15 . February . 2019 BY Dr. Sharmishtha Deshpande

You may have heard or read that Laser Hair Reduction doesn’t happen at one shot and needs multiple sittings. It’s true! And you should know why it is so!

We are going to help you understand here today why it is so, the science behind this need and how to get the most desired results with Laser Hair Removal Technology.

Laser Hair Reduction, is, without doubt, the best possible option for you to get rid of unwanted body hair, permanently. It beats out the traditional methods of shaving, waxing or threading any day.

You shave, but again in a few days, there is a crop of new growth which is prickly and unbidden. If you are someone who waxes by practice, you know how frustrating the wait for hair to grow ‘just the right length’ can be. Waxing or shaving regularly becomes a chore. It’s frustrating and it comes in the way of your routine. The time & money you spend on this fortnightly/monthly temporary fix can surely be utilised better! These conventional hair removal methods are tiresome; more & more people are opting for the modern painless laser treatment for hair removal. Laser Hair Removal treatment is a reliable and valid method because it promises a permanent reduction of hair growth anywhere in the body.

Let’s now address a commonly asked question: Does hair grow back after laser treatment?
Yes. But wait, that’s not the whole answer!
The full answer lies in the science behind this.


The most common misconception is that laser hair reduction needs just one sitting to get rid of all unwanted hair. And the frequent feedback you may get from people who have just about started laser hair reduction treatment is – my hair is growing back! You start to worry when you see some hair after one sitting of laser hair removal treatment. You begin to question its claims of removing hair permanently. All this will be clear if we understand how our hair grows on our body and scalp. Let us journey with our hair from its birth in the hair follicle to its final length.

Every single hair goes through a 3-phase life cycle, and not all are in one phase at the same time! Here are the three phases:

1. Anagen Phase: This is the growing phase where cell division takes place. The ‘baby’ hair grows, sustained by nourishment from the papilla. The older cells, which are dead, are pushed outward and become keratinised and lasts for about three years. On average, 85% of follicles are in the anagen phase at a given time.

2. Catagen Phase: This is a transitional phase which lasts for about a month and marks the end of the growth period. The hair has now come of age. The hair follicle shrinks, the lower part is destroyed, and the dermal papilla breaks away to rest below. On average, 1% of follicles are in this stage at a given time.

3. Telogen Phase: This is the final phase or the falling phase, which lasts for about three months. It is now time for the strand of hair to say goodbye and fall off. The circle starts again, and hair follicle then re-enters the anagen phase. At a given time, approximately 15% of all hair is in this phase.


Laser hair reduction process focuses light energy on individual hair follicles, targeting the dark pigment in them – in the Anagen phase, and destroys them. But, due to the growth cycle, not all hair is at the same point of the life cycle. Hence, some hair follicles do not get damaged by the laser during the particular sitting and will continue to grow. So, you need a series of laser sessions for permanent hair reduction to target individual hairs at different growth cycles.

Over the course of the treatment, with multiple sittings, you will find that there is a significant reduction in the number of hair-producing follicles. It is thus right to say that laser hair removal is permanent hair reduction. With each passing session/sitting, you are in fact permanently attacking & reducing the number of hair-producing follicles.

Each session will work on the balance of follicles in their growth cycle for smooth and hair-free skin for the long term. With every siting, the diameter of hair becomes thinner, density becomes lesser and eventually leads to permanent removal of hair. After six to eight treatments, we can see a marked reduction in hair. If there is any regrowth, it can be managed with touch up treatments in every six to twelve months. Most patients do experience some fine re-growth, perhaps after a year or so later. Typically one maintenance sitting per year helps maintain excellent results.

This is because the growth rate varies from person to person, his/her age, his/her diet etc. There are approximately 25 hair growth cycles during a man or woman’s life. Hair grows more quickly in summer than in winter, and faster in the young than in the old. The shedding of hair, which continues throughout life, is greatest in winter. Further, one experiences hormonal changes throughout one’s lifetime, that has a direct impact on one’s hair growth cycle. The hair type and skin tone can also affect hair removal.

Due to these reasons, you need a Hair Doctor to carefully distinguish the hairs between various growth cycles, and prescribe you the right treatment, to give you long lasting desired results. More so, it is a myth that this treatment is just a cosmetic procedure and there is no need to consult a doctor for the same! Medical history is very important to be looked into! Some disorders & medications have relative contraindications to Laser.

With extremely advanced technologies such as the Cool Brush Technology, pioneered in India by RichFeel, at affordable costs, laser hair reduction has become easily accessible to all, and absolutely pain-free at that. This Cool Brush technology takes out the ‘heat’ factor from laser treatment, leaving you with the sensation of having an ice cube rubbed on your skin! It’s absolutely pain-free, takes half the time per session and you can walk out of a session and resume your day just where you left it. Choose the right Clinic and the right technology for the best results.

So! We hope we have answered those questions in your mind on laser hair reduction. Do read our blog on things you need to know before going in for the laser procedure and much more such interesting information on laser hair reduction!

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