21 . June . 2019 BY Dr. Sharmishtha Deshpande

Hello Mitrano,

Is that how I am supposed to address all my RichFeel blog readers? It feels amazing to connect with all of you on this new platform. Insta var tumhi majhyashi connected asta, ata ya blog madhun aapan bolu.

So you must have been reading a lot on hair care, hair trivia, etc. on this page. I also make it a point to read occasionally, as and when I get some leisure time, away from shoots and schedules. I must say, RichFeel is doing a commendable job on Instagram and the blog front.

I thought I would spend some time to share my thoughts on RichFeel, my association with the brand and the active engagement they have on various platforms with the public.

Let me start with the RF blogs.

It isn’t easy to write, OMG, I realised it only while writing this lengthy piece to you. The RF team, by the way, manages to write such in-depth blogs week-on-week with so much authenticity and appeal. Hats off, guys! What I liked about their blogs is the mixture of content – generic and medical. So this week, I said to myself and the RF team, I am gonna try my hand at expressing my thoughts through your blog.

You search for anything hair, you are bound to find answers here. Even the toughest of the concepts are made easy for us by their Doctor & team, which I am sure is into a lot of research and study. Oh common, no one becomes a subject matter expert overnight. They have been in this field for more than 3 decades, nearing completion of their fourth decade and have established themselves as a pan-India exclusive hair and scalp care network, with hair clinics across the length and breadth of India.

Undoubtedly, RichFeel has grown by leaps and bounds to what it is today. Tried. Tested. Trusted. And now, treasured in the subject of Trichology. That is RichFeel. So are the Shahs of Trichology. So here’s my tip. Stop searching and googling, my friends. Just bookmark this blog. Rest assured! I am going to choose some of my favourite ones. I am sure you are going to enjoy reading them as much as I did.

My top three picks for you!

I found them very relatable. Something that each of us goes through and they have some really simple solutions that all of us can benefit from.

  1. Stress! Stress is like smartphones, TV sets. Sab ke paas hota hai aaj kal. And you are gonna read this for me. C’mon click and read.
    Stress & Hair Loss – Understand the tricky relationship between the two!
  2. Looks like summer khatam hogaya hai! Abhi baarish shuru! All of us love rains, but definitely not its effect on our hair! Here is an interesting read with some excellent tips on hair care during the monsoons!
    Monsoon Time! Hair Care Time!
  3. We all are living the ‘So-called Modern Lifestyles’ today! Have you ever thought of the harm that we are causing to our own hair, to our own health in the long run because of our living, our styling and our habits? If you have not thought about this, then click and think!
    Is Your Modern Lifestyle Ruining Your Hair?

And the cherry on the cake is the women-centric topic cluster that they work on. It’s time we speak about these otherwise ‘Ignored’ ‘Unspoken’ ‘Taboo’ topics. Let’s make sure the lovely ladies in our lives are prepared and immune enough mentally and physically to face hormonal issues & hair concerns. I encourage all women around me, be it my family members, colleagues, friends or fans to stay aware, be well-read and take time out of their ever busy lives to care for themselves!

Here are some of the blogs I would recommend to the women readers.
Have a look at these, dear ladies!
Hirsutism – Understand the causes, symptoms & solutions
What happens to your Hair during the postpartum period?
How does PCOD affect your hair?

I am reminded of my show Jeevlaga, my character Vishwas’ dialogue –
‘मी जर लिहिताना दोन शब्दांमध्ये सुद्धा अंतर देतो तर तिला तिची space देणार नाही का?’

Guys, ‘She’ needs this space. The space for health. The space for happiness. So RF team, keep up at this women-health space in your blogs.

Apart from them, you can always browse through their technical and medical content on hair systems, hair transplant, hair treatments, hair solutions, consultation, diagnosis, severe hair fall, hair loss concerns, hair thinning, hair and scalp testing techniques.

I am not going to attempt to type those big big terminologies, nah nah, those spellings and their pronunciation… Alop.. what.. Alopecia that’s the only one I remember, probably the smallest one to type. Please ask the experts here if you want to know anything specific. After all, they are the Hair Doctors to the Nation!

Let’s now check out the RF Insta handle, @richfeeltrichology

Where am I supposed to start? Oh man! Their creativity! I have loved the posts that they had dedicated to me at the time of my film release #MePanSachin and my show #Jeevlaga. The beautiful blend of creativity, trends, hair information and hair facts packed in an exciting and engaging manner and served as Insta post capsule. That’s lovely!

The point is to ensure, not to make a person with hair problems all the more depressed but serve him or her with so much of positivity, so much of information, and help the patient take his or her own informed decision. In reality, it’s not just hair, guys! Your hair adds beauty, youthfulness, happiness, confidence, presentability, appeal, presence to your personality. And RichFeel does exactly that!

Behind the Scenes..with..me!
Lights! Camera! RichFeel Rolling!

It was fun, shooting for RichFeel. Different characters, different setup, different costumes. And most importantly, the opportunity I had, to convey my absolutely sincere and genuine message to all.
You too must have a look at the Farmer Swapnil, School Boy Swapnil, Your Majesty Swapnil, Traffic Police Swapnil and finally the Real Swapnil. Nakki sanga, konta look avadla tumhala?

I feel like showing this school boy look of mine to my daughter. I am watching these 4 videos after a long time…

I am really happy and proud of my RichFeel family, for the dedicated work that they are into, and my best wishes for the journey ahead.. Let’s all travel it together, guys and girls!

Here’s your very dear Swapnil signing off! “Arey dada! Shot lagla ki nahi?”

Hope you guys liked reading this while I say bye, aapan parat bolu lavkar. Now lemme get back to Lights! Camera! And some Jeevlaga Action!

Yours Forever,


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