Remedy for hair Fall – To Its Simplest

We always thought of hairfall being an external problem created only due to filthy habits of hair care, but it will be surprising for you to find out that there is much more to it.

Remedy for hair fall was only in the form of application of expensive products that was everyone’s lookout which changed all of a sudden when we realized that a healthy diet plan is really important for the proper growth of hair rather than the usage of expensive products.

A healthy diet is one which consists of all the important nutrients like proteins, vitamins, minerals like iron, calcium and zinc. This nutrient found in food is very essential to get that silky and shiny hair. Have lots of green leafy veggies, dry fruits and dairy products to get these nutrients in abundance.

Other problems like dandruff, pimples and dark circles can also be present along with hair fall for people who are suffering from hormonal problems. Simple home remedies and medical help for solving hormonal problems can further help in solving pimples, dandruff and dark circles.

It is absolutely necessary to use right kind of natural external applications and treatments instead of using expensive fragrance based shampoos and conditioners that do no good and is a total waste of money. If you feel genuinely that the problem of hair fall is bigger than what its actually seen then the only option left out is to meet a trichologists and do a proper capilloscopic examination and all the other useful tests as required by your hair condition for regrowing and maintaining hair on scalp.

Alopecia is a serious problem in which there is hairloss in patches on the scalp which should not be ignored. To control alopecia with medicine you surely need to see a doctor rather than just using any medicine without any references. Generally the experts may suggest some supplements to be taken.

You should follow the advice religiously for best and optimum results. Some doctors may also prescribe some multi vitamins and protein supplements for the hair and at the same time suggest some foodstuffs that have these nutrients which needs to be followed for maintaining the results. Dry hair also leads to hairloss due to tangling of hair in which one should try out some hair packs with ayurvedic ingredients in it as a remedy for hair fall in dry hair.

A change in your lifestyle can also save you a lot of hair. Are you wondering how? Well it is very simple and sure shot remedy for hair fall and that is by leading a stress free life. There are 3 ways of having a peaceful and stress free lifestyle.

1) Sleep well – Have a proper sleep of minimum 6 hrs in a day but if possible then try for sleeping at least 8 hours a day as we have a busy and hectic day ahead.

2) Meditation and Exercise – Meditation helps you a lot to combat your stress and tensions rather than opting for medications. Your mind stays cool and relaxed. Exercising makes you a lot fitter which in turn makes you feel good.

3) Head massage – Massaging is a best way to relief all your stress and worries. It increases blood flow to the scalp which in turn is a good sign for the prevention of thinning of hair by decreasing stress.

For any further knowledge on remedy for hair fall you must visit a trichologist at Richfeel Clinic which has branches all over India in cities like Bangalore, Pune,Mumbai and Delhi. Its a one stop destination for all your hair and scalp problems.