Ice Cube 2.0 Laser Hair Reduction TREATMENT

Laser Hair Removal is selective photothermolysis. It targets the pigment melanin in the hair bulb and burns the papilla arresting the hair growth. This leads to permanent hair reduction.

Laser Hair Reduction, is, without a doubt, the best possible option for you to get rid of unwanted body hair, permanently. It beats out the traditional methods of shaving, waxing or threading any day.

These conventional hair removal methods are tiresome; more & more people are opting for the modern painless laser treatment for hair removal. It has been recognised that Laser Hair Removal treatment is a reliable and valid method because it promises a permanent reduction of hair growth anywhere in the body.

Laser treatment for hair removal uses a pulsating beam of light to target the hair and remove them from skin layers.

Before starting the laser treatment, the hair that needs to be removed is trimmed to keep a length of only a few millimeters above the skin surface. The technician will then adjust the laser instrument as per the location of hair, thickness and also the colour of hair & skin type.

Since the laser hair removal for unwanted hair is done using an intense, pulsating beam of light, you will be given a protecting covering for your eyes. The technician may also apply a special gel on the skin surface that helps to penetrate the laser beam into the deeper skin layers to target the hair follicle. Some local anesthetic may be applied to reduce the discomfort during the process.

The technician will then try one pulsating beam and check if any untoward side effect occurs. If it works fine, hair removal with a laser beam will be continued.

Hair removal on the upper lip, chin or another part of the face may take few minutes whereas laser hair removal of parts with excess hair may take several hours.

Excess body hair in women especially on the face, upper lip, chin, arms or legs look visually unpleasant.

Therefore, laser hair reduction treatment technology like the ICE CUBE 2.0, with minimal side-effects is the best way of hair removal for women.

1. Anybody with excess hair including men and women should opt for the laser hair removal treatment at RichFeel.
2.Individuals with all skin types including lighter and dark skin tones should consider laser treatment for hair removal with ICE CUBE 2.0.
3. Any woman who wishes to get rid of the razor bumps or acne-like breakout after hot waxing should opt for the cooling skin laser hair removal treatment at RichFeel.
4. Men who seek the extra hair removal on the face, arms, leg or any other part of the body should enroll for the RichFeel style of laser hair reduction treatment.
5. Laser treatment for hair removal is more-effective and more economical as a result. Normally, the laser hair removal is near-permanent. Even if some growth happens, the hair texture is finer and smoother, thus saving an individual from the long-term hassles of excessive hair growth.

This medical procedure, to reduce the growth of unwanted hair from body parts such as the face, arm, legs, underarms or bikini area, can be self-initiated at the utmost comfort of the latest RF ICE CUBE 2.0 technology.

Laser treatment is better than all your tried and tested methods of hair removal like waxing, threading, plucking, tweezing, etc.

  • You need not repeat excess hair removal procedure too often as laser hair removal treatment reduces hair growth considerably.
  • Patients should ideally expect the laser hair reduction technology to slow down the hair growth and not remove the hair completely since the laser hair removal treats the hair growth from its roots.
  • Laser hair removal reviews clearly prove that the hair removal happens after 4 to 6 treatment sessions only.
  • To reap full benefits of advanced laser hair reduction treatment, one should opt for reputed, certified clinics like the RichFeel only. It is safe, secure and delivers on every occasion.


Benefits of RF ICE CUBE 2.0 Cool Brush Technology

RichFeel offers laser hair removal using RF ICE CUBE 2.0! Cool Brush Hair Reduction Technology. RF ICE CUBE 2.0 Cool Brush Hair Reduction Technology is based on laser hair removal treatment that is virtually painless. This is the latest cooling, permanent hair removal method that causes minimal pain with its best-in-class laser technology imported from Italy. The result is whole body hair reduction, with maximum comfort and reduced recovery time. Here are some Benefits of availing Laser Hair Removal Treatment at Richfeel:

1.Reduced Treatment Time :

The new RF ICE CUBE 2.0 has a large spot size & better gliding motion that shows deep penetration to deliver the best results in the least amount of time as compared to other laser hair treatment machines. As a result, full body hair reduction treatment can be done in the shortest time possible. Laser treatment for facial hair will take less than 12 minutes while laser hair treatment on the back and upper thighs will take the maximum time, of about 60 minutes. The results will be visible after 5-6 sessions of laser treatment for hair removal.

