Before starting with anti-dandruff treatment what one should know is that Dandruff Remedies can Treat DANDRUFF but cannot Cure it so have the right expectations after you get started with your anti-dandruff treatment.

It is very important that you treat the dandruff before it is too late as severe dandruff leads to other problems like hair fall, low self-esteem, irritation etc…

Once you start from dandruff issues the first thing that you need to do is consult a trichologist as soon as possible for getting right treatment for cure for dandruff.

You need to follow a good hair care routine as per the scalp needs as suggested to you by the trichologist. Also make modifications in them as prescribed by the trichologist as per the results and the impact of the weather and the climatic conditions which can be best indicated on the regular follow-up visits with the trichologist.

The two examinations which are really important as far as the dandruff is concerned are capilloscopic examination and also the routine physical examination. This will help in assessing the type of dandruff and also the severity of dandruff.

It is always better to continue with the same externals even if the dandruff is better as it is rightly said in the beginning that dandruff cannot be cured but it can be controlled well enough.

Stress has been one of the most important factors which can aggravate dandruff problems so make sure to keep it under control. At times our patients complain that their life style is really very stressful and busy due to which they cannot get time to follow a de-stressing activity as well. For them in worst to worst condition they can at least listen to soft music before going off to sleep as it helps in giving a good sleep at night. So follow this tip if you want a correct cure for dandruff problem.

One thing which really needs to really understand is that except for the hair care routine given by the doctor one should totally avoid any other products on the scalp if they want the right cure for dandruff.

For those who are using conditioners for dry hair problems should apply it properly on the shaft of the hair and should avoid applying it on the scalp and after applying conditioner one should wash off the conditioner properly because if the residues of conditioners are left behind then it may give rise to dandruff problems.

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