14 . October . 2019 BY Dr. Sharmishtha Deshpande

Gone are the days when beauty and grooming tips were discussed only for the brides during the wedding season! Typically for the grooms, you are considered ready if your wedding trousseau is ready and you have had a hair cut! And yes, trimmed your beard right, or have it shaved clean!
But we all know that hair care is way beyond just a haircut, don’t we?! Hair grooming is an important part of life and no, it’s not just limited to women. Nowadays men have become way more conscious about their crowning glory, follow every possible hair care routine and use a multitude of styling products to maintain its appearance. Not to mention, especially, if it’s for the most special day of their life, the D-Day!
Grooms, but what about the hair’s health? Don’t you want your partner to see you looking great, with healthy hair, for the rest of your time together, and not just on D-day? We are sure that’s what you would want too. While we completely understand the importance of looking good for your milestone event, we would want to advise with a more long term plan – A pre-plan, for your hair, to look good naturally on your D-day! And for the rest of your life!
Healthy hair, backed by a disciplined haircare routine, allows you to confidently try new styles and experiment with your hair guilt-free. It ensures that your hair is strong enough to bear the temporary styling and protect it from permanent damage. Also, lesser the usage of chemical products, healthier your scalp, thereby ensuring healthy hair follicles and hair.
Most men face the problem of greying hair at an early age due to modern trends, stress and unhealthy lifestyles, apart from other hair & scalp concerns such as dandruff, split ends, dry scalp and brittle hair. Many battle with a receding hairline as well. Receding hairlines and finding-a-mate – topics quite popular with Bollywood too off lately!
So, here is our pre-plan (or shall we say – hair hack for life!), which will ensure that your hair and you, look your best on your big day, and every day, naturally!

  1. Avoid crash dieting! – Get those meal of yours in order!Those of you, who decide to lose weight and work out so that your suit fits just right, should be careful. Crash dieting and sudden weight loss can spell disaster for your hair. Not something you should be trying before your wedding! You might end up with a form of hair loss called Loose Anagen Syndrome and such other hair fall concerns. In case you do decide to go on a diet, make sure it is under professional supervision. Do read our blog on this topic for more insights!

    Your hair is what you eat. You need to get those super hair foods tucked-in on a regular basis! Not just for your pre-wedding period! Make it a habit to eat right and eat on time. And drink plenty of water! Dehydration can wreak havoc on your hair.

    Hair health is synonymous to body health. Wedding schedules are often hectic and take a toll on eating schedules, which leads to an unhealthy physique. However, a well-balanced diet during this phase not only benefits your body internally but also helps in giving adequate nutrients to your hair. So, it is advised to keep your body healthy for your hair will automatically take care of itself then, and look naturally full-of-life on your big day!

  2. Colouring & Styling close to your date – not a great idea!It is advisable not to go in for colouring or a perm too close to your wedding date. Plan what hairstyle suits you best, well in advance and if you do go in for colouring make sure you are in professional hands.
    Do read our blog on hair colour damage to understand this better. While semi-permanent dyes do not do much harm, permanent hair colour can break the sulphur bonds of your hair, and you may end up with hair that ends up looking like a haystack!
  3. Haystack hair already? – Time for a Tricho check!Now, if you already have hair that looks like a haystack, it might be a good time to check for hair damage like split ends and brittle hair! If you notice several fork-like ends to strands of your hair, your hair is dry, brittle & prone to breakage and your scalp is itchy, you need to contact a trichologist. Hair supplements and tricho treatments that the trichologist will prescribe after a clear diagnosis will put your hair on the right track.
  4. Reduce the use of hair styling products & equipmentThough hair styling products are the most convenient accessories to get your hair into the shape and look that you want, over usage of gels, mousse, wax or cream would only lead to hair damage. All these products are loaded with chemicals because that’s the only way to alter your natural texture or style. Because any alteration to your natural hair, be in terms of shape, texture or colour, needs the hair cuticle to lifted up/altered, for the product/equipment to deliver its result. And this will not happen naturally. It needs chemicals.

    Similarly, usage of styling equipment that heats up your hair also damages the hair shafts and puts a strain on the hair follicles. Sometimes your hair wants you to lay low on hair trends!
    Cutting down the usage of such chemical-ridden hair products and heat equipment on a daily basis will make sure that your hair doesn’t look weighed down and is not unnecessarily stressed. This will also ensure that your hair doesn’t lose its natural texture over time.