2. Laser Hair Removal Side-effects :

Some of the common risks associated with laser hair removal treatment include:

  • Skin irritation in the form of redness and swelling.
  • Temporarily Skin discomfort.
  • Pigmentation including the risk of darkening or lighten hair colour.
  • Rare side-effects include blistering, scarring, crusting or change in the texture of the skin.

The common laser hair removal side effects such as redness, swelling, pain and even numbness in the treated areas are minimal at RichFeel. Most likely, your laser treatment specialist will recommend using ice packs to reduce the redness or swelling after the laser hair removal procedure. On the other hand, the RF ICE CUBE 2.0 has effective skin cooling properties, in action during the laser hair removal treatment only. Thus, there is minimal risk of swelling or skin redness.

The latest RF ICE CUBE 2.0 has succeeded in providing exceptional ease during the complete treatment. There is very less chance of having discomfort for an individual undergoing laser hair removal, before and after the treatment, because of the cooling effect on the skin during the laser hair removal procedure provided by RF ICE CUBE 2.0.

In laser treatment, the hair is exposed to intense laser heat to let it burn. Under normal course of laser treatment, there is a high-risk of skin burn due to hair burn exposure. However, the new ICE CUBE technology has a unique cooling system in place which is based on water-cooled sapphire that prevents injuries to other tissues thereby adding to the patient’s comfort in laser hair removal.

3. Minimal recovery time needed :

The innovative laser technology for hair reduction allows the patient to resume daily chores, almost instantly. Through the unique cooling properties of the RF ICE CUBE 2.0, a person may not have to bear the slightest of discomfort during the laser treatment for hair removal, indicating less laser hair removal side-effects.

Itching, redness or swelling of skin are rare.

The laser hair removal treatment ends at RichfFeel with gentle skin creams applied to minimise any risk, if at all.

Light itching and redness may happen but there are no other serious risks such as swelling, pain, numbness or bruises with the ICE CUBE laser hair reduction technology. Thus, it is quite safe and secure for even the extra-sensitive skin types

4. Approved For All Skin Types :

Laser hair reduction treatment becomes more versatile and accommodating because the RF ICE CUBE 2.0 effectively delivers for all skin types. This laser hair removal is practically risk-free and causes the least disruption of the skin surface.

  • Usually, it does not leave behind any long-form skin impressions.
  • It is suitable for all skin tones and skin types.
  • It is also suitable for tanned skin. Unlike previous machines, this new technology does not pose a risk of burning the tanned skin.
  • It works effectively on all skin types including dark and light skin.

5. Shows Better Results :

The new laser hair reduction treatment technology uses high energy (2000 watts) to efficiently remove the most stubborn hair.

In laser hair removal, it is the dark hair that burns more quickly. This is because the darker pigments respond to laser faster.

With ICE CUBE 2.0, one need not worry about the skin-type or the skin-readiness for laser hair reduction treatment. This new technology uses extra-long pulse width giving excellent results on all skin-types as compared to other machines. A large spot size helps in deep penetration resulting in shorter treatment time / sitting with effective hair follicle removal.


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Laser hair reduction process focuses light energy on individual hair follicles, targeting the dark pigment in them – in the Anagen phase, and destroys them. But, due to the growth cycle, not all hair is at the same point in the life cycle. Hence, some hair follicles do not get damaged by the laser during the particular sitting and will continue to grow. So, you need a series of laser sessions for permanent hair reduction to target individual hairs at different growth cycles.

Over the course of the treatment, with multiple sittings, you will find that there is a significant reduction in the number of hair-producing follicles. It is thus right to say that laser hair removal is permanent hair reduction. With each passing session/sitting, you are in fact permanently attacking & reducing the number of hair-producing follicles.

