07 . March . 2017 BY Dr. Sharmishtha Deshpande

Hair systems have quiet many advantages over hair extensions and this is what will be explained to you in this article so read it carefully…

Why does one need to wear hair extensions –

Hair extensions are basically temporary attachments to increase the volume, density and length of the hair and they are attached to the existing hair with the help of the clips. These hair extensions can be attached to the base of the scalp that is the occipital region or on the sides above the ears.

Disadvantages of wearing hair extensions –

As they can be attached only with the help of the clips they need to be removed on and off while sleeping. Also the long term usage of hair extensions can lead to traction alopecias due to the weight of the artificial hair on the natural hair.

They will never help in covering the bald patches on the scalp like the Revolutionary hair systems. It is really not possible to do any styling or any form of haircuts with hair extensions as done with hair systems. So for example if you want to go for fringes or anything similar then it is always better to go for hair systems.

Advantages of Hair Systems –

There are various options available like the clip, tape and glue attachment for hair systems so one has the freedom to choose from any of these options as per the convenience of the patient.

Also one can go for any form of hair cuts or styling method while using hair systems, in fact one can also opt for any hair color as well.

As the hair systems are attached from the scalp it helps giving a complete scalp coverage which would further help in covering off the bald patches on the scalp. So if someone is suffering from hair thinning issue in which the patient is facing both the problems of decreased volume and density as well as the bald patches then the best option that the patient should go for is the Revolutionary hair systems as it will not only help in increasing the volume and density but it will also help in hiding the bald patches which were visible before.

The cost for Hair Extensions varies depending on the length and the density of it.

Also the HAIR EXTENSIONS prices varies depending on the kind of hair that are used in extension (natural or artificial).

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