Sudden rain showers, humidity, and blowing winds! Monsoons can wreak havoc on your crowning glory if you do not take right precautions. The hair has a natural protecting covering called cuticle.

It plays an important role in fighting the outside environmental to keep the inner structures safe and intact. But during monsoons the humidity in air and pollutants in rain water can actually break the cuticle. This can make the hair frizzy and snatch their shine. This is why you need to take care of hair during monsoons. Here are 6 simple ways to keep you hair frizz free and happy during the rains.

1. Wash your hair regularly
The first advice for monsoon hair care the experts give is to have a hair bath regularly. The rainwater is contaminated with several acidic substances and other toxic pollutants that can damage your hair as well as scalp. It is best to not let the rain water be trapped in your hair for a long. If at all you get drenched in rain never let the hair dry just like that. Make sure to wash it off clear of the rains water and the pollutants it may deposit in your hair. During the monsoons the damp and humid weather conditions tend to make the scalp and hair damp and sticky. Therefore it is advisable to wash your hair at least 2-3 times in week. If you prefer taking a daily hair wash make sure to use a very mild shampoo that removes only the right amount of oil from your hair.

2. Deep condition your hair
It’s possible that humid conditions in monsoon break the cuticle making the hair rough and frizzy. The hair may always appear damp due to moisture but when it’s dry it can get really brittle. The best way to avoid the damage and make your hair frizz free is to use a good quality conditioner. One of the best habits of monsoon hair care is to deep condition your hair after every hair wash.

3. Cover your hair to avoid humidity
It is a good routine hair care habit to keep your hair covered with a scarf or a cap when you step outside. This protects your hair from over exposure to sunlight and pollution. During rains keep your hair covered with scarf while it is not raining but make sure to carry a jacket with a hoody to always protect your hair from rainwater. Wetting your head in rains damages your hair and also makes you prone to catching cold and cough.

4. Oil without fail
Oil massage for scalp is needed in all seasons and monsoon is no exception. Your scalp needs nourishment and stimulation for hair growth. Also excessive washing may remove the natural oils from hair that needs replacement with oil massage.

5. Style with caution
With all the chaos on a rainy morning styling hair would be the last thing on your mind. But if you still insist on styling, make sure to keep the use of styling products to minimum. The alcohol containing styling products as well as use of heat can make your already frizzy even drier. If possible switch to shorter hair styles that are easier to manage and maintain in this damp weather.

6. Healthy diet
Healthy diet has no alternative be it for having healthy hair or maintaining overall good health. Experts recommend including veggies like spinach, purple cabbage and soya beans. These vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals like iron that promote hair growth. In addition protein rich foods like milk, cottage cheese and whole grains such as rice, wheat, corn, bajra, jowar, etc. that are a great source of carbohydrates, are perfect for maintain healthy hair in monsoons.