Each session will work on the balance of follicles in their growth cycle for smooth and hair-free skin for the long term. With every siting, the diameter of hair becomes thinner, density becomes lesser and eventually leads to permanent removal of hair. After six to eight treatments, we can see a marked reduction in hair. If there is any regrowth, it can be managed with touch up treatments in every six to twelve months. Most patients do experience some fine re-growth, perhaps after a year or so later. Typically one maintenance sitting per year helps maintain excellent results.RF ICE CUBE 2.0 Cool Brush Laser Hair Reduction Technology is sourced from Italy and is absolutely state of the art, engineered for maximum comfort and efficacy. The new laser hair treatment is different, virtually painless and more efficient than conventional laser hair removal techniques in many ways. It is so compelling that you will feel the difference in just one session – the skin feels silkier and smoother than before.

Laser Hair Removal Before And After: Precautions

1. Before going for laser hair removal, you need to limit plucking, waxing, and electrolysis for at least six weeks prior to the scheduled treatment.
2. You are also advised to avoid sun exposure for six weeks before and post the treatment. Sun exposure can make the laser hair removal treatment less effective and increase the chances of complications arising later,
3. You will be advised to use cold ice packs or some cooling gels on the skin area that has been under the laser to reduce redness or discomfort if any.
4. After the laser treatment, it is also advised to protect your skin for a few weeks with a high-SPF sunscreen. It should ideally be a clinically approved sunscreen lotion depending upon your skin condition and sensitivity.

Do visit your nearest RichFeel Clinic for a detailed consultation on the treatment. Laser Hair Reduction is available at RichFeel Clinics in Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Nagpur, Delhi and Bangalore.

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"Laser hair reduction treatment was on my mind since quite some time and I finally resorted to RichFeel Trichology new technology from Italy. RichFeel now offers laser hair removal using RF ICE CUBE 2.0 Cool Brush Hair Reduction Technology. It is based on laser hair removal treatment that is virtually painless. This is the latest cooling, permanent hair removal method that causes minimal pain with its best-in-class laser technology imported from Italy. The result is whole body hair reduction in maximum comfort and reduced recovery time After having undergone 2 sittings, I can definitely see the difference in my hair growth which has reduced drastically. They are running great offers currently so go check if you too wish to get rid of your body hair permanently!❤️"

Ms Nistha Saraf


"Less hairy & More Happy with RichFeel Trichology If you’re looking for a permanent unwanted body hair removal solution then, book your appointment now! ? RF Ice Cube 2.0"

Ms Kinjal Shukla Bhanushali


"I recently went to RichFeel Trichology Clinic in Mumbai for my first laser hair removal treatment and my whole experience was amazing. RichFeel offers laser hair removal using RF ICE CUBE 2.0! Cool Brush Hair Reduction Technology which is the latest cooling, permanent hair removal method that causes minimal pain with its best-in-class laser technology imported from Italy. The result is whole body hair reduction in maximum comfort and reduced recovery time!"

Ms Aditi


"Have you ever got bored of waxing or shaving your body hair, and considered a permanent solution for hair reduction? I did, and that’s how I instantly fell for the laser hair reduction treatment at RichFeel Trichology - SWIPE NEXT ➡️ to view my entire experience ? I have to admit, it was completely against all the myths I’ve heard about laser treatments! The unique Ice Cube technology of RichFeel Trichology does not prick heat onto your skin and it’s completely painless and harmless! ? It barely needs any maintenance, and so was hassle-free for me ? I’ve totally loved this treatment at RichFeel Trichology, and it’s definitely worth a try to experience it for yourself!"

Ms Richi Shah




The difference between your skin colour and the colour of the pigment in the hair follicle is what allows the laser to pick out the target quickly. Once it picks the target, the laser kills the hair follicles, terminating the hair growth.

The cost of laser treatment for hair removal in Mumbai or other cities at Richfeel clinic is decided based on several factors such as the location of hair, hair thickness, length, skin colour, etc. To know the cost of hair removal by laser in your case, book an appointment and meet our experts who will provide you with the best advice.

Although in theory, you can perform laser hair removal on any part of your body; it’s recommended not to use it on areas near your eyes.

Ice Cube 2.0 cool brush laser treatment helps in hair reduction and not hair removal. In this treatment, the aim is to reduce hair growth over a period of time. A thorough analysis of your hair growth pattern is done and the most suitable way forward for you is prescribed by our Trichologist.


What is Laser Hair Reduction?

All you need to know about the most advanced solution to getting rid of unwanted body hair permanently!

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