28 . March . 2017 BY Dr. Sharmishtha Deshpande

RichFeel Trichology, India’s leading trichology chain which provides holistic solutions for hair, beauty and body care needs held the ‘Look Good Feel Better-The RichFeel Cancer Initiative’in celebration of those who have survived.

The participants united on 1st October, 2013 at the Nanavati Auditorium in the symbolic event to prove that life after cancer is meaningful, fruitful and inspirational.

Gracing the righteous cause with their presence were Ms. Priya Dutt, Member of Parliament and Trustee of Nargis Dutt Memorial Charitable, world’s leading Trichologists and the pioneer of Trichology in India, Dr. Apoorva Shah and Dr. Sonal Shah, the Founders of RichFeel, and Mr. Mickey Mehta, India’s leading Holistic Health Guru. Through its Look Good Feel Better program, RichFeel pledged to enrich the lives of the cancer patients and provide them a newfound confidence, while recognizing those who have supported them all the way.

RichFeel showcased the valiant survival stories of the cancer patients and generate funds for the righteous cause of providing subsidized or free medication, to treat the hair loss associated with the disease.

Priya Dutt, Member of Parliament and Trustee of Nargis Dutt Memorial Charitable,was requested to share few words about the occasion, said,“This occasion is a great initiative to salute those brave people who have won this battle of life bravely. We congratulate all awardees.”

Commenting on the event, Dr Apoorva Shah, Founder of RichFeel, world’s leading trichologist and the pioneer of Trichology in India, said,”Cancer patients lose their hope and dignity after they come to know that they are suffering from Cancer but through this kind of events we are helping them to give their strength and dignity back.”

On this occasion, Mickey Mehta said, “It is a noble cause for what RichFeel as an organization is working.It is never difficult to manage any disease but you should be stronger enough to handle disease and its consequences and also to head a good life ahead.”

‘Look Good Feel Better-The RichFeel Cancer Initiative’ is an Initiative by RichFeel on behalf of Menaxiben Shah & Rekhaben Shah Memorial Trust.

Hair loss occurs after undergoing chemotherapy sessions after sometime depending on the type and the dosage of the chemotherapy drug that one receives. During this phase most of us are desperate to know about best hair loss treatment after chemotherapy.

This article will highlight on the best hair loss treatment that can be followed after chemotherapy and also the other effects of chemotherapy treatment on the hair.

Chemotherapy sessions and hair loss goes hand in hand, keep reading this article for more information.

Basically these chemotherapy drugs are the powerful medications that affect only the rapidly growing cancer cells and unfortunately hair is one of the fastest growing organs in the body due to which it affects the cells present in the hair root to a very great extent.

Hair generally falls after 10 to 14 days after one starts taking the chemotherapy sessions and the hair fall may last up to a month after the completion of the chemotherapy sessions.

The hair which is lost due to the chemotherapy sessions takes about four to six weeks to start growing back. After the sessions of chemotherapy hair generally grows at the pace of quarter inch every month.

The best part about the hair loss after the chemotherapy is that most of the hair gets recovered and one can expect a scalp full of hair after 6 months to one year of stopping the chemotherapy medications.

The texture and the quality of the hair may be slightly different from the original hair but these changes are temporary and it gets recovered back to its original.

As the whole process of losing hair while undergoing chemotherapy sessions is described really traumatic but so far no process has been designed which can help in preventing hair loss while undergoing chemotherapy sessions but these are few of the things that one can follow to lessen the damage.

Cryotherapy method is one in which an ice pack can be placed on the scalp while taking chemotherapy session so that the blood supply of the scalp reduces due to which the chemotherapy drugs will have less effect of the hair of the scalp.

Like chemotherapy radiation also affects the faster growing cells of the body but unlike chemotherapy it only affects the area in an concentrated manner so it will affect the scalp only if head is getting the radiation and it such cases one generally gets a scarring baldness which cannot be recovered for life and one should opt for natural looking systems.

In cases of hair loss after cancer treatment trichologist plays a great role in tendering the right care and in making sure that the cancer patients have their pride and their confidence restored.

It?s really difficult for a person to maintain a natural image after hair loss but it depends a lot on the support that one receives from the family and the friends and therefore they also play a great role in helping the patient to come out of the trauma of hair loss.

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