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We spoke about the importance of hair care for men, especially grooms and spilt some amazing tips for them, in our last blog. Well, surely our brides-to-be will also be looking forward to something for their crowning glory!
Nothing compliments a bride better than healthy gorgeous tresses. A perfect hairstyle can give you a breath-taking appearance and add wonders to your personality. Imagine being complimented for your beautiful hair (which, may we remind you, stays with you forever!) more than the cliched compliments say, on your attire (which is day-specific!)?
This is something we had spoken of for our grooms as well. Healthy hair, whatever your length or style, backed by a disciplined haircare routine, allows you to confidently try new styles and experiment with your hair guilt-free. It ensures that your hair is strong enough to bear the stress of temporary styling and protect it from permanent damage. Also, lesser the usage of chemical products, healthier your scalp, thereby ensuring healthy hair follicles and hair…
So, how do you ensure that your hair is as lively and full of bounce as you are on your special day, and every day thereafter?
You will need to work on it a little ahead, and keep-it-up for longer!
Today, we are here again with some expert advice on this subject, for the brides! Bringing more secrets to let your strands look their natural best on one of the most special days of your life, your D-Day!

  1. No compromise on nutrition!
    Most women are so occupied in their routines – managing home, work, and whatnot, that taking care of their own health is hardly a priority. Add to this the stress of modern living with erratic schedules and eating habits. Especially, if spoken about brides-to-be, the level of stress is a bit more than usual with all the pre-bridal pressures. The chances of hair loss and poor hair health are upped a fair bit! Following a good diet that contains appropriate minerals and vitamins prevents hair loss, boosts hair growth and gives it a natural sheen.Supplements that contain good amount of iron, zinc and protein greatly help to improve hair health. Eating potatoes, carrots, spinach, kale which are good sources of Vitamin A can keep your hair moisturized while whole grains, dark, leafy greens are good sources of B-Vitamins that carry oxygen and nutrients to your scalp, thereby aiding in hair growth. Consuming sunflower seeds, almonds, spinach and avocados that are good sources of Vitamin E – an antioxidant that prevents oxidative stress is must amidst all those wedding preparations.

    Do read our complete guide on what a well-balanced meal should include for good hair health from the top tricho experts of the country.

  2. Stay hydrated!
    We can’t stress more on this! If you are someone who follows our blogs, you know the importance we place on nutrition and hydration for healthy hair. Dehydration can wreak havoc on your hair.It is a very common phenomenon – hectic schedules and low-water-intake. How many times have you realised that you have literally forgotten to have water during the day? It’s a very common feature with many of our patients! We don’t realise the damage dehydration can cause to your hair, especially in a woman. Studies have shown how dehydration in a woman can lead to a range of concerns, from mood swings to impacting the reproductive organs, with the immediate tell-tale signals shooting out from her hair.

    Women who suffer from thyroid disorders, PCOS and other such hormonal imbalances, need to be very sure that their diet and water-intake are always in order. This can help keep 50% of the concerns under control, at a minimum. And this includes the hair concerns in such women – hair thinning, diffuse hair loss, FPT

  3. Avoid heat treatments!
    Using heating devices like dryers, curlers or irons lay extreme thermal stress upon the hair strands. Using these tools bring an imbalance in the internal protein structure and intermolecular interactions, thus creating voids in our three-layered hair structure. Cuticle – the outermost layer of the hair and cortex – the second layer, lose moisture and experience gaping spots eventually leading to uncertain curl patterns, frizz, split ends and breakage. Such type of damage is generally severe and can even become irreparable.Thus, it is advisable to avoid heat treatments as much as possible, especially before your wedding, to maintain the strength, elasticity, curl, shine, and texture of your hair. Also, in order to protect yourself from such thermal dehydration, indulge in hydrotherapy for your hair. It will not only help in retaining the moisture but also ensure bounce in hair, making it look naturally luscious.

