07 . March . 2017 BY Dr. Sharmishtha Deshpande

Hair Styling :
Changing the look of the hair is a time consuming process. With changing trends, it’s difficult to stick to one particular hairstyle. The solution lies in opting for hair styling agents that temporarily style hair. These includes hair rollers and dryers.

Hair rollers and dryers are applied to hair to create waves or to accentuate a style. The process involves applying high heat, which in turn damages the scalp and leads to damaged hair follicles. High heat and the lengthy duration of the process damage the structure of the hair and make it brittle. Steam inside the hair shaft also damages the hair. If one has to use a hair dryer, one must use moderate heat setting and never over dry the hair. Using cold hair dryer is a good option.

It is best to avoid tight ponytails and braids as they may cause breakage and tear of the hair shaft. Hair setting gels, hair serums, leave on conditioners and hair creams could also lead to deposition on the scalp and subsequent hair fall.

Another condition that can cause damaged hair is traction alopecia. It is a hair loss caused by continuous pressure on the hair due to fashionable hairstyles like ponytails, buns, braids. Over a period of time, this causes hair loss. Excessive traction over long time may result in permanent damage of hair follicle.

Conditions of hair due to fashion trends

1) Green hair – This condition is always associated with copper in the hair in some form and tends to affect bleached hair. This condition is never seen in black hair, as the green colour becomes lost in the background colour. Green hair may be a result of overexposure to swimming pool water, where chloride treatment or copper algicides are used. Green hair may also stem from high levels of copper in domestic water pipes.

2) Bubble hair – ­­People often realize that one day there were tiny bubbles at the end of their hair although they were doing the same things to their hair for a long time. Bubble hair is caused by some kind of heating appliance, most often curling irons. If the hot curling iron is put on the wet hair, it boils the water inside the hair. The boiling water softens the keratin of the cortex; then the steam from the boiling water expands and forms tiny bubbles inside the hair. Eventually, the hair breaks off at somewhere near a bubble.

Hair spray accumulation

Those who use hair spray, mousse and gel will have damaged hair. The quality of the hair gets affected.

To prevent damage caused to hair, Adhere to following tips:

If the hair turned green, then use shampoo containing chelating agent.
If suffering with bubble hair, then contact Trichologist.
Eat healthy food and drink plenty of water.
To maintain healthy hair, use Jaborandi oil at least 3 times a week and wash off with scalp cleanser.
Avoid physical and chemical abuse to hair.
Keep away from hairstyles that put pressure on hair
Condition the hair and scalp to keep it nourished.


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