What is Premature Greying Hair?

Greying of hair at an early age is known as premature greying of hair. While reasons for white hair is mostly natural since it is a part of the ageing process, an excess of grey hair in people under the age of 30 is a cause for concern.

We need to dwell more on the subject of premature greying of hair to know the reasons for white hair and arrive at the best possible solution to prevent further premature greying of hair.

Signs & Symptoms Of Premature Greying Of Hair (White hair)

Even though greying of hair is an inevitable and irreversible reality of life, it is nevertheless associated with the age factor. Grey hair appears only when you grow old. Therefore, the subject of premature greying of hair causes is both intimidating and intriguing. If anything happens to us before time, it will mostly concern us and make us find a solution to the problems such as white hair at a young age.

Before finding the remedy for premature greying of hair, it is important to understand its signs and symptoms.

Greying of hair seen at a younger age, mostly below the age of 30.
Hair starts showing discolouration and grey hair start appearing, which may start spreading fast. It is clearly a case of white hair in young age.
Premature Greying Of Hair Causes.

Reasons for premature greying of hair include:

Heredity – It is seen in some families that greying of hair starts at a very early age.

Lack of nutrition – Diet deficiencies in essential minerals like iron, copper, & zinc may trigger premature greying or white hair in young age. Some vitamin deficiencies may also contribute to premature greying of hair.

Major illnesses such as vitiligo, thyroid disorders, anemia and vitamin B12 deficiency can also trigger premature greying of hair.
Mental stress can also aggravate premature greying.
Other lifestyle choices like smoking, faulty diet, excessive use of hair dryers, etc. can cause premature greying of hair.

Our Approach

Before we begin identifying the reasons for white hair, we should know the first signs and symptoms of white hair at a young age. It is crucial for us to understand that premature greying of hair is a controllable and not a curable problem. The focus is on arresting the spread of greying till the physiological age of greying i.e. 30 and above.

Premature Greying Of Hair Cure

A Clinic Expert will help you identify reasons for white hair before the age of 30. Patients under professional guidance will need to approach a specialist, for identifying the exact reasons for premature greying of hair.

Overall, it is a methodical procedure for holistic treatment of premature greying hair.

First and foremost, it is very important to establish the trust link between the trichologist and the patient. Once you visit the clinic to raise concerns about premature greying of hair, you should ideally focus on sharing each and every detail about your problem with the attending trichologist, to understand your concern.

The next step is a physical examination to do a rough evaluation on the percentage of greying in different anatomical areas of the scalp. Your clinical evaluation of premature greying will also involve determining factors like whether body hair is involved or not in the greying of hair process.
Depending upon genetic susceptibility, the age of the patient and nutritional status of the patient, a clear objective is set to identify reasons for white hair and causes of white hair on a personal level.
The next step towards prevention of premature greying is giving a specific amino acid needed in hair pigment synthesis, to be used as an internal supplement for one-year along with vitamin B complex. If needed, iron supplements are also prescribed.

Post this, regular examination confirms the successful arrest of premature greying of hair.

In young adolescents, at times, even colour changes are seen. The benefit of the treatment of white hair in young age is observed even after the treatment.

Deterrent factors, which must and can still lead to premature greying of hair, are explained to the patient so that caution can be maintained to prevent relapse.


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