29 . March . 2019 BY Dr. Sharmishtha Deshpande

Humanity has been in the quest for the secret of eternal youth since time immemorial. Rich, thick, shiny hair and healthy glowing skin are perhaps the best indicators of the fountain of youth.

Just as ageing skin manifests itself through wrinkles, greying hair manifests itself through thinning of hair. Thinning hair in women is not as common as in men. In women, oestrogen counteracts the adverse effects of androgen. However, during times like menopause or pregnancy/postpartum, when there is fluctuation in oestrogen androgen gets triggered, leading to thinning changes being visible on the crown portion of the scalp.

Let’s have a quick recap of the most common 5 Signs Of Hair Thinning

  • Scanty Hair
  • Decreased Volume
  • Lack Of Hair Growth
  • Decreased Density
  • Hair Loss

In our earlier blog, we clarified some of the common myths about female hair thinning and laid out the facts for you.

For conquering hair thinning, various treatments have been tried, like applying snake oils, elephant ivory powder and standing on one’s head. Thinning hair treatments traditionally related to hair-conditioning, hair rejuvenation and restoration – which is logical but does not attack the problem scientifically at the root level. This was the scenario until Anagrow came about!

The Story of RichFeel’s Anagrow

Just as the story of mankind started with an ‘apple’, Newton’s Theory of Gravity came into being with an ‘apple’, anagrow’s beginnings are associated with just as special an ‘apple’!

In the 19th century, the Swiss stumbled onto a rare & endangered species of apple, that never seemed to rot or age. Research by Mibelle – a scientific research group in Switzerland – revealed the anti-aging properties of this rare apple, the Uttwiler Spatlauber.

Further research into this led to the remarkable discovery of Plant Stem Cells! Similar research was carried out on the Argan Tree, the oldest living tree on the planet and also on Pea Sprout extract.

When applied through the right technology it was found that these stem cells activated certain factors that delayed aging, replenishing dying cells and induced formation of new hair follicles. When applied on the hair bulge, it was found to increase hair growth & reduce hair fall as well!

Anagrow was developed to use this finding to fights the Hair thinning. It packs the punch of these incredible ingredients we have spoken about above together and delivers it perfectly into the scalp using the World’s first Transdermal Penetration Machine. The result this combination delivers stands unmatched to date!

A truly revolutionary & unique offering pioneered at RichFeel, to put an end to Hair Thinning forever. What’s so unique about it? Let’s understand it here.

The Product

RichFeel’s PCT RejuvaMax – the key solution to hair thinning – is a breakthrough product made for the first time using the plant stem cell technology containing extracts from Swiss Apple stem cell, Pea sprout extract and Argan stem cell.

It was discovered that plant stem cells could be useful in providing nutrition to the human stem cells which could be responsible for stimulating growth, delay ageing, provide firmness and elasticity to hair and form hair follicles. Research revealed the following:

Swiss Apple Stem Cell ExtractsHelps the epidermal stem cells to maintain their characteristics and replenish dying cells1) Delays ageing
2) Lowers down hair follicle regression
Argan Tree Stem Cell ExtractsInduces the formation of new hair follicles.1)Increases Hair follicle proliferation
2) Vitalises and protects dermal hair papilla
Pea Sprout Extracts1) Stimulates dermal papilla to induce the growth of new hair.
2) Reactivate hair increase by reducing the amount of hair in telogen phase and stimulating anagen hair.
Prolongs life cycle of hair:
1) Increases growth
2) Reduces hair fall
3) Restores hair regeneration
Nano – Lipobelle Q 10 using Nano emulsions1) Growth of dermal papilla cells
2) Hair Follicle growth in-vitro
1) Re-energises hair follicle cells thereby stimulating growth and increased volume, density by human hair follicular proliferation.
2) Prevents greying of hair.
The Machine

The next challenge was ensure penetration of the product in the human scalp in a non-invasive yet effective manner. This lead to the development of the World’s first Transdermal Penetration Machine – RF Anagrow 10X, in collaboration with scientists from Italy.

RF Anagrow 10X machine for transdermal hair follicular penetration ensures complete detoxification of the scalp and penetrates active stem cells by removing DHT, which is one of the prime causes of thinning of hair in both men and women. It performs the following functions:

  • 1. Detoxify

    This is done with the help of a motorised spatula. It gets rid of the oil and the dirty layer of the scalp. Using this special spatula, the therapist will also open the pores of the scalp to enable better penetration of the active plant stem cells to extract.

  • 2. Vaculase

    The second step uses low-level beam of lasers. This helps in improving the blood supply to the hair follicles, and also helps to a great extent in stimulating the hair follicles, for getting the best results.

  • 3. Rejuvenate

    The third and the most crucial step is the Rejuve step also termed as Sonophoresis which is done with the help of an ultrasonic probe. By this, the active plants stem cells extract is made to penetrate the scalp with the help of the ultrasonic probe, which further helps in giving the desired results.

This revolutionary combination of PCT Rejuve Max and RF Anagrow 10X in the Anagrow Treatment thus fights the five signs of hair thinning in the most unique effective manner.

By far this is one of the most effective treatments for hair thinning available in India. Thanks to RichFeel’s pioneering efforts in hair treatment research, hair thinning remedy is now a reality. And the treatment is practically available at your doorstep given the vast network of Clinics RichFeel has across the country. You can consult richly experienced Trichologists at the Clinic, who study your hair & scalp condition, scientifically diagnose the problem and guide you on the right course of treatment.

So wait no more! Stay aware, watch for the signs and address them with professional help.


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