long run to have gorgeous hair for life…

We always thought of hair fall being an external problem created only due to filthy habits of hair care, but it will be surprising for you to find out that there is much more to it.

Remedy for hair fall was only in the form of application of expensive products that was everyone’s lookout which changed all of a sudden when we realized that a healthy diet plan is really important for the proper growth of hair rather than the usage of expensive products.

A healthy diet is one that consists of all the important nutrients like proteins, vitamins, minerals like iron, calcium and zinc. This nutrient found in food is very essential to get that silky and shiny hair. Have lots of green leafy veggies, dry fruits, and dairy products to get these nutrients in abundance.

Other problems like dandruff, pimples and dark circles can also be present along with hair fall for people who are suffering from hormonal problems. Simple home remedies and medical help for solving hormonal problems can further help in solving pimples, dandruff, and dark circles.

It is absolutely necessary to use right kind of natural external applications and treatments instead of using expensive fragrance based shampoos and conditioners that do no good and is a total waste of money. If you feel genuinely that the problem of hair fall is bigger than what it is actually seen then the only option left out is to meet a trichologist and do a proper capilloscopic examination and all the other useful tests as required by your hair condition for regrowing and maintaining hair on scalp.

Alopecia is a serious problem in which there is hair loss in patches on the scalp which should not be ignored. To control alopecia with medicine you surely need to see a doctor rather than just using any medicine without any references. Generally the experts may suggest some supplements to be taken.

You should follow the advice religiously for best and optimum results. Some doctors may also prescribe some multivitamins and protein supplements for the hair and at the same time suggest some foodstuffs that have these nutrients which need to be followed for maintaining the results. Dry hair also leads to hair loss due to tangling of hair in which one should try out some hair packs with ayurvedic ingredients in it as a remedy for hair fall in dry hair.

A change in your lifestyle can also save you a lot of hair. Are you wondering how? Well, it is a very simple and sure-shot remedy for hair fall and that is by leading a stress free life. There are 3 ways of having a peaceful and stress free lifestyle.

1) Sleep well – Have a proper sleep of minimum 6 hrs in a day but if possible then try for sleeping at least 8 hours a day as we have a busy and hectic day ahead.

2) Meditation and Exercise – Meditation helps you a lot to combat your stress and tensions rather than opting for medications. Your mind stays cool and relaxed. Exercising makes you a lot fitter which in turn makes you feel good.

3) Head massage – Massaging is a best way to relief all your stress and worries. It increases blood flow to the scalp which in turn is a good sign for the prevention of thinning of hair by decreasing stress.

Whenever you visit the parlor to do some hair or skin treatments you will find many women who continuously keep ironing their hair and get their hair in a real bad state.Though surely this is a fact which is known to most of us but still we neglect it and continue to get exposed to such harmful treatments. That’s where we have decided to write this article to notify all of you the hazards of using heating machines and how to prevent Hair Loss caused by using it. Blow drying, ironing and curling your hair is very essential these days for styling but be sure of the side-effects it can cause to your hair.

Hair can be saved from these heating machines if you carefully use them with precautions. Always use a heat protector spray or conditioner containing glycerin and propylene glycol as these reduce water evaporation in the hair while blow drying. Heat protective serums can be of great use to you and also remember to use low heat while blow drying to minimize the damage on hair. While ironing your hair make it a point that your hair are not very dry as that causes cracking of cuticles along the edges. To reduce the damage done by ironing always use a conditioner with cetrimonium chloride in it as it will make the hair stronger to avoid breakage and also after that use a heat protective serum before ironing.

How to prevent hair fall is what you are always thinking of. Well its time you stop thinking and take some serious action to avoid falling of hairs. Cleanliness for hair is as necessary as for the body. People often share their same towel in the gym with their friend which is not right. The sweat on the towel contains bacteria which passes on to you and causes dandruff on the scalp. Hairfall in men is mainly caused due to genetic reasons and stress on the work front, is also one of the reasons for hairfall. Stress can be managed with some simple steps like having a proper sleep of minimum 8 hours a day and also having meals on time.

Meditation and yoga have proved to be very useful in combating stress and also gets you some peace of mind. Massaging is one the best therapies for stress management, in fact oil massage on the scalp has other benefits too. Oiling your hair and scalp nourishes and strengthens the hair follicles to make it stronger and protects it from breakages and damages. Different kinds of oil are available in the market for different hair and scalp types, you can choose according to the need of your hair and scalp with the help of the trichologists.

Although there are many home remedies for dandruff which can help you like using baking soda and apple cider vinegar mixed with water which is easily found in your kitchen. The thing what you need to understand out here is that these home remedies may be suitable for few scalp types only. It is always better to follow a systematic approach for treating the dandruff by visiting the trichologist and diagnosing your dandruff type and severity and then accordingly treat it.

Do you know how to prevent hair fall naturally? Natural oil is used as the oldest way of treating dandruff. Just massage your hair and scalp with oil and keep it overnight wash it off next day in the morning to get rid of dandruff. Lemon is one of the most useful fruit found in your kitchen that helps in treating dandruff which is caused due to hard water exposure. Squeezing a lemon in a bucket full of water and then use it for shampooing your scalp will give you flake free scalp. This exercise will help in neutralizing the hardness of the water. All these are simple home remedies to treat dandruff without using any expensive products on your hair so make sure to follow it.

To prevent hairloss and stop hairfall naturally you need to take basic care of your hair to get shiny and beautiful hair that you always wished for.If you want to know more about how to prevent hairfall then make sure that you visit a trichologist in RichFeel Clinic. RichFeel Clinic has got branches in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and other parts of India so visit the nearest branch right away to get your hair and scalp concerns solved in the best manner…

For any further knowledge on remedy for hair fall you must visit a trichologist at RichFeel Clinic which has branches all over India in cities like Bangalore, Pune,Mumbai and Delhi. Its a one stop destination for all your hair and scalp problems.


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