Enhance your practice with leading techniques and industry-relevant curriculum in Trichology

RichFeel Cosmo International Institute for Hair, Beauty & Aesthetics is part of RichFeel – a legendary brand in the Indian Haircare industry founded by Dr. Sonal & Dr. Apoorva Shah. It is a first of its kind institute offering certified courses to Doctors as well as Dermatologists for enhancing their career. We also endeavour to create experts in the Hair industry and deliver the best career opportunities to them.

About WMTA:

The WMTA is the first association of its kind formed by reputed medical doctors from all over the world with the singular aim of providing the very best in the field of Trichology in a non-profit manner.

The teaching courses are designed by Doctors, taught by Doctors and practical training is conducted by Doctors at reputed Trichology clinics run by doctors all over the world.

The WMTA offers a wide range of courses for both the medical and non-medical personal all over the world.

WMTA has on its board one of the most illustrious luminaries in the field of hair and scalp care who constantly guide, monitor and spread awareness Trichology.

WMTA being a premium institute of its kind in the world helps its students for placement in trichology clinics all over the world and also helps students to be placed in a strategic position in the hair care industry.

  1. Program Structure: The program is designed with a modular structure by unbundling the offers advanced learning and research options in the field of diagnosis and treatment of Hair and scalp disorders.
  2. Career Enhancement Support: The Program includes career development support activities, such as workshops and guidance to help doctors identify their strengths, career paths in Trichology and thereby choose the right competencies to learn in the Haircare industry
  3. Industry Exposure : Candidates gain exposure and insights through industry sessions and competency courses that are delivered by industry experts and the faculty of RichFeel Cosmo.
  4. World-class Faculty:The faculty pool at RichFeel Cosmo comprises leading faculty specialized in Hair & Scalp Care from WMTA (USA).
  5. Flexibility: The program is designed specifically for working Doctors/Surgeons enabling them to pursue the program along with their professional commitments. The program structure provides Doctors/Surgeons with unmatched flexibility to learn at their own pace and attend the classes as per their convenience.

This Program is especially designed/curated for doctors to become professional trichologists. It gives/leverage a scope to learn and practice under the guidance of experts for the in-depth scientific study of hair and scalp. Post completion of the course, you can diagnose the patient’s scalp related issue just by examining it and then suggest proper treatment accordingly. You can promote your new venture or establish a trichology center of your own once the certification is done. The aim of this program is to provide in-depth knowledge of various hair and scalp ailments. The program consists of E-books.

Who should attend?

Professionals who are keen to build a career in Trichology with leading techniques & industry-relevant curriculum through the knowledge & skills of the finest faculties of Richfeel. This program provides extensive knowledge of the most popular techniques used by professionals globally.

  1. Partner with RichFeel:  Set up your  clinic by becoming a partner with RichFeel, wherein will give set up assistance with 100% brand support and products, Fresher training and Business setup module training
  2. Freelancing / Consultant: Become an independent practitioner as per your own convenience and earn handsomely.
  3. Opportunities: Join as Trichologist in wellness brands, hospitals and clinics, placement opportunities available in RichFeel.

Program Curriculum:

Program Highlights: 

  • 3 months / 30 days Certification Program
  • Live Virtual Classes
  • 1 Capstone Project
  • Diverse Batch Profile
  • Hands-on Projects

Crash Course in Trichology

Program Objective:

The aim of this program is to provide in-depth knowledge of various hair and scalp ailments. The program consists of E-books with ten modules written by various experienced trichologists for self-study and clinical training at our clinic for two days. Successful completion of Richfeel’s Diploma course enables you to effectively treat patients having various hair and scalp issues by conducting a consultation, making a confirmed diagnosis, and finally prescribe suitable treatment to them.

