18 . March . 2019 BY Dr. Sharmishtha Deshpande

Everyone has heard about Hair Transplants being the best option for regaining hair naturally but few know what it involves, what needs to be considered about when, where & how to get it done. More often than not, in the sheer desperation of moving on with it at earliest, clearly having pondered over it for long, you just jump right into it without giving due consideration to some very key factors.

You may have read our earlier blogs on the 5 Ws of Hair Transplant & questions you may have had about the procedure. Also, our breakdown of which is the best method to adopt for the process. If you haven’t yet read them, please do so. Awareness is the most important! Any decision that you take, needs to be a well-informed one, as in the case with anything in life!

You buy the best laptop, phone, TV (or anything for that matter!) after doing a great deal of research about options, brands and trends. It’s a matter of your looks, your time, your money, your image, your hair, and your life. Do take time to know everything and keep yourself abreast with information on hair transplant before actually going for it.

Here, we give you a quick checklist of must-knows about hair transplant and how it’s done at RichFeel, India’s largest exclusive Hair & Scalp care network & pioneers in the field of Surgical Hair Restoration.

1. Use of Advanced & Best-in-Class Technology for your Transplant – Aesthetic Hair Implants (AHI) technique.

RichFeel through its alliance with Ailesbury Hair Clinic of London introduced AHI to India. It is a minimally invasive procedure, using the patented Foli Pen and Extractor, which can create a natural hairline with maximum density and has the fastest recovery time. Click here to learn more about AHI at RichFeel.

2. Use of Patented Mechanized Extractor that can place 3,000 to 4,500 hairs in a single sitting.

The one-of-its-kind extractor gives the ability to safely and conveniently place 3,000 to 4,500 hairs in a single sitting. The high efficiency and accuracy level of the extractor, carefully handled by a skilled & intensely trained surgeon delivers this result.

3. Procedure using punch grafts of 0.7 – 0.9 mm diameter – No stitches, no linear scarring.

The tiny punch grafts of this diameter specification are much smaller than the conventional FUE techniques leaving no scope of linear scarring. Extraction marks are close to invisible.

4. Implant about 60-70 hairs per sq.cm. which is vital for a high-density end result.

Per sq.cm. density placement is vital for a high-density end-result. AHI Implants about 60-70 hairs per sq.cm. which is way more than with any of the conventional methods.

5. Use of Foli Pen Technology for natural zigzag hairline

The unique Foli Pen technology does not make a slit in the frontal hairline and can create a natural (zig-zag) frontal hairline. This is not offered in the traditional surgical hair restoration procedures.

6. No. of hours per session/ sitting – 4-6 hours only; with required breaks if needed.

RichFeel takes the utmost care with it’s patient’s comfort and convenience while ensuring that the desired results are delivered. 3,000 to 4,500 hairs are placed in a sitting that does not take more than 6 hours. Sufficient breaks are given to the patient during the process, to ensure comfort.

7. State-of-the-art Operation Theatre to handle surgeries under local anaesthesia; with hygiene, procedure & emergency protocols in place.

Off lately there are several stand-alone clinics and offices that have been set up, offering hair transplants. Hair transplant is not something that can be done off a salon technician’s chair. It needs the right OT environment, equipped with required hygiene, procedural and emergency protocols in place, duly supervised by surgeons.
RichFeel houses State-of-the-art Operation theatre, completely equipped to handle surgeries under local anesthesia, as with the hair transplant procedure.

8. In-depth pre-procedure tests & medical history review carried out by a qualified doctor during consultation before surgery; to ensure the good health & fitness of the patient.

Every patient undergoes a very detailed consultation process with the Doctors at RichFeel. Complete medical history, lifestyle practices and diet are thoroughly run through. Prescribed pre-procedure tests are conducted before the surgery, to ensure that the patient is in the right health & fitness mode for the surgery. And these assessments are made by highly qualified & richly experienced doctors.

9. Surgery performed exclusively by intensely trained & qualified Cosmetic Surgeon / Surgeon / Dermatologist; certified by internationally accredited AHI, London.

Hair restoration surgery is an art that the surgeons master, with rigorous training and practice. The finesse of results depends on the technique and the instruments used. Only a trained surgeon can guide you correctly as to how the restoration can be done and what you can expect with the surgery.
Surgeries at RichFeel are handled exclusively by intensely trained & qualified Cosmetic Surgeon / Surgeon / Dermatologist who are certified by the internationally accredited AHI, London.

10. No-Shave option (procedure without shaving scalp ) available on consultation with the doctor.

This option being available opens up the hair transplant option to many more, especially women who are apprehensive about having to shave the head completely for the process. During the consultation process, this option is thoroughly discussed and assessed whether it can be performed so for the individual patient. It is then taken forward on mutual agreement.

11. Transplanted hairs start to grow 2-3 months after surgery; 12 months to appreciate best results.

The implanted hair takes about 2 to 3 months to begin growing and it takes 12 months to appreciate the best results. Multiple reviews are made by the doctor in the intermediate time, to ensure that the progress is in order.

12. Routine hair care, styling, colouring can be done. Life is normal!

Hair transplant is the most suitable way to regain your natural hair. And the surgical process is to ensure that the results help you with regaining your normal routine! Hair regained from transplant behave just like your normal hair and all that that you do in regular routine can be done with the transplanted portion as well. Be it your regular hair care routine, colouring or styling. No restrictions whatsoever!

So that’s our basic checklist which you should go through and understand before stepping in for surgery! All of this and more is discussed during the consultation procedure by our doctors. RichFeel appreciates that each individual is different, and the journey with their hair is unique to them. Mass-solutions are never encouraged. Expectations are understood and mutually agreed upon before any treatment starts.

Book an appointment with our Hair Doctors today. Clear all those doubts clouding your mind and start your journey of having a great hair day, every day!


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