    Now if you do need to use styling electrical equipment to create your dream-hairstyle, may we suggest that you ensure that your hair is otherwise in good health before you turn on the heat! Also, assuming it’s a temporary activity, ensure that once the events are done, you give your hair the TLC it needs with oiling and deep conditioning.

  4. Stay Cautious about those Hair colours
    Most modern brides are obsessed with colour streaking – Gold, blue, pink, silver, red and what not! A colour to match your dress or lehenga or sari! Well, it’s great to be in tune with these popular instagram trends but please do choose your hair colour products very carefully Understand how these can impact your hair in the long run. While we understand that those awesome camera shots matter, we only ask that you be responsible for your hair which is going to be with you for life!. You can also take preventive measures to curtail the inevitable damage that can be caused with the help of some break-through treatments that use natural proteins like quinoa, wheat or barley to repair the cuticle and protect the hair & scalp from getting affected because of colouring.
  5. Use the right hair products!
    Beautiful long hair does not happen overnight. And seeing it get damaged overnight because of trends and modern-day styling can hurt real bad! Nowadays, most of the hair products available in the market promise stay-long colour, long hair with shiny texture and a multitude of such benefits, but what about their chemical compositions? Shampoos, conditioners, serums, hair colours, etc. all contain chemicals that are meant to intervene with your hair’s natural texture and make-up. Most of them have ingredients that degrade proteins. They lead to abrasion of the protein layers in your hair resulting in the hair fibre losing its strength and tenacity. They lead to hair getting brittle, cause more tangles, split ends and overall hair that is not very manageable, eventually leading to hair loss.
    Thus, it is extremely important for women to check on these factors, especially if you are someone who is prepping up for her big day. There would be advise flowing in from various quarters on treatments and products you should try. Stay cautious, and be aware of the products you are trying! We would anyhow advise that you don’t try anything drastically new close to your big day! You can always take help of your Trichologist while choosing the right shampoo and hair care products for yourself.
  6. Oil-Shampoo-Deep condition!
    Oiling. Shampooing. Conditioning. Deep-conditioning. Your mantra to waving bye to bad hair days!
    If you are a bride-to-be, start conditioning your hair and scalp at least thrice a week. Right away!
    Make sure that you condition your hair every time you wash them and also, you need to go for a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week so that your hair gets conditioned from within. Use herbal hair packs and masks that can work wonders for your hair. Use a hair repair serum after your wash.
  7. Take care of those long locks and split ends!Long hair, tangles and split ends – a problem that most of you would relate to. And the frenzy of the multiple events and erratic schedules around your engagement and wedding can cause havoc on these fronts for you. There are many problems associated with the maintenance of long hair like split ends, loose anagen syndrome, haystack hair, etc. However, for those who are in love with and are proud of their long hair, there are some simple hair care practices that may help you maintain your length even in all the pre-wedding madness.

    Ensure a regimented hair care routine as mentioned above with oiling, shampooing and deep conditioning. Proper brushing/combing, washing, drying and trimming, can go a long way. Use wide-toothed wooden combs, brush only when hair is dry, trim regularly to avoid split ends and try sleeping on silk pillowcases!

  8. Avoid extreme hairstyles
    Hairstyling is an important aspect, especially during the pre-wedding and wedding phases. Since hairstyles are worn to look fashionable, most of the brides try to pick styling that matches their overall personality for different events. However, the fact is that each of these hairstyles (and there a huge variety, we know!) trending on Youtube and Instagram produces different kinds of stress on the hair! Not to mention, functionality and comfort are rarely given any heed.So, do note that your choice of hairstyle can impact your hair and can lead to severe stress on your hairline. You should choose comfort over anything else! There are surely many hairstyles that can look great for an occasion and are actually hair-friendly too! If you have followed our blogs, you would have read about Traction Alopecia – a condition resulting in partial or complete loss of hair on the scalp due to strain on hair follicles, triggered more by certain hairstyles.

    Having said that, this doesn’t mean you have to stop styling your hair. Just stay aware and appropriate care.

