It is very normal for all of us to lose some strands of hair everyday while combing but the real problem could arise when you feel it’s just not normal. Do you know how much of the hair loss is normal? Losing few hair strands in a day is normal as far as your A:T ratio is normal in your hair analysis report.

Natural Treatment for Hair Loss that could save us from further hair loss are given below so let’s go through each of these one by one.

1) Go Green – Going green literally means that you need to be surrounded by green stuff. Well it means eating lots and lots of green leafy vegetables. Vegetables contains all the important vitamins and minerals that are needed for a positive hair growth in women, men and children. Kids usually don’t like vegetables but you should think of innovative ways of cooking veggies to make them have the food. Vegetables helps you get that shine and lustre that is needed for beautiful tresses.

2) Stay Fit – Staying fit is definitely related to working out. Sweating out the toxins is very helpful to get beautiful manes. People usually feel that sweat is not good for the growth of hair but trust me sweat secreting glands prevents the scalp from getting dried off. Let your Body Mass Index be between 20 – 25 as healthy hair resides in a healthy body. Naturally thinning of hair and baldness in men can be reduced through regular workouts as it helps as a stress buster which is the main cause of the hair problems.

It even makes you fitter overall and lots of problems can be avoided due to obesity that is usually caused due to not exercising daily. Hormonal problems also leads to hairfall, dandruff and pimples on the face. Opting for ayurvedic and herbal treatments for solving pimples and dandruff helps a lot in the long run.

3) Stay Hydrated – Drinking plenty of fluids and mostly water is very important for the body. Water helps in making you stay hydrated whole day and its throws away all the toxins out of the body. Usually the amount of water that the body needs depends on the weight of the body. Normally every 10kg of the body needs a 1/2 litre of water to keep yourself well hydrated all along the day.

4) Pamper your Hair – Your hair are your one of the most treasured and priced possession that needs a lot of care and pampering. What you need to do is pamper it to the fullest with the right kind of products with the help of an expert. Brush your hair atleast thrice in a day to avoid getting it messed up. Use natural based, good conditioners after every wash to keep it moisturized.

You can also opt for natural hair fall remedies at home if you cannot afford expensive treatments but all these need to be done under the supervision of a medical trichologists. Pampering does not really mean using all expensive products it just means taking proper care of your hair.

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