15 . July . 2019 BY Dr. Sharmishtha Deshpande

A receding hairline is every man’s biggest problem, quite like hair thinning or hair loss is a nightmare for women. These problems manifest without any warning and are only increasing in today’s world, thanks to the rising pollution and a stressful lifestyle. There are many ways of taming the demon that is extreme hair fall, but not one does wonders like a Hair Transplant.

How has Haircare evolved over the years?

Hair has always enjoyed great significance, a status symbol, a social symbol, beyond what it actually is. So what is it exactly? – Our body’s barometer, an indicator of our health’s wellness, a yardstick of our mental health, a protective shield.

The way one looks at Hair has surely evolved over time. But describe it anyway, what truly strikes a chord even today is – Hair as your crowning glory, a measure of your gender and sexuality. This viewpoint has remained a constant over the ages and the importance given to hair care follows suit.

Hair care tips have been passed from generation to generation and so, even today, with the wonders of science and technology all around us, most of us continue to look at age-old wisdom for advice. While of course, many of these home truths that we cling to have a grain of truth in them, in the context of modern living, they need to be firmly qualified; and do they really hold true in these changing times? Over the years, many of such myths surrounding the topics have been bust by science and awareness.

The advancements in technology have entirely overhauled the process of hair care. Trichology, as a science, was unknown until a few decades ago. In India, Trichology was introduced three decades ago by the first Trichologists of the country, the Shahs, founders of RichFeel. They have since pioneered path-breaking technology, unique, patented treatments and solutions to combat hair and scalp problems.

Thanks to such remarkable advancements in this field, now, there is a multitude of treatments, solutions and sophisticated hair transplant methods & techniques available, that can help you get your crowning glory back, and make hair loss a thing of the past.

Why is specialised care needed? Who needs it?

Trichology is an individual branch of medicine today. A Trichologist has answers to ‘All things – Hair’; things which are not subject to the naked lay eye of yours, things that won’t end with your home remedies, things which are way more serious than what they appear to be.

Gone are the days when hair concerns were addressed along with everything else, by our general practitioner. When there is someone available so, who can truly address your specific concerns, shouldn’t you go for this specialised care? Indeed you should!

This becomes even more relevant when you are someone dealing with male pattern baldness or female pattern thinning. These are issues which cannot be resolved with generic treatment but need specialised care. A consultation with a trichologist can throw light on the root cause and with a clear diagnosis, a relevant path forward can be taken under supervision.

Hair loss can be reversible & irreversible. Reversible hair loss means the hair root remains functional, and all the losses can 100% reversed, but the most common pattern seen as MPT or FPT is irreversible hair loss. So the only way to restore such hair loss is to get a hair transplant done.

Hair Transplant is perhaps a method which was hitherto not seen as a go-to solution. While men have been more open to it, at large, women have generally never even considered this as a feasible option. In fact, it’s a myth that women can’t go bald. Over time, with growing awareness, Hair transplant has become a solution that many are opting for. And yes, it’s an option for all genders.

For more on Hair transplant, whom it can help and how do read our blogs on the topic.

What makes Hair Transplant the ideal choice?

A hair transplant is a surefire way of being able to see rapid improvements in the health of your hair. Hair transplant involves harvesting the hair follicles from those areas of the scalp where the growth of hair is better and permanent (known as donor areas) and implanting them in the areas of hair loss using surgical methods. The best part is that this process is minimally invasive. Given its desirable results and the number of satisfied people who have tried it, it’s perhaps why more and more people are choosing this option.

The process of hair transplant leaves nothing to chance. Effective, painless, and organic in the way it takes care of hair loss, coupled with the fact that it is one of the least expensive medical procedures to be carried out on the human body, the hair transplant procedure emerges as a clear choice for people looking to fight baldness due to hair loss.

How does it work?

First, the actual area of the scalp that needs a transplant is one of the primary things that is taken into consideration before the transplant procedure. After this, the process entails a careful study and selection of the total number of hair follicles needed to be extracted. The duration of the procedure and the number of sessions required is decided based on these two primary inspections.

Such a comprehensive solution to tackle hair loss is cost-effective, transparent, and efficient – and also gives you back your natural look. This awareness is what is pushing more and more people to opt for it.

If you have been pining to get that natural look of your hair back and have been missing it due to gradual hair loss, then there’s just no better solution for your problem, than a hair transplant. Many professionals in this space are there to help you. Thorough research will help you pick out the best clinic/professional in your vicinity.

Which method of Hair Transplant should you choose?

There were traditionally two types of hair transplant methods – Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). However, a fairly new technique is gaining limelight these days, and rightly so. It’s known as Aesthetic Hair Implants and performs much better than the traditional technique. It’s faster and requires little aftercare.

It is important to understand what each of the methods can offer you and where to get the procedure done from. Choosing the right clinic and method can ensure desired results. Hair Transplant is a surgical procedure; hence you would need to go to a place where they have the right blend of high medical expertise and advanced technology to aid the process. You need a reputed hair transplant clinic which can offer such a blend, encourage awareness of the process, guide you right and stay with you every step of the journey. Make sure your choice ticks all the boxes on your checklist.

To find which suits you better, consult a professional trichologist who’ll guide you through the process right from the beginning – the diagnosis of your problem. Being confronted with the problem of hair loss is not a choice, but providing a permanent solution for it is indeed a choice – your choice.
Can your Hair be restored to its natural state? Yes.
Invest wisely. Invest in yourself. Take action today.

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