  5. No, oiling is NOT uncool!Applying oil at regular intervals is a must! Yes, your mom and grandmom are absolutely right on this one! It is a must to stimulate hair growth, combat dry scalp and dandruff, prevent styling damage and to nourish hair. This regular activity also boosts the overall health of the scalp and improves blood circulation thereby strengthening the roots of the hair and follicles. Oiling, washing and conditioning your hair the right way can go a long way in ensuring easy manageable hair that looks and feels great.
  6. Use the right shampoo! Shampooing, after oiling, regularly is one of the most important hair care routines. It is a must to ensure your hair and scalp hygiene. It is a myth that frequent shampooing can cause hair loss or cause hair damage. On the contrary, shampooing regularly is a must for hair and scalp hygiene. What is crucial here is – what shampoo are you using?! Is it the right one for you? Do read our recent blog where our experts have addressed immediate concerns on how shampoo affects different types of hair and how to choose the right shampoo as per your hair type and scalp condition.
  7. Keep your hair protected when outWith the wedding bells come several fancy parties, pool celebrations and trips. This apart from your regular routine! Not taking care of your hair during this phase will result in a bad hair day on that special day. Better safe than sorry?
    Keep your hair covered when in swimming pools (your hair doesn’t like the chlorine water!) and when out in the sun ( excess heat can turn your hair frizzy). Also, use a bandana or scarf under your helmet when going on bike rides. This will protect your hair from all the sweat and dirt, unfortunately, lying unchecked in your helmet!
  8. Keep a check on dandruffThis is perhaps one of the most common hair concerns that men of all ages have. Dandruff is definitely something you would want to avoid on your wedding day. If you do suffer from dandruff and have been ignoring it, time to sit up and take notice. Dandruff can aggravate into a severe and itchy condition which can get painful to manage!

    You could try using a good anti-dandruff shampoo twice a week. Dandruff shampoos can be harsh so alternate them with a scalp cleanser, and if this does not help, you might want to make an appointment with a trichologist. Dandruff treatment, under the guidance of a trichologist, with prescribed shampoos and supplements for your specific hair & scalp condition, can fix the problem once for all. Remember, all off-the-shelf solutions may not suit/help you.

  9. Get professional help for that receding hairline ahead of time!Hair is one such element that gives an overall finish to the human anatomy. Though you have good facial features and bone structure, the right hairstyle is what completes your look.

    If you are someone who has a receding hairline or suffering from thinning hair, do attack it well in advance. You now live in an age when there are very advanced trichology solutions available, that can help you regain your hairline, increase your hair density and volume. Timely professional help can ensure that you are all set for your big day, looking your confident best!

    What you should, however, keep in mind, is that treatments for addressing baldness, male pattern thinning, severe conditions like alopecia areata or other severe scalp conditions, take varied duration and efforts, depending on the individual. While surgical solutions such as hair transplant can take about 12 months for you to appreciate the best results, solutions such as hair systems can be styled for you in very short notice. Tricho treatments for thinning can show results within 6 months too. All this varies from person to person, and your trichologist is the best person to help you with what’s best for you!

  10. Don’t stress your tresses! – Last but not least – keep stress at bay!Are you stressed about your wedding? Funny yet common question, right? A couple faces a lot of stress, typically the days/months leading to their wedding, due to many reasons. For most grooms, the idea of marriage itself causes anxiety?!
    Add to this having loads of relatives over for lunch or dinner, and your anxiety levels will skyrocket. While mentally, stress will take its toll, reducing your enjoyment of what should be the happiest day of your life, physically your body will show the signs of your unrest. And your hair ALWAYS reacts to stress.
    Hair loss is one of the very prominent tangible side effects of stress. The hair lost due to stress can be gained back if spotted and addressed in a timely manner. So keep an eye out!
    Destress your hair! Go for rejuvenating tricho treatments that can detoxify and revive your hair, control your hair fall, giving it the natural bounce that you want to show off for those cameras on your big day! You will end up with awesome hair and in the process, chill your wedding worries!

Healthy hair naturally stands apart, if kept healthy from within. Eat right, stay hydrated, care for your hair the right way and your hair will be your crown on your wedding day!
Hope this article is helpful to all those super excited grooms-to-be. Keep our tips handy, follow them and get those WOW stares from your guests and most importantly, your better half on your wedding day!
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