    We understand that such hairstyles are for a temporary cause, but you should know that they make your hair brittle and more vulnerable to damage. However, the good news is, you have measures to halt the progression of such condition, prevent its escalation and even reverse it if caught/diagnosed at an early stage. Appropriate care and regular visits to a trichologist will ensure that your hair & scalp stay healthy and are fit to take the strain of styling.

  9. Book your Tricho Consultation & Therapy
    Everyone speaks about facials, hair spa and other such treatments when festive and wedding seasons are around. Its the instant-wow everyone wants to go for! And needless to mention, hair spa is a must for every bride in the long list of things to do.
    We too recommend the same, besides all those home therapies and disciplined oiling routine to achieve great hair. What we would want to you to pay attention to here is whether the treatment is scientifically addressing your hair and scalp’s health, or it is simply a ‘glorified massage’. Most salons offer spa treatments that promise you the glow that you are looking for around this occasion. But they pretty much do nothing for your hair apart from making you feel relaxed during the process.
    Go for a Tricho consultation and take up rejuvenating tricho treatments that are prescribed for you. Disinfect, detoxify and rejuvenate your scalp from at least 3 months before the D-Day. Though the total number of sessions for such tricho therapy depends on the condition of the scalp & hair of each woman and varies accordingly, we suggest a minimum of 6 sessions as these are required to thoroughly nourish and stimulate your hair’s health. And trust us, this is not just for your wedding, but our recommendation in your regular course.
  10. Beat the stress!
    Stress is an unavoidable part of the wedding preparations, especially if you are the bride! Everything is so connected to you and your life that forgetting your hair amidst all the ups & downs is natural. However, you need to be careful because stress has a negative impact on your hair, skin and internal organs. When stress becomes chronic, it affects the hair growth cycle. Hair follicles going into the resting phase for longer than the normal duration can lead to severe hair fall, causing more stress and more hair loss!You can also read our blog on how stress impacts hair loss and understand the hair-related conditions that are typically triggered by stress. One of which is Diffuse hair loss where an individual’s hair density decreases across the breadth of the scalp, because of emotional stress and physiological problems.

    So! Keep calm and hop on to something that soothes those nerves – physical activities such as walking or jogging at least once every day to get your mind off things, listening to music, Yoga, Zumba, reading a book..whatever it is that beats the stress! Healthy body and mind will enhance the natural strength of the hair.

    Now having given all that gyan, we would want you to believe and remind yourself every now and then, that you are BEAUTIFUL! The healthier you are from within, the calmer you are in your mind, the happier will be your hair!

It’s time to lock our tips on your locks and get ready to look dazzling on the D-Day!

Hope this article was helpful and has left you with some practical advice on preparing for your wedding phase. Do take great care of your hair & scalp, give it the TLC it needs and follow those important self-care routines always in life. Do meet with your hair doctors regularly. They can help you clearly diagnose your needs and help you stay clear of hair worries! This will hold additionaly for women undergoing health concerns like PCOS and other such concerns that deeply impact hair. Always have an open discussion with these experts on your concerns, your expectations and puts your worries to a logical end.

This apart, while speaking of hair care tips, let us also tip you well on the other chronic concern for women and brides-to-be in specific – unwanted body hair! While you are investing time and effort on so many one-time activities before your wedding, laser hair reduction is something that is absolutely worthwhile to consider!! Don’t want to ever shave, wax, pluck or thread? Then laser hair reduction is your go-to solution. And what better time before you start the next chapter in your life! Do read our blogs on the topic to learn more about it!

Remember, we are just a call away. Do reach out to us and we will address your hair worries! You can also read our hair care blogs that give you very simple tips to care for your hair on a daily basis.

Do follow our blogs on hair loss, treatments & solutions, interesting hair trivia and all things ‘Hair’!

From products to treatments to regimented hair care programme to dietary and lifestyle changes, we, as your trusted haircare partners, believe in a holistic approach to your health and happiness. For your special day, and for a great hair every day, we welcome you to a world of hair knowledge, here are your quick links.

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