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First signs of Hair loss….

The first signs of hair loss inevitably lead to a quiet mild panic attack. And when you don’t see it stopping, this turns into extreme anxiety. It’s a nightmare turning into reality. This is followed by varied hurried reactions – changing shampoo, conditioner, ‘magic’ oil massage, off-the-shelf hair fall serum, salon spa sessions…advises flowing freely from all around.

Know this feeling? Been through it? And see no light on the horizon?
This page is for you.

So, how do you truly combat the cumulative damage to your hair caused by all the stress, fashion, unhealthy lifestyle or diet, pollution around, your PCOD or thyroid?

Those of you who follow our blogs know our philosophy. Take efforts to understand the root problem first and treat it appropriately.

Our hair reacts swiftly to changes in our body. It is nourished directly by the bloodstream and any change in blood content on account of medication, hormones or lack of nutrients results in hair and scalp problems.

Hair fall is nothing more than a signal of distress from within the body. Once the signal is recognized and the reason for it determined and treated, the hair goes back to its normal pattern of shedding — which is so subtle that we may not even realize it is happening.

So, what is ‘normal hair fall’?

Hair loss cannot be quantified, hence in some cases losing 30–40 strands of hair in a day would be abnormal and in some losing 100 strands of hair would be normal.

One of the most important criteria for determining hair loss is to find out about the anagen-telogen ratio, the A/T ratio as we call it. This is the ratio of growth to ratio of fall, during the hair growth cycle. Our hair does go through this natural cycle of growth & fall, and as part of this process, we lose a certain amount of hair after the hair has completed its period of growth.

However, there is no fixed number of hair strands that one should normally lose. Excessive hair loss simply means losing more hair than one naturally loses and that is definitely a cause of concern. A trichologist can check this by calculating your A/T ratio.

What causes excessive hair fall?

How do you understand what is ‘excessive’ hair fall and that what you are witnessing is not just a bad hair day? Most of us JUST KNOW. Don’t we? We, generally, are used to seeing a certain amount of hair strands on our comb or in our shower. So we definitely know when it is looking like it’s more than usual and if consistent at that!

Hair fall is caused by several internal and external factors, some in our control and some that are beyond. Stress, bad diet, hormonal imbalances, addiction to fashion trends, pollution…the list can be long. But whatever the reason, it can be frustrating no doubt.

Do read our blog listing the most common reasons for hair fall and more such information which you will find useful, to truly understand hair fall.

Remember, if you notice abnormal hair fall or excessive dryness of your hair and scalp and dandruff that refuses to clear, it is time to take notice and seek professional help.

What is then your ideal solution?

Your ideal solution is that which will fight hair fall 360*.

No. Not just a change in your shampoo. Not a sudden regimen with that ‘magical’ hair oil that promises 3X growth in 2 weeks. And definitely not your salon spa session which is, dare we say, nothing more than a glorified massage! While you will step out feeling relaxed, it will not quite solve your hair fall problem!

What you need is

  1. a thorough detailed diagnosis of your hair and scalp by a trichologist
  2. a good understanding of your medical case history, diet & lifestyle
  3. a solution that addresses the hair fall problem internally, externally and therapeutically
  4. a scientific solution to a problem that is clearly deep-rooted in science

You ask us, is there one place where you can get all of this sorted?
Yes, indeed there is. RichFeel.

RichFeel’s revolutionary Tricho Scalp Treatment, TST+

TST+ is RichFeel’s unique offering to combat Hair fall. It is a Patented Technique from Austria, collaboratively brought to India by RichFeel. A 360* therapy to nourish and stimulate hair.

It is an advanced treatment, designed to address the hair concerns & needs of men and women of today by disinfecting, detoxifying and rejuvenating your hair and scalp, thereby controlling hair fall.

It is unique in that it is the only such treatment that uses manual lymph drainage for detoxification and rejuvenation of hair follicles.

The lymphatic system which is the secondary circulatory system, carrying nutrition, oxygen and toxins. So, with this treatment, the scalp is detoxified thereby increasing the nutrition and oxygen supply to the hair follicles. This helps in strengthening and stimulating the hair follicles, helping control hair fall, and stimulating hair growth. Click here to read more about the treatment and the process.

TST+ thus effectively combats diffuse hair loss by approaching the problem in a holistic manner – internally and externally.

The most common causes of diffuse hair loss are:

  1. Poor hair and scalp hygiene
  2. An after-effect of acute illness (typhoid, malaria, dengue)
  3. Sudden emotional stress or shock
  4. Poor diet
  5. Post pregnancy
  6. Hormone Imbalance
  7. Acute weight loss
  8. Anaemia
  9. Self-induced hair loss
  10. Nutritional deficiency

If you can relate your hair fall problem to any of these points above, TST+ is the ideal solution for you. But yes, your doubts need professional validation. Which is why we always insist on seeking professional advice.

TST+, as with any other treatment at RichFeel, is initiated only after a thorough consultation process with the Trichologist. A detailed discussion is had on the medical case history, diet & lifestyle. It is to understand the problem from the very root level so that the solution provided addresses all these elements of the individual.

A physical Hair & scalp check is conducted through a 2-step diagnostic process.

  • Trichogram – For Hair Analysis
  • Capilloscopy – For Scalp Analysis

TST+ is initiated after this thorough process is complete. This not only gives the trichologist a clear view of your problem, to prescribe the treatment & appropriate schedule for you but also helps you understand your own hair’s health. As we always say, do stay updated and aware of your hair’s health; ensure that you clearly understand the concerns in-depth before going ahead with a solution.

Here are some key highlights of TST+
  • Using Manual Lymph Drainage technique, TST+ features a 3 Step procedure to detoxify & rejuvenate the hair follicles, controlling hair loss effectively.
  • Benefits of TST+
    • Strengthens hair follicles
    • Protects hair shaft & follicles
    • Disinfects, Detoxifies & Rejuvenates the scalp
  • It is a simple, hassle-free yet effective technique to take care of your hair on a regular basis.
  • 360* treatment spread over 3 Months – 6 Clinic Sittings + Home Care Kit + Hair supplements (internal + external + therapeutic treatment)

This treatment is not only curative but also preventive by nature. This helps is not just controlling the hair fall problem that you may be presently facing, but also addresses the overall health of your hair and scalp. Precisely why TST+ needs to be your go-to solution for hair fall!

So wait no more. Stop experimenting and book an appointment to meet a Trichologist.

Prevention is better than cure. In today’s world, we exercise our body, look after our skin but pay little attention to hair. Tricho Scalp Treatment is the perfect way to take care of your hair on a regular basis.

With care, foresight and a little help from your Trichologist, you can have the hair of your dreams!

TST+ Hair Fall Control Program is now available to you, to effectively combat your hair fall, at just Rs.2,000 per month! See results in just 3 months!

Time to think beyond your shampoo, oil, trim and spa routine!
Time to TST+

Stay updated on all things Hair! Catch up on our blogs on hair care, hair loss, hair treatments and more. Connect with us on social media. Reach out to us with your questions and be assured of answers!



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