Treatment For Dandruff And 7 Causative Factors

Dandruff And The Factors Contributing It. Though the person’s entire body surface sheds the dead skin cells regularly and so do the skin of the scalp it is never visible to the naked eyes normally.

When this process of shedding of the dead skin cells become visible to the naked eyes it is termed as dandruff.

The different factors that can actually aggravate the dandruff problem are mentioned below so go through them thoroughly and make sure that you avoid them so that the scalp stays free from dandruff problems as without following this the treatment for dandruff is incomplete.

Factor 1 – Excessive use of hair sprays and gels can lead to dandruff.

One should stay away from all these products especially if their scalp is prone to dandruff problems. You can meet your trichologist and use only those products on the scalp which is suitable to your scalp needs and this can be best understood by the trichologist by properly examining your scalp physically as well as with the capilloscope.

So while you are following the treatment for dandruff make sure to avoid these.

Factor 2 – If the chemical products like the hair coloring agents are not used properly then one may face dandruff problems.

It is really important to stay away from these chemical products as far as possible as it does not only damage the hair shaft but it is also known to damage the scalp in the long run.

While you are on the treatment for dandruff you need to avoid them.

Factor 3 – The hot hair dryers if used excessively can give dandruff problems.

So avoid them as much as possible while following a treatment for dandruff.

Factor 4 – Weather conditions like the cold and dry or the hot and humid conditions can also cause dandruff problems.

So you need to take special care during this time with the help of your trichologist. During this period make sure to meet your trichologist regularly so that the hair care regime can be changed based on your scalp needs.

For people who get exposed to these conditions should follow the dandruff treatment under the supervision of a hair specialist.

Factor 5 – Infrequent shampooing of the hair and wearing tight scarves and the hats also leads to dandruff problems.

Avoid these practices while doing treatment for dandruff.

Factor 6 – Stress, anxiety and tension to a very great extent can also lead to dandruff problems.

Following a distressing activity will be helpful to a great extentas a part of treatment for dandruff.

Factor 7 – Improper hair care regime and poor scalp hygiene can lead to dandruff problems.

You can get more inputs on this with the help of the trichologist who guides you on the treatment for dandruff.

Once you get to know all of these aggravating factors you can rule out all of these one by one so that the treatment of dandruff can give you the best results.

To know more about Treatment and Remedies For Dandruff as well as best shampoo, remedies, treatments and cure for hair loss due to dandruff make sure to consult a trichologist as soon as possible.

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