08 . February . 2019 BY Dr. Sharmishtha Deshpande

How & what can hair tell you about your body? What does hair have to do with the minerals in your body? How can studying strands of hair help you in your body healing process? We are going to answer these questions here today.

We live in a modern world, with its fast-changing lifestyle norms, fashion, high stress and a fragile ecosystem – all of which have become modern-day maladies. All this results in mineral imbalance and a high level of toxicity in our body, and we are oblivious to it.

It wouldn’t be wrong to state that minerals are the most important constituent of every cell in our body since they are necessary for proper cellular function. Moreover, all bodily functions depend upon the mineral balance in the body and their action. Vitamins are required for every physical & biochemical process. However, vitamins cannot work unless minerals are present in the right proportions.

Minerals are needed for healing, and when the body has access to the necessary minerals, then tissue rebuilding occurs spontaneously. It hence becomes extremely relevant and crucial to understand the mineral balance in our body, identify shortfalls and address them on priority.

Thus, the mineral analysis is an essential tool for testing patients for imbalances, thus serving as an important diagnostic preventive method for a lot of our illnesses, right from aches & pains to conditions ranging from depression, behavioral disorders to cardiovascular and neurological diseases.

What Is the Role Of Hair In Mineral Analysis?

For mineral analysis of the body, hair is the best medium. It is an ideal tissue for sampling and testing.

Firstly, hair works best since it can be cut easily and painlessly and can be sent to the lab without special handling requirements.
Secondly, if a sample is obtained correctly, then it can indicate mineral status and toxic metal accumulation following long term or even acute exposure.

A Hair test reveals intracellular activity, which cannot be seen through the blood and urine test. Hair is also a storage tissue and a tissue that the body uses for excreting excessive amounts of toxic metals. Therefore it is an excellent place to measure these items.

So, is Hair just of aesthetic appeal & importance? No!

Hair is the body’s barometer of its health, so if you have good hair, it simply means that you are healthy from within. Which brings us to one of the most sophisticated screening tests in preventive medicine – HTMA.

What Is HTMA?

The Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) was introduced in India for the first time by RichFeel, the name that’s synonymous with hair & scalp care in the country.

HTMA screens and measure the levels of 37 minerals in the hair tissue. Over the last 15 years, HTMA has been a useful analytical test to measure the mineral content of the hair and body in the United States of America. But people in India are fairly unaware of this amazing screening test.

The tests are performed with highly sophisticated detection equipment to achieve accurate and precise results. It provides a blueprint of the biochemistry occurring during the period of hair growth and development.

Importance Of Minerals For Hair

If you have the right balance of minerals in your body, then it will not only strengthen your physique but also support healthy hair. There are certain types of minerals crucial for healthy hair and aid in preventing hair loss.

Copper, iron, silicon and zinc are vital minerals that need to be in balance with each other. If one mineral is in excess then it can cause an imbalance in another. A trichologist can help understand the significance of this for your hair.

What Leads To Mineral Imbalance?
  • Diet – An unhealthy diet, through a high intake of refined and processed foods, alcohol and fad diets, can lead to a chemical imbalance. Benefits from a ‘healthy’ diet also depend on the soil in which the food was grown or the method in which it was prepared, so it may not give all the expected nutrients.
  • Stress – Physical or emotional stress is one of the critical factors that can deplete the body of many nutrients while also reducing the capability to absorb and utilize many nutrients.
  • Medications – Medications can deplete the body store of nutrient minerals and/or increase the levels of toxic metals. These medications include diuretics, antacids, aspirin and oral contraceptives.
  • Pollution – Through the various stages of one’s life, an average person is continually exposed to a variety of toxic metals, which can contribute to nutrient imbalances and adverse metabolic effects.
  • Nutritional Supplements – Taking unsupervised, incorrect or improper amounts of supplements can contribute to an overall biochemical imbalance.
  • Inherited Patterns – Many become predisposed to mineral imbalances & deficiencies, due to hereditary patterns.

It is key to note that body nutrients are not just vital to your overall health but is critical for the health of your hair as well. While our bodies need a variety of vitamins and minerals to support certain functions, there are specific ones that will promote healthy hair. Click here to know more.

RichFeel’s HTMA takes cognizance of all of above, and doctors help one take preventive steps, in the direction towards healthy body and hair.
The knowledge that HTMA provides is truly powerful & golden! It lets you customize your healing regimen (including what you eat & corrections to lifestyle) to understand and rightly address your own body’s biochemistry. RichFeel’s trichologists play a significant role in this process. They invest time in understanding you, your medical history, your needs, your lifestyle, decipher the analysis for you, and guide you on the right path forward for overall wellness – nutrition, diet & the right supplements being key.

It is thus fairly evident that HTMA needs to be part of your annual health check-up!
Get started right away – Consult RichFeel and get a hair check done today!


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