Many a times we have come across patient who want to know natural remedies for hair loss but what they miss on is the kind of diet that they follow.

Your eating habits have a direct impact on the health of your hair and the kind of nourishment that your hair follicles receive from your internal system will be directly proportional to your diet.

If you don’t have right eating habits it will surely affect the health of your hair and this will have a direct impact on the growth and overall health of your hair.

That’s the reason why people who are obese and have malnutrition related problems have one or the other hair related problems.

Here are 6 major classes of nutrients that is required by human body to have healthy hair for life and if one wants to know the natural remedies for hair loss then they should make sure to include all these classes of nutrients in their dietary routine…

1. Proteins.

2. Vitamins.

3. Carbohydrates.

4. Water.

5. Minerals.

6. Fats.

You require all of them for the health of your hair for life and these forms one of the very important part of the natural remedies for hair loss.

Do you know the importance of dietary minerals? If not, in this article you will learn its importance and the kind of problems that are caused because of its deficiencies.

Above nutrients can also be classified into 2 types. Macronutrients are required in high quantity and micronutrients are required in lesser quantity. Realistically minerals belong to micronutrient category.

Do you want to know complete details about minerals and it’s importance in the overall health of your hair? If yes, continue reading this article.

This article will cover one by one all the minerals and its importance as far as the hair and the scalp is concerned. The minerals are further categorized into the macrominerals and microminerals based on the demand of the body.

In this article we will learn about the macrominerals and it’s importance in solving hair problems.

Macrominerals also play a very important part as natural remedies for hair loss.

The macrominerals consists of the calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, sulphur, chlorides and sodium whereas the microminerals consists of the zinc, iodine, selenium, copper, chromium, molybdenum and iron.

Calcium – Calcium helps in positive hair regrowth and it also stimulates the mechanism which helps in creating hair follicles at a cellular level. Food sources of calcium include dairy products, nuts, beans, almonds, sesame seeds, and green vegetables. Calcium is also used with the silicon in treating various hair loss problems.

Magnesium – It also helps in treating hair loss. Foods high in magnesium include milk, almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, whole soybeans (but not tofu, tempeh or soy protein), parsnips, wheat bran, whole grains, green vegetables.

Potassium – Its deficiency leads to hair fall problems.

Phosphorus – It is a mineral which is required in proper functioning of the cells of the hair. Watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds, cheese, flax seeds, sunflower seeds roasted soya nuts, Brazil nuts, tannin are good sources of phosphorus.

Sulphur – It is often referred as a beauty mineral as it plays a great role in supplying the right kind of growth minerals to hair and skin as well as the nails. As sulphur forms an integral part of the disulphide bonds which are the strongest bond present in the hair they play provide strength to the hair. This could be the reason why that the chemical treatments done on a regular basis break off these bonds making the hair turn dry and brittle and very much prone to breakages. Legumes, garlic, onions, wheat germ, kale and asparagus contain sulphur in good amount.

Chlorides – They form salts along with sodium, ammonium and potassium and are used for the treatment of the hair.

Sodium – Both lack of it and excess of it is dangerous to the hair as it leads to hair loss problems.

In part 2 of this article you will be learning about the importance of micro minerals as natural remedies for hair loss.

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