31 . December . 2018 BY Dr. Sharmishtha Deshpande

Getting rid of unwanted body hair is a pain point for almost all women. The time, effort and money involved in this process is a complete put off! Men too face the same problem but hardly anyone ever speaks about it – it could be about that perfectly shaped beard or going for a metrosexual look. It is something that is a part of daily routine for most. And, more so for the working population, reserving extra time for regular hair removal is an absolute chore and very inconvenient.

The hair removal choices for women or men are painful and rife with discomfort. Waxing, shaving, threading, epilation and even the old laser hair removal technologies are frankly obsolete. That’s why modern painless laser hair removal technology is preferred over conventional methods.

Conventional laser hair removal methods don’t measure up in any way to the sheer joy of RF ICE CUBE 2.0, Europe’s premier Laser Hair Reduction Cool Brush Technology brought to India by RichFeel. This is one revolution everyone would love to wear on their skin – forever.

What is RF ICE CUBE 2.0 Cool Brush Technology?

Famed for introducing the latest technologies to India in the hair care segment, RichFeel, with this advanced laser technology, has brought about a boon to every woman or man, who aspires to have hairless, silky, vibrant, luxurious and flawless skin.

RF ICE CUBE 2.0 Cool Brush Laser Hair Reduction Technology is sourced from Italy and is absolutely state of the art, engineered for maximum comfort and efficacy. The new laser hair treatment is different, virtually painless and more efficient than the conventional laser hair removal techniques in many ways.

With the best in class laser technology, this breakthrough feat of engineering gives you faster results – which means fewer sessions, skin that is invitingly soft and luscious, while ensuring that it is cooled and comforted during the whole process. And the best news of all is that there is no recovery time needed. You can go about your work and everyday life instantly. There is no need to be surprised. After all, who knows hair better than RichFeel?

So, why choose RF ICE CUBE 2.0 Cool Brush Technology?

1) Exceptional Patient Comfort – Cool Laser!
    • It gives maximum patient comfort because of fast laser [email protected] pulse/ Sec to 60 pulse/sec, whereas others are up to 30 Pulse/ Sec.
    • It operates on Gliding Motion Speed Technology which gives more comfort than any other available technology.
    • The cool brush technology also uses water cold sapphire that provides further cooling comfort.

RF Ice Cube 2.0 derives its name from the fact that the only direct comparison one can draw as regards the feel of this laser on skin, is with that of the feel of an ice cube against your skin! This is unheard of, considering that laser technology in itself is based on heat!

  • In conventional methods, hair removal from delicate body parts can be quite uncomfortable. Some people also face skin irritation, redness and acne-like breakouts. The Cool Brush technology comes with minimal side effects.
2) Lesser time per session

RF ICE CUBE laser technology offers a larger spot size with gliding motion speed technology and pulse rate at 10/sec which results in deeper penetration. This helps in cutting down the per-session time remarkably. All other technologies in use lack this feature.

3) No recovery downtime
  • With old laser hair reduction treatment, you may need to give your skin some time to heal from the rashes, redness or injuries.
  • The innovative RF ICE CUBE laser technology allows the patient to resume daily routine immediately after the treatment.
  • This is most convenient to the working population as there is no need to take any time off work for recovering after the treatment.
4) Works on all skin type
  • The laser hair reduction treatment usually works effectively on lighter skin with darker hair. This is because the pigment melanin in hair absorbs the laser light beam.
  • The old laser hair treatment also poses the risk of causing burns on dark skin due to its high melanin content.
  • However, RF ICE CUBE laser technology effectively works on all skin types from 1 to 6; also remarkably well on tanned skin.
5) High energy for effective results
  • The new RF ICE CUBE technology uses 2000 watts (instead of traditional 750 watts), which results in deeper penetration and hence most effective.
  • This extra-long pulse width is beneficial in removing thick stubborn hair. Also, a large spot size helps in deep penetration and glides smoothly over the skin to give valid results in shorter time.
  • This feature has a direct benefit for men too as the hair texture is different from that of women. This technology ensures effective reduction for all types of hairs.
6) One time investment – free for life!
  • Unlike other conventional hair removal methods, RF ICE CUBE is just a one-time investment.
  • It significantly reduces the hair growth as it destroys the hair follicle of unwanted hair unlike traditional methods where the hair is removed only from the surface.
  • Moreover, it can also permanently reduce the hair growth after about 4 to 6 sessions. Multiple sessions are needed to ensure that hairs in different stages of growth cycle are attended to.
  • With RF Ice Cube, you pay once, take as many sessions as needed & prescribed by the Doctor and you are sorted for life!
7) Most Innovative Laser machine
  • RF Ice Cube 2.0 Machine operates on the PCCD – Precision Constant Current Driver, which provides stable and precise current emission with maximum laser protection. This is the latest, state of the art, engineering marvel in Laser technology.
  • With its fast and uniform laser pulse and higher energy, deeper penetration to hair roots is achieved ensuring hair does not regrow. All of this action within, and the only sensation on your skin is that of an ice cube!
8) Hair Doctors for Laser hair reduction
  • Who knows hair better than hair doctors?! Hair doctors at RichFeel approach hair reduction scientifically, analyse your body hair growth pattern, your medical history, understand your lifestyle and prescribe the right way forward.
  • RichFeel are the true hair experts to guide and use their intensely trained professionals to carry out the procedures, ensuring world-class treatment.
9) World Class Technology & Unparalleled Expertise

Using the latest know-how and expertise in the world, this machine is developed, produced and imported from Italy; brought to India by RichFeel, the true pioneers of trichology and hair care in India.

RichFeel as a brand has constantly innovated for your hair care needs, and is now revolutionising laser hair reduction with RF ICE CUBE 2.0, This advanced service comes with the best ethical pricing for unlimited sittings for a year.

Be it last minute party plans, business trips, weddings, festivities… Be forever ready!
Uncover & flaunt your body free of unwanted hair. Live life on your own terms.

Ring in 2019 in style! Flaunt your skin & style!
Experience the magic of RF Ice Cube 2.0 – Ask for a FREE patch test!* (Limited Period Offer).
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