Duration: 30 Days


  • Anatomy & Physiology of hair & scalp
  • Endocrine system & nervous system with autoimmunity
  • Circulatory system & immune system
  • Nutrition with its relevance to hair
  • Common Hair Scalp Problems
  • Hair Shaft Disorders
  • Investigations Procedures in Trichology
  • Trichological formulations
  • Procedures instruments in Trichology practice
  • Hair Cosmetic Treatments

Delivery mode:

This Diploma/Certification course uses a combination of learning methods that include live virtual classes, webinars, clinical on ground training, self-learning through videos and reading material, and exposure to the industry experts. These learning methods are carefully and deliberately chosen for the program based on their suitability to achieve the learning objectives of each component.


Working professional/self-employed who are Paramedics, Pharma Graduates, Clinical Researchers, Nurses, R&D Professionals, Science Graduates, Beauticians, and Hair Stylists (min. HSC, A level).


Examination of 100 marks (Multiple Choice) will be conducted and evaluated by WMTA (USA). All successful candidates will be issued the Diploma Certificate.

Fees:  Rs. 35,000/- (including lifetime membership)


Advance Certification in Trichology

Program Objective:

This 3 months certification course is specially curated for Doctors to become professional Trichologist. It provides a learning and practicing platform under world-renowned experts in Trichology for the in-depth scientific study of Hair and scalp. Post completion of the course, you will become a super-specialist expert able to diagnose and provide an effective treatment for all Hair and Scalp problems. This super specialization will also offer you a platform to either start your own practice, get placed in a wellness brand as a Trichologist or even partner with RichFeel to set-up a partnership association leveraging the brand strength of RichFeel.

Duration: 3 months


  • Eucaryotic Cell Organelles
  • Anatomy of Hair & scalp
  • Embryology of Hair
  • Histology of Hair
  • Endocrine system
  • Pigmentation of Hair
  • Hair & Nutrition
  • Alopecia Areata
  • Androgenetic alopecia
  • Diffuse Hair Loss
  • Cicatricial Alopecia
  • Hair Shaft Disorders
  • Scalp Diseases
  • Hypertrichosis
  • Psychosomatic disorders & hair
  • Hair & Scalp tumors
  • Investigations in trichology
  • Medicines in Trichology
  • Ext. Application

Delivery Mode: The ePGPM uses a combination of learning methods that include live virtual classes, webinars, self-learning through videos and reading material, and exposure to industry experts. These learning methods are carefully and deliberately chosen for the program based on their suitability to achieve the learning objectives of each component.

Eligibility: Working or self-employed Doctors (MD, MBBS, BHMS, BAMS)

Certification: 100 marks examination in two sections A & B and will be conducted and evaluated by WMTA (USA) and RichFeel Alumni. Candidates scoring a minimum of 70% will be certified. 

Fees: 1,50,000/- (includes lifetime membership)

For more detail call: +91 989 208 7844 or email us at [email protected]


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Laser hair reduction process focuses light energy on individual hair follicles, targeting the dark pigment in them – in the Anagen phase, and destroys them. But, due to the growth cycle, not all hair is at the same point in the life cycle. Hence, some hair follicles do not get damaged by the laser during the particular sitting and will continue to grow. So, you need a series of laser sessions for permanent hair reduction to target individual hairs at different growth cycles.

Over the course of the treatment, with multiple sittings, you will find that there is a significant reduction in the number of hair-producing follicles. It is thus right to say that laser hair removal is permanent hair reduction. With each passing session/sitting, you are in fact permanently attacking & reducing the number of hair-producing follicles.

Each session will work on the balance of follicles in their growth cycle for smooth and hair-free skin for the long term. With every siting, the diameter of hair becomes thinner, density becomes lesser and eventually leads to permanent removal of hair. After six to eight treatments, we can see a marked reduction in hair. If there is any regrowth, it can be managed with touch up treatments in every six to twelve months. Most patients do experience some fine re-growth, perhaps after a year or so later. Typically one maintenance sitting per year helps maintain excellent results.RF ICE CUBE 2.0 Cool Brush Laser Hair Reduction Technology is sourced from Italy and is absolutely state of the art, engineered for maximum comfort and efficacy. The new laser hair treatment is different, virtually painless and more efficient than conventional laser hair removal techniques in many ways. It is so compelling that you will feel the difference in just one session – the skin feels silkier and smoother than before.

Laser Hair Removal Before And After: Precautions

1. Before going for laser hair removal, you need to limit plucking, waxing, and electrolysis for at least six weeks prior to the scheduled treatment.
2. You are also advised to avoid sun exposure for six weeks before and post the treatment. Sun exposure can make the laser hair removal treatment less effective and increase the chances of complications arising later,
3. You will be advised to use cold ice packs or some cooling gels on the skin area that has been under the laser to reduce redness or discomfort if any.
4. After the laser treatment, it is also advised to protect your skin for a few weeks with a high-SPF sunscreen. It should ideally be a clinically approved sunscreen lotion depending upon your skin condition and sensitivity.

Do visit your nearest RichFeel Clinic for a detailed consultation on the treatment. Laser Hair Reduction is available at RichFeel Clinics in Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Nagpur, Delhi and Bangalore.

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"Laser hair reduction treatment was on my mind since quite some time and I finally resorted to RichFeel Trichology new technology from Italy. RichFeel now offers laser hair removal using RF ICE CUBE 2.0 Cool Brush Hair Reduction Technology. It is based on laser hair removal treatment that is virtually painless. This is the latest cooling, permanent hair removal method that causes minimal pain with its best-in-class laser technology imported from Italy. The result is whole body hair reduction in maximum comfort and reduced recovery time After having undergone 2 sittings, I can definitely see the difference in my hair growth which has reduced drastically. They are running great offers currently so go check if you too wish to get rid of your body hair permanently!❤️"

Ms Nistha Saraf


"Less hairy & More Happy with RichFeel Trichology If you’re looking for a permanent unwanted body hair removal solution then, book your appointment now! ? RF Ice Cube 2.0"

Ms Kinjal Shukla Bhanushali


"I recently went to RichFeel Trichology Clinic in Mumbai for my first laser hair removal treatment and my whole experience was amazing. RichFeel offers laser hair removal using RF ICE CUBE 2.0! Cool Brush Hair Reduction Technology which is the latest cooling, permanent hair removal method that causes minimal pain with its best-in-class laser technology imported from Italy. The result is whole body hair reduction in maximum comfort and reduced recovery time!"

Ms Aditi


"Have you ever got bored of waxing or shaving your body hair, and considered a permanent solution for hair reduction? I did, and that’s how I instantly fell for the laser hair reduction treatment at RichFeel Trichology - SWIPE NEXT ➡️ to view my entire experience ? I have to admit, it was completely against all the myths I’ve heard about laser treatments! The unique Ice Cube technology of RichFeel Trichology does not prick heat onto your skin and it’s completely painless and harmless! ? It barely needs any maintenance, and so was hassle-free for me ? I’ve totally loved this treatment at RichFeel Trichology, and it’s definitely worth a try to experience it for yourself!"

Ms Richi Shah




The difference between your skin colour and the colour of the pigment in the hair follicle is what allows the laser to pick out the target quickly. Once it picks the target, the laser kills the hair follicles, terminating the hair growth.

The cost of laser treatment for hair removal in Mumbai or other cities at Richfeel clinic is decided based on several factors such as the location of hair, hair thickness, length, skin colour, etc. To know the cost of hair removal by laser in your case, book an appointment and meet our experts who will provide you with the best advice.

Although in theory, you can perform laser hair removal on any part of your body; it’s recommended not to use it on areas near your eyes.

Ice Cube 2.0 cool brush laser treatment helps in hair reduction and not hair removal. In this treatment, the aim is to reduce hair growth over a period of time. A thorough analysis of your hair growth pattern is done and the most suitable way forward for you is prescribed by our Trichologist.


What is Laser Hair Reduction?

All you need to know about the most advanced solution to getting rid of unwanted body hair permanently!


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