Mr. Ajay Shaw from Lajpat Nagar Clinic, Delhi says

Once you turn bald, its forever! I believed it too until I visited Richfeel. I did not know that doctors are so confident about the hair regrowth after hair transplant. I have been a bald guy for more than 4 years and had given up on my condition. But, the doctors at Richfeel gave me confidence and reassured that hair transplant has a 100% success rate. The best part is the surgery does not leave a scar and extraction caused only a mild pain afterwards. I have a head full of hair now and not called a bald guy anymore! I am thankful to Richfeel and its doctors.


Mr. Darpan from Ghaziabad Clinic, Delhi says

Thanks to Richfeel, I got my confidence back. I had lost my self-esteem and confidence along with my hair. I had given up on my hair condition until I discovered a treatment at Richfeel. During consultation, doctor at Richfeel told me that, you can try hair transplant to regrow hair in the front side where there is bald patch. I underwent FUE transplant. The doctors did their job very skilfully and it was a successful procedure. Now I have hair in front and not worried about hiding the bald patches anymore. I am satisfied with the treatment at Richfeel.


Mr. Deepak Lochab from Rohini Clinic, Delhi says

I am very conscious about my looks and love to take care of my hair. But, I had noticed that my hair was falling and it also appeared very dull and lifeless. I tried changing my shampoo and tried some hair products. But nothing worked for me. I then decided to meet the experts at Richfeel. After understanding my lifestyle, the doctors recommended me certain diet changes, some special products for my hair and also suggested that I do hair transplant. I was explained how the treatment works to nourish my scalp and make the hair stronger. I will recommend trying Richfeel treatment to those who are dealing with similar hair problems.


Mr. Kuldeep Wai from Lajpat Nagar Clinic, Delhi says

I recently did a hair transplant at Richfeel and believe me I have never felt so confident before. Hair loss does not just affect your look but it also takes away all the confidence. When I started losing my hair 3 years ago, I used to hate meeting new people because I thought I looked very old to my age. After meeting doctors at Richfeel, they assured me that I can get my original look back with hair transplant. I was reluctant to go through surgery because I imagined it as an invasive procedure that can leave a big scar. But, the new FUE method of hair transplant did not leave any scar and yet was successful. Now I don’t shy away from meeting people because I am not bald anymore.

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  1. Adesh kori says

    Want th new hair n

  2. JyotiBaghate says

    I am 23 years old and in this age I am facing a lot of hair related problems. I was really very scared because I don’t know where to go and whether treatment will be effective or not. Then one of my cousin suggested me to have a treatment at richfeel. I am really happy that I gave a try to richfeel rather than any other clinic because the way doctors understood and solved my problem is really commendable. Thanks to richfeel.

  3. Anuja Wadhwa says

    Once i started loosing my hair i started loosing all my hopes that this problem will get cure. But thanks to richfeel for giving me hope again. They cured my problem in a span of six months. Thanks to doctors at richfeel. They really helped